My Love for Street Food

Even though I get intimidated and concerned about the hygiene, street food has always managed to pull me towards it. There are no table manners or no formal attire but the air is always casual and it’s only about food. Call it fast food or junk food, street food has managed to win a lot of hearts.

Whenever we visit Kolkata, eating out and enjoying street food is always a part of my plan. We would dedicate our evenings eating lots of Puchka and on other days, it would be all about the crispy fried Fish Finger, Chop or Eggroll. At times, we would like to go healthy and enjoy some Steamed Momos or something as plain as Bhel Puri. The options are endless and there is always something new to try.

I’ve visited Kolkata several times but I am pretty much sure I haven’t tried all the street food that the city has to offer. Every little lane, every little corner in the city will have at least one tiny spot where you can find a food cart ready to fill your appetite!

During our last trip, we walked by those lanes several evenings, capturing some moments as we shop, ate and click.

One of my all time favorites – Puchka! 

A very light snack bite made with puffed rice and some spice mix.

I tried this particular snack for the first time. Not sure what it’s called but it tasted amazing. Like I said before, there is always something new to try 🙂

I wouldn’t recommend eating street food everyday but once in a while, it’s fun to hop around from one vendor to another. Get mesmerized with the aroma, filled by the warmth.. forget hygiene for a while and enjoy what they have to offer.

She was adorable and kept smiling as she fried those fritters.

After all that eating, we all need to quench our thirst!

This green color machine you see in the picture below is used to crush the ice which is then used to make Gola something like shaved ice.

We love masala tea and at the end of a busy day, there is nothing more relaxing than a hot cup of tea!


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Manu says:

Beautiful post! I too ADORE street food… everywhere in the world. I tend to forget about hygiene as well as I just cannot resist!!! hehehe Indian street food is among my favourite!! I still remembering eating the best bhajis in Calangute, near the beach! SIGH!

Ambika says:

Such a wonderful post! Only Indian’s can understand the true significance of street food!!

What lovely pictures…Loved the sigdi pic just too much 🙂

I avoid just one thing out of these, the ‘gola’…Calcutta street food has been like a heaven for me too. You missed one thing, the small daal fritters the sell on the ‘Thelas’ with a tangy hot chutney.
There are so many other things one finds only in Calcutta and so dirt cheap, isn’t it? The jhal muri is so so delicious there. I can go on and on you see 🙂

sayantani says:

beautiful clicks Kankana.

I heart street food. My love for them wins over the care for hygiene, at least most times 🙂 Those fritters and masala chai shots are making me crave badly. Beautiful!

Rosa says:

Gorgeous! I wish we had such amazing food here. Street food here is pretty much inexistant or boring.



Raji says:

Your post have transported me back to the shots..beautiful. And I love the road side bhelpuris, aaloo chaat and what not.

layla says:

Egypt has some nice street food also.. falafel and kosheri .. homemade potato chips.. yams and corn cooked on a fire.. really awesome.

Notyet100 says:

Even I luv street food,.and thatwhat I am going to enjoy this Delhi trip 🙂

Priyanka says:

Lovely post sis….beautiful photos 🙂

Meri says:

Lovely photos. I love street food. It looks absolutely great. Nothing to do with the street food that I find here in Spain.

Kiri W. says:

These are some of the most stunning pictures I’ve seen in a while – also the portraits! I can just feel like I’m walking the streets with you 🙂
I’d love to try pretty much all of these dishes, since I’ve loved street food in many places and bet these would be incredibly tasty as well.

nisha says:

i splurged on street food this time as well and inspite of the stomach problems i had, it still makes me wanna go back and enjoy some more.

Sandhya says:

I like !! Like !! I can thrive on chat…
Hygiene is a concern… but when I look at them.. I end up drooling.. and having a goo.. Not bothered of the consequence then.

Soma says:

I do not want to look at these.. WAAAAH! making me so very homesick.

Very beautiful photos Kankana, but I also love how you described every single detail! Very well done…
Wishing you awesome Tuesday!!

Tes says:

I am a die hard street food fan 🙂 This post is so special to me 🙂 Lovely shots 🙂

Sukanya says:

He..he..I can see how you have enjoyed Kolkata’s phuchka and tele bhaja…its been ages I had them…am too a street food fan…nice shots

Cilantro says:

I love the street food too. Beautifully captured and love the smile on the vendors.

Malli says:

Gorgeous photos!! No matter what I agree with you. I can never get enough street food when I go to Kerala and nothing beats the taste of this food. There are some real good cooks out there on the street who are not given enough recognition… and I love that you gave these folks some credit:) thanks.

Vijitha says:

Gorgeous pictures!!! Reminds me of my trip to Kolkatta about ages ago. I love the chaats there and with regard to shopping, I enjoyed walking through the streets and checking out the colorful platform shops.

I love street food too but I am loving your amazing photography talent just as much! these pictures are amazing

What an amazing post. It is like segment for Food channel shows. Thank you for posting. I am big fan of street food, great flavors and different combinations:)

Great photos. The food looks sensational.

Anna says:

Beautiful post! The only street food I ever tried was gyros or kebabs in Europe. They are very good and since then I have been trying to recreate it at home. There is something special about wondering the streets of a city while enjoying the food.

Shumaila says:

DO I love you for transporting me back to India and all the spicy ‘chatpata’ food that is available there or do I hate you for making me miss it so much right now and making me curse my luck that I do not have access to it? Lovely photos as always, Kankana!

Juliana says:

Great pictures Kankana…I haven’t had street food for a while.
Thanks for sharing them.
Hope you are having a great week 🙂

I love masala tea too, but that gola has my name all over it. Need some, now 😀

sally says:

Looks like a fun and tasty activity to do in Kolkata! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!

Amrita says:

Street food, though unhygienic, is one of the best tasting in India…no one can beat the bhel puris, channa bhaturas served by roadside dhabas and vendors. I miss Indian street food!

Charles says:

Wow, so much food!!! I feel sad because France doesn’t really *do* street food. The most you will find is a crêpe stand selling pancakes with nutella and banana – which is nice, but sometimes I feel like hotdogs or even more varied things like the delicious stuff you’ve posted here!

Maja says:

Amazing photos Kankana! I love street food too, but here everything looks delicious!

Kankana, you take amazing pictures and post processed them perfectly. It’s hard to believe you don’t have any professional background in photography! Thanks for sharing all these pictures. I really, really enjoyed them. I’m sure you got inspired by delicious street food to make something at home? 🙂

Sudha says:

Dear Kankana,
Your post made me so nostalgic – my dear ol’ Kolkata and its amazing amazing street food!I really miss them and everytime I’m home,the first thing I do is gorge on ‘Phuchkas’ throwing hygiene to the winds!:)Lovely pictures and I know that I’m going to come back again and again to this post – thanks for visiting my place – loved to have you there:)

What a fabulous post! These pictures are amazing, would love to do this sometime 🙂

You got me drooling for all the road side chaats!

Asmita says:

Love street food and really pig out on it when i go back home . I wish i could have a kala khatta gola right now. Yum!!!
Another favorite of mine is sugarcane juice. I need a. Tripback home soon.
Lovely pictures kankana.

I love all your photos, they transport me there and make me hungry! Really beautiful.

Ann says:

What a fantastic post! I haven’t had a lot of opportunities to sample street food, but what I DID have was amazing! They carve out a small space and make food that is nothing short of magnificent!

Christine says:

Lovely post. I haven’t had a lot of opportunities to try street food. Nice photos.

Alyssa says:

While, I agree, hygiene is a concern of mine when it comes to street food, but who’s to say that the person cooking in a 5 star restarant has washed their hand wither 🙂 I think anytime you are at a place that has such great street food, you’d be missing out not to try it. Your phots are so vibrant!

My dad always says you have not visited a country until you have tried the street food and local markets
beautiful pictures Kankana

OH Kankana….
I feel like booking my flights right now!!!!
Beautiful post….

Will call u tmrw dear, I have been sick for sometime so just catching up on things. Will call you and get detail on all fun you had.

Oh I truly miss all the street food in back home in India. There is such a charm in roaming the streets and eat all those different things and it all tastes soooo good!

Ohhh whole bunch of street food, my heart weeps out of cravings! every single pic is beautiful Kankana but the lady over, she is the star of the show! wish i could fly right away for some golgappas and gola!

Anzz says:

I know what you mean. I can live on MOMOs, Pav bhaji and sugercane juice alone..!

My event- Valentines Day Special

Gouri says:

Oh I Loved the post. Specially those beguni, Aluni and all kind of bhaja…they taste amazing. Nice clicks also…the last time when I was there…I saw those phucka’s has changed their shape from round to like eye shape…amazed to see that and also the fruit salads…just ready in few seconds… Must say..lovely post.

Gouri says:

Oh I Loved this post. Specially those beguni, Aluni and all kind of bhaja…they taste amazing. Nice clicks also…the last time when I was there…I saw those phucka’s has changed their shape from round to like eye shape…amazed to see that and also the fruit salads…just ready in few seconds… Must say..lovely post.

Kala says:

Fantastic post. I too am a lover of street food, and am always willing to try something new or different.

Soni says:

Lovely Pics Kankana!Love Indian Street food, oh so yum 🙂

Beautiful photos Kankana!I am also a real fan of good street food 🙂

Anamika says:

Who can resist the love for street food, at least not us:)..and with all the concern for hygiene I’ve seen more people falling ill after eating at better off places, than the streets!

Liz says:

What fabulous, vibrant photos! They make me want to jump right in and try all the lovely treats. Thanks for bringing us with you on your visit.

I love how your photos capture the spirit of street food and the people behind it.

When traveling, I usually wait until the day I am leaving to try street food in case I get sick. It’s been a good strategy so far. That and Pepto bismol 🙂

beautiful pics… u have captured the essence of India & our love for streetside food so well! i cudn bother about hygiene while bingeing on roadside chaats, though i have paid the price later a few times 😀

Such a beautiful post Kankana. I love how you described everything in such a detail. I feel like i was right there with you, walking the streets up and down.