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bengali Chorchori recipe

It's a Vegetarian, Plant Based side dish, from the region of Kolkata! Shim Begun'er Chorchori (Flat Green Beans and Eggplant Stir-Fried) #playfulcooking #bengali #vegetarian #plantbased, #chorchori #foodphotographylink to Shim Beguner Chorchori

Shim Beguner Chorchori

Crunchy flat green beans and creamy eggplant cooked with mild spices using potatoes for the perfect starch to bind it all together. Chorchori is one of those Bengali pure vegetarian dishes that my Mom would often prepare. Especially on the days in the week when we would eat just vegetarian food! While people may think that Bengalis are meat lovers, there are vegetarian dishes such as this that we equally enjoy. Chorchori can be prepared with different medley of vegetables. This Shim Beguner Chorchori is one of the most common combination used.