The Floating Market in Thailand – It was an amazing experience

Out of all the beautiful places we visited in Thailand, this tourist spot topped on my list. It’s a market in the middle of a huge canal, where vendors float in their small boats selling local products. You can expect to find vegetables, fruits, clothes, bags, shoes, spices.. almost anything you are looking for.

It opens early morning at around 8 am and shuts down at around 11 am. This was a bummer for me as I am not a morning person at all!  We drove for 2 hrs from Bangkok and reached the market just on time. We immediately hired a boat and spent about 3 hours rowing, eating fruits, shopping and of course, capturing the moments.

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Again amazed with your ability to capture travel photographs!! Love it! Looks like it was so much fun!

Christine says:

This is amazing. Nice photos.

Rosa says:

Wonderful! I’d love to visit Thailand.



Wow!gorgeous Kankana!I was just transported there through your pics!

Nandita says:

Great photographs Kankana. It makes me wish I was in the floating market now 🙂

Joanne says:

Wow what an amazing experience! Thanks for sharing! I feel like I’m almost there with you!

oh it looks like such a wonderful and amazing experience. The pictures are just so beautiful and truly capture the area and moment! Glad you had a great time

aarthi says:

The places looks awesome

Tes says:

You did it again! Those pictures are amazing 🙂 They actually make me miss home a lot.

seen this place on travel channel & applealed to the shopoholic in me immensely, it must have been so much fun to shop & boat at the same time! awesome captures

Notyet100 says:

Wow,..:) such beautiful pics,,.:)

I love how 8 am is early morning for you…because it’s like 5 am for me 😀 I’ve got this floating market in Thailand on my lust-list for a while now. I hope I can visit it some time. Your pictures are beautiful, I love the shot of the hanging coconut shells and the last one.

Namitha says:

Beautiful ! Did you know,in Kerala there is a area called “Kuttanadu” where the means of transportation is only boats and through backwaters.Yes,that’s the place famous for house boats ! There people sell things using their small boats. Have no clue about whether there is a market as well 🙂

Kiri W. says:

Wow, this looks absolutely amazing! And your pictures are simply gorgeous 🙂 great post, thank you for sharing!

Super,never seen a market like this.Iam sure must been a great experience

sally says:

Great photos! What a fun experience!

Jeanette says:

How cool – I would love to see this floating market! Great photos – thanks for sharing your amazing experience.

Sukanya says:

Oh..relive my Thai vacations through your pics once more, i remmber we got up so early to b there in time, it was such colorful place.

I think the experience is cool beyond words. I would love to see the floating market in person. Visiting Thailand is on my bucket list and when it does finally happen, this will surely be on the list of things to do. Thanks for sharing!

Malli says:

Gorgeous shots of the floating market!! You really had good time, didn’t you??

Gorgeous pictures, Kankana! Makes me feel like I need to go there soon… Glad you had a lovely time! Beautiful post… 🙂

nipponnin says:

Fascinating place indeed. My uncle lived there for 5 years for business but I never got chance to visit.
Thank you for you for your kind comment.

Mats says:

Very nice series of photos, must have been a great experience!

nisha says:

i loved the floating market too..infact i loved everything about thailand 🙂
lovely pics

looks like such a wonderful place to visit.

WOW!!! What an Amazing experience! My dream vacation is to visit Thailand and experience it’s wonderful cuisine! Lovely pics Kankana!

Thanks for sharing those wonderful photos, Kankana! They make me feel like I’ve been to that floating market in Thailand with you.
Happy weekend!

beautiful captures! the fruits and veggies look so fresh.

What beautiful photos! It must have been such an amazing experience to be there. Everything looks so fresh and delicious.

Charles says:

I think this was part of a James Bond movie back in the 70s or so – can’t remember the name of the movie now, but I thought it looked so interesting – I had no idea it was actually “real” – it looks like a wonderful experience… thanks for sharing your beautiful photos – so colourful!

rebecca says:

wow awesome really want to visit this too

Kala says:

Fabulous series of photos, Kankana. I feel like I was right there with you!

Wonderful Kankana!!!
U have amazing eye for travel photography my dear….
These need to be published.. I mean it.

Vijitha says:

I have seen them only in movies and TV. I am sure it would have been super fun to watch it live. Will ask about it more in person. Gorgeous clicks lovely lady!

Deepa says:

Amazing pics of the Floating Market.

Hamaree Rasoi

This is really interesting!

mjskit says:

This looks absolutely amazing! I would love to do this just once!

Asmita says:

So beautiful. I have visited Thailand a couple of times but never went to the floating market. Love the little stalls selling fresh fruit and treats. Colorful, vibrant photographs.

Alyssa says:

Your photos are so vibrant. Beautiful! My husband and I were planning a family vacation to Thailand this summer, but we just found out the timing is right in the middle of rainy season. I’d still like to go anyway though!

You nearly transported me to Thailand with your gorgeous pics!

Irena says:

Kankana, what a treat, amazing, beautiful photos. Thank you so much for posting this fantastic experience, it’s like, we been there:)

What an eye candy!! THanks for the treat of Thailand — it’s floating market is absolutely a bazaar filled with delights! 🙂

Oh great pic Kankana, rush whole lot of memories during my visit to Thailand. i seriously love Thailand for cheerful people, fruits, food, shopping and road side time pass… i have my best friend their 🙂

Marta says:

beautiful pictures. I’ve been there as well and I liked the atmosphere. Plus I thing we captured the same people, hahaha.

Manju says:

The photos just look gorgeous! I wanna go to Thailand now! I am due for a vacation anyway, that’s what I keep telling AJ 😛

tigerfish says:

The floating market never really changed except more people and more product offerings! 🙂 But it was more than 20 yrs I visited so something may have changed – just that my memory has failed me. :O

Thanks for sharing your photo moments.

Lovely photos- your trip looks amazing! All that fresh fruit, wow. But yes, I don’t think I would be able to get out the door quick enough to catch any as I’m no good at mornings either 🙂

Tiffany says:

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This looks out of this world!

Elizabeth says:

These are such beautiful photos!

Nisha says:

The pics look better than the place actually is, hehe. I remember this one time, like 10 years ago, we were there, and my chachi was “window shopping” asking prices wherever our boat passed by … after a while my chacha got annoyed and told the next shopkeeper “don’t tell her the price, she’s not going to buy anyway” …. it was hilarious 😀