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Indian Spiced Spinach Shakshuka | Playful Cookinglink to Indian Spiced Spinach Shakshuka

Indian Spiced Spinach Shakshuka

Shakshuka is a one-pot Middle Eastern flavor packed baked egg dish that is usually served for breakfast with pita on the side. It’s a very comforting meal and a favorite to all egg lovers. As much as I relish the original authentic version of the dish, I occasionally like to add a fun little twist. A few days’ back, I made it with Indian spices and threw in some baby spinach too. This Indian Spiced Spinach Shakshuka has an intense depth of flavor and spinach adds an interesting texture to the whole dish.

Summer Brunch Spread With Big Banyan Wine | Playful Cookinglink to Summer Brunch Spread With Big Banyan Wine

Summer Brunch Spread With Big Banyan Wine

Living with a toddler doesn’t give me the liberty to party and catch up with friends! It comes with a never ending to-do list and a busier weekend. But for a very long time, I’ve been planning to throw a feast, laugh over a glass of wine, share stories and feed our souls. So, one fine Sunday, we decided to keep aside our daily chores and gather together to cook up a storm and enjoy our favorite wine.