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One Bowl Banana Nut Bread - Needs no special gadget and super easy to bake! #cake #banana #bread #baking #playfulCookinglink to One Bowl Banana Nut Bread

One Bowl Banana Nut Bread

I didn’t think I would need another recipe of Banana bread until I tasted my cousin’s recipe. He enjoys baking with his kids and on our beach day, he got this super moist loaf of banana bread. It was the best banana bread I ever had and this One Bowl Banana Nut Bread has now become my go-to banana bread recipe. It’s moist but not dense, crumbly but not dry, the texture and sweetness are spot on too.

Banana Granola Toasted Walnut Breakfast Muffins | Playful Cookinglink to Banana, Granola Toasted Walnut Breakfast Muffins

Banana, Granola Toasted Walnut Breakfast Muffins

A new week, a new meal plan, more to-do(s) to check but it all starts with breakfast muffins and tea. After a fun filled weekend, Monday mornings comes as a struggle to me. Especially, ever since Avyan started school. Although I get the entire day to myself to finish all my work in peace, the mornings are crazy. Preparing and packing lunch boxes for my boys, fixing a quick breakfast for us, waking Avyan from his snoring zone and getting him ready for school. The two hours feel really short. In between all this, my stomach growls continuously! Arvind makes…

Yogurt Banana Chocolate Cake | Playful Cookinglink to Yogurt Banana Chocolate Cake

Yogurt Banana Chocolate Cake

Going for shopping with Avyan is not that cool anymore. He chooses walking around than sitting on his stroller. He grabs a basket and walks around like a grownup, pointing and asking me every now and then, if I need something. One of those ‘aww’ moments. It’s stays really cute until it reaches to the point where he takes something and won’t let it go. Or when he rips one banana from the stack, asks me to peel it, takes a bite and runs to tear another banana. Yep, no longer cute!