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rainbow cake 04link to Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake

Pick all the colors you can think of, mix it with the cake batter and make the most colorful Rainbow Cake. And if you love frosting then by all means go bold on that too. I used quick butter cream frosting. Now because it’s a special cake to celebrate the festival of HOLI colorful sprinkles went on top. HOLI is after all the festival of colors!

Soft Chewy Easy to bake with Kids - Cream Cheese Easter Egg Cookies #cookies #easteregg #cream #cheese #baking #kids #easter #egglink to Cream Cheese Cookies

Cream Cheese Cookies

If you need an Easter Egg treat to bake with your kids, let this Cream Cheese Easter Egg Cookies be the one. The cookie dough is easy to put together and kids always love cutting out cookie dough. There is no frosting needed and that makes it mess-free work for the parents. Last weekend, I baked these with Avyan. The boy loves colors, so you can imagine his excitement. He was a happy bunny! The recipe is similar to Easter Egg Sugar Cookies, except it’s tastier because of the addition of cream cheese in it. Cream cheese makes the cookies…

Ginger Cinnamon Molasses Cookies - 2 Ways | Playful Cooking #bakingwithkids #cookies #baking #foodphotographylink to Ginger Cinnamon Molasses Cookies – 2 Ways

Ginger Cinnamon Molasses Cookies – 2 Ways

I don’t think I have ever baked cookies as frequently as I am doing this year. Last weekend, I baked these Ginger Cinnamon Molasses Cookies with my little elf. It was crunchy, crumbly and the ratio of ginger with cinnamon was just perfect. At first, I was a little worried if Avyan will approve of these cookies because he wants chocolate or frosting all the time. Thankfully, he loved it, although he thought they had chocolate because of the color. You see, I made the dough on the previous day while he was in school. Clever mommy act, right?