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bengali fish curry

link to Macher Jhol Aloo Begun Diye

Macher Jhol Aloo Begun Diye

A very light Bengali fish curry, that doesn’t call for onion or tomato. Just potato, eggplant and few mild spices is all it needs to prepare this Macher Jhol Aloo Begun Diye. Macher Jhol translates to fish curry, aloo means potato and Begun is eggplant. This simple light variety of Bengali fish curry is one of my absolute favorite. We also add dried lentil dumplings (daler bodi) which brings an earthy flavor to the dish. Paired with rice, it’s a great summertime meal.

link to Macher Jhol with Salmon

Macher Jhol with Salmon

Macher Jhol refers to fish curry in Bengali and there are countless different ways fish curry can be prepared. What I am sharing today is the simplest version of a Bengali fish curry recipe that includes just a handful of very basic ingredients. Believe it or not, the curry calls for just 1 spice and that’s nigella seeds. Typically, Bengali fish curries are prepared with fresh lake water fish, which is not easily available everywhere. But you can prepare the exact same dish with salmon and it’s delicious. Not to mention this salmon curry is really easy and quick!

Ilish Maach Kacha Kola Jhol - A Bengali style fish curry with plantain and potato. Very mild and not spicy #bengali #fishcurry #Ilish #maach #indian #plantain #jhollink to Ilish Maach Kacha Kola Jhol | Hilsa Fish with Plantain and Potato