How to Style Curries


Sometimes comfort food can be a little challenging to style and photograph. Especially if a dish doesn’t call for garnish or doesn’t have a lot of element in it.

Curries, especially can come across as a daunting subject. In terms of colors, most curries are often brown or yellow or some shade of red or orange. There are only limited things you can use as garnish to make a curry attractive. 

In this ONLINE SESSION, learn all the practical Tips and Tricks that you can use to enhance the look of your curry or stew! 

Whether you use a phone or a high end camera, food styling is all about creativity and doesn’t depend on the photography equipment.  We will focus on the styling aspect, composition and color wheel too.  Together, we will discuss the areas you want to improve and then you will style a curry or stew with me.  It will be an one to one session, so you will get all the attensions. You can ask as many questions as you have to clear your doubts and improve this specific area of styling curries or stew.  It will be a short 1 hour session but if you want a follow up session, you can definitely opt for multiple sessions on the same subject. 

How It Works? 

Once you register, you will receive and email from you where I would like to know about the areas you would like to improve. I would like also to know for how long you have been photograhying and few other basic details in terms of photography.  Then we will decide on a date and time to join on a face to face online session. 

Can I take more than one sessions? 

Absolutely YES! we can start with one or two hours and then if you feel, you need more time and you would like more sessions with me, you can absolutely buy as many sessions as you like.