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Tetor Daal (Bitter Gourd Yellow Mung Stew) | Playful Cookinglink to Tetor Daal (Bitter Gourd Yellow Mung Stew)

Tetor Daal (Bitter Gourd Yellow Mung Stew)

Tetor Daal – daal, as we all know, is Indian lentil stew and teto refers to bitter gourd. This light lentil stew with a hint of bitter taste is a quintessential Bengali dish, most commonly prepared during summer months. Bitter gourd is known to cleanse your palate and soothe your tummy, which makes this stew ideal for a detox diet. Typically, bottle gourd is also cooked along with the lentil to make the stew more filling. Also, the sweet taste of bottle gourd balances the bitterness of the stew. But, I wanted to keep tetor daal light and so, I…

Mung Bean And Kale Daal | Playful Cookinglink to Mung Bean and Kale Daal

Mung Bean and Kale Daal

Packed with nutrition, this Mung Bean and Kale Daal is such a tasty wholesome meal. It can be served in two ways. You could serve it with a good doze of ghee and spice sizzle on top and it would pair beautifully with rice. You could also swirl a little bit of cream and enjoy it as soup with the bread of your choice. I have tried both the versions of Mung Bean and Kale Daal. They both taste equally comforting and so good!

Masoor Palak Daal (Red Lentil Spinach Stew) | Playful Cookinglink to Masoor Palak Daal (Red Lentil Spinach Stew)

Masoor Palak Daal (Red Lentil Spinach Stew)

Daal is an essential part of the Indian meal. It helps you balance your diet along with rice as well as sabzi (vegetable stir fry) or curry. The pulses can be cooked with different vegetables, spices or herbs to form either a thick stew or a thin soup-like consistency. It’s our comfort food and there are probably a thousand different ways in which you can make a delicious bowl of daal. This Masoor Palak Daal (Red Lentil Spinach Stew) is a hearty, nutritional lentil stew. Squeeze some fresh lemon juice on the top, pair it with cooked rice, thinly slice…

Moong Daal Khasta Kachori (Spiced Mung Bean Stuffed Flaky Dumpling) | Playful Cooking #indian #streetfood #khasta #kachorilink to Moong Daal Khasta Kachori

Moong Daal Khasta Kachori

I was planning on sharing this recipe a couple of days back but I was having too much Diwali fun and work took a back seat. I made these Moong Daal Khasta Kachori in our Diwali potluck party along with Gajar Halwa. This Spiced Mung Bean Stuffed Flaky Dumpling with its flaky, buttery crust is one of my favorite guilty pleasures, especially during the cold winter season. Moong Daal Khasta Kachori is one of the favourite deep fried indulgence and love it with a cup of tea.

daal poori 7link to Daal Poori/ Deep fried Indian bread stuffed with Lentils — Guest Post for Radhika @ Food for 7 Stages of Life

Daal Poori/ Deep fried Indian bread stuffed with Lentils — Guest Post for Radhika @ Food for 7 Stages of Life

We Indians are used to eating a lot of flat breads. In most of the Indian kitchens, it's prepared every day and paired with some side dish or lentil soup. Having said that, if you are from eastern India, we are more used to eating rice in our daily meal. It's only after my marriage that I started to cook and eat paratha or roti on a regular basis. One of the most common flat bread preparation is stuffed paratha, which I am still struggling with, but stuffed poori with lentil is something I managed to learn faster.

Aam Daal (Green Mango Lentil Stew) | Playful Cookinglink to Aam Daal (Green Mango Lentil Stew)

Aam Daal (Green Mango Lentil Stew)

I come from a food enthusiast family and whenever we meet, there is always a lot to eat. Mom being Mom would forever be busy in the kitchen cooking up a marathon and taking extra effort to prepare everyone’s favorite dish. I never saw her getting tired of cooking or entertaining. Some energy she always has!

Bhaja Mung Daal Khichuri | Playful Cookinglink to Bhaja Mung Daal Khichuri

Bhaja Mung Daal Khichuri

I am not a big admirer of lentils or rice but on some days, that’s just what I need. And when these two are mixed together, slow cooked to a luscious porridge, seasoned with whole spices and clarified butter, it  turns into a super hearty meal! This dish has got several names - khichdi, kichuri, khichdee, etc. depending on the different regions in India. There are also several ways to prepare the dish. It can be prepared with different kinds of lentils. Sometimes vegetables are added to make it more filling and sometimes, it’s left to just rice and lentil.…

Bharwa Shimla Mirch | Potato Stuffed Bell Peppers | Playful Cooking #peppers #potato #spiced #indian #recipe #foodphotographylink to Bharwa Shimla Mirch (Potato Stuffed Bell Pepper)

Bharwa Shimla Mirch (Potato Stuffed Bell Pepper)

Bell Pepper is one of those vegetables that I buy very rarely. On exceptional occasions, it gets added in my grocery list and often plays a side role in creating a complete dish. Bharwa Shimla Mirch (Potato Stuffed Bell Pepper) is the only dish I know where bell pepper is the hero. It takes on a full role. Bharwa Shimla Mirch can be served as an appetizer or as a side dish with the main course.

Split Bengal Gram with Indian five-spice : Playful Cookinglink to Cholar Dal – Split Bengal Gram with Indian Five-Spice

Cholar Dal – Split Bengal Gram with Indian Five-Spice

Every now and then, when I am chitchatting with my friends, the very first question is always about food. They like to discuss what I made for dinner, which recipe would I be sharing next and if it would be sweet or savory. Some even desire to be in my shoes and wish they could appreciate cooking as much I do. They share stories about how I encouraged them to bake a cake or make a simple soup. They always motivate me and I feel blessed!

Food photography of a hearty lentil stew, everybody's favourite Dal Makhani! Hearty black gram stew in aromatic tomato based gravy. #playfulcooking #foodphotography #dalmakhani #lentils #stew #indianfoodlink to Dal Makhani in Multipot

Dal Makhani in Multipot

Creamy and luscious with a mild sweetness from drizzled cream, dal makhani is every Indian’s favorites dal recipe. It’s probably one of the most ordered dishes in an Indian restaurant. Paired with Naan or rice, dal makhani it’s often considered as a weekend treat. Today, I am sharing with you Dal Makhani in Multipot that is fuss free and you will love how effortless it is to make it even after a busy work day.