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link to Shoshar Shukto

Shoshar Shukto

A summer delight, light on the tummy Bengali style meal, this Shoshar Shukto takes about 15 minutes to make. It is best served with steamed white rice, but I can see it working really well even with roti or paratha. There are various different ways you can make shoshar shukto. This is probably the simplest way with very minimal list of ingredients.

link to Begun Poda

Begun Poda

Begun Poda is a classic Bengali Recipe. Begun refers to Eggplant, Poda means roast, and now you know why this dish must be such a favorite to many. Roasted eggplant is a delicious treat and prepared is so many different ways in different parts of the world. While I love all of those versions, this bengali style roasted eggplant - Begun Poda will always remain my favorite. It's comforting with steamed white rice!