Learn Food Videography


Learn Food Videography: Complete Guide for Beginners!

Learn how to shoot food videos that will let your food shine and make people hungry for more. This Learn Food Videography course is all about making amazing food videos in a small budget setup.

I am a self-taught videographer. I have spent hours reading about videography, tip/tricks and honed my skills by practicing it daily. Through this course, I will share all that I have learned to help you improve your videography skills.

You will learn to capture beautifully styled FOOD videos! You will learn to make videos yourself using your camera or phone. Having a helping hand doesn’t harm, but I shoot all my videos by myself, and I will teach you how to do that. 

In this session, we will also cover all the details, from lighting to composition, movements to editing.

I like to keep the sessions personalized. Once you register for the session, you will receive an email from me so that we can discuss details on how you would like to break down the modules.

All our video calls will be recorded, and you will receive the video recording for each call. This way, you can refer to the video for clarifications and apply it to your food videos.

Here are the modules  :

 Module 1: Understand Lighting in Videography (based on your previous knowledge about this topic, it can vary from 1 hour to 1.5 hours).

I will teach you directionality of light and what will work best based on different scenarios. We will discuss both natural light and artificial light.

Module 2: Composition and storytelling (1.5 hours to 2 hours)

Planning is the key to any successful work. I will teach you how you can plan and style your setup. Based on your individual style, I will teach you how to take slow aesthetic ASMR videos or trendy quick snap videos.

Module 3: Camera Setting and Angle (1 hour)

Understanding how video frame works, how to set your camera or phone and finding the optimal angle to create maximum impact.

Module 4: Editing videos (1.5 hours)

I use Final Cut Pro to edit all camera videos. I will teach you all the steps I take to get the look you see in my videos.

If you use a phone to take videos, I will share with you the free apps I use to edit my phone videos.

After the sessions are over, I will give you homework to make a short video of your choice. We will review the short video together in a one to one session, and we will discuss any areas of improvements.


Is this session only for Camera videography or Phone too? 

The session is NOT RESTRICTED to just camera usage. It is for both camera and phone usage. Irrespective of what device you are using, light, angle, setting, composition and editing are all important to make beautiful food videos. And if that is what you want, then I am here to teach you. 

What happens after I register for the session? 

Once you register, you will receive an email from me confirming your registration. Then, we will discuss further about your areas of interest, availability and how you would like to spread the modules on different days. Once all those details are finalized, we will start with our sessions. 

Will all the modules be done on the same day? 

NO! The modules will be spread out on multiple days based on both our availability. Each module can go up to max 2 hours. 

Can I select two or three different modules? 

YES! You can either pick one, multiple or all the modules.