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Raspberry Pistachio Eton Mess | Playful Cookinglink to Raspberry Pistachio Eton Mess

Raspberry Pistachio Eton Mess

When I met Arvind 11 years ago, I realized very soon that he was different from all the men that I had met before. He was caring, very soft-spoken and so patient! It’s been 8 years since we got married, made a beautiful boy, bought a house and travelled to a few countries. That beautiful man has changed my life and whatever I am today, it’s because of his constant support and motivation. It might sound silly but I am living my fairytale life. Someday, I will share our not-so-ordinary love story but for today, it’s a delicious Raspberry Pistachio…

Celebrating 7th Wedding Anniversary |Playful Cookinglink to Celebrating 7th Wedding Anniversary

Celebrating 7th Wedding Anniversary

We met 10 years back. Became friends, fell in love, got married and made a family. It’s been the best 10 years of my life and I feel so blessed. Yesterday, we celebrated our 7th anniversary at 17 Miles Drive and it was so much fun. Most importantly, our little fella enjoyed it thoroughly! He behaved the entire time. No tantrums! If you have been following my Instagram stories, you must have seen some glimpses. The day was sunny and the entire day was spent soaking up the sun.