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chicken and orzo soup 4link to Chicken and Orzo Light Soup

Chicken and Orzo Light Soup

No matter how hard I try to think and dig my brain, there would not be any interesting memories about soup from my childhood! I don't think Mom ever made a soup from scratch. It was always the instant, packaged soup that was quickly whipped up to keep us warm during the monsoon season. And, we always loved those packaged soups. Irrespective of the season, a soup can be the most comforting meal to enjoy with some bread on the side.

zucchini soup 5link to Zucchini & Avocado Cold Soup with Crispy Sticks

Zucchini & Avocado Cold Soup with Crispy Sticks

This is how I like to define a soup: smooth, comforting and hot steam coming off the top. Take a spoonful, blow a couple of times, slurp a little and slurp it all.. aaaahhhh! and repeat.  Then, I learned about cold soup. No kidding.. I really didn't know. In India, no matter how high the temperature shoots in summer and how humid it gets, we still like to eat hot sandwiches and hot lentil soups with equally hot rice/roti . Then, we cool ourselves off with some nimbu pani (lemon juice) or some chilled ice-cream.