It’s all about Pumpkins!

Pumpkins have always been my all-time favorite and no matter the different ways that Mom would cook it, it was always a delicious meal.

For a kid who never enjoyed food, even something as simple as a boiled mashed pumpkin with some hot white rice would bring a smile on my face and I would finish the whole plate without any fuss!

Last weekend, we went for a pumpkin festival near Half Moon Bay. It was not too far from home but it took us forever to reach there because of the horrible traffic jam. We covered 10 miles in one and half hour.. so you can imagine!

On reaching there, I couldn’t stop capturing all these gorgeous colorful things around me. It was warm and crowded but we had our share of fun 🙂

That’s one gigantic pumpkin..

There was food, music, and fun!

On our way back, we stopped by a pumpkin farm, clicked some photos and bought some pumpkins.

Time for some pumpkin shopping

Sharing the black and white photos with Susan for Black and White Wednesday 

I would like to end this post with a small announcement from my friend Divya  🙂 She has done an amazing job in creating an online magazine.

In her own words… “I have recently launched an online magazine called the Flavour Fiesta magazine. The magazine is an extension of my blog which contains recipes inspired by global cuisine. My approach to cooking is to use fresh, healthy ingredients while not being afraid to experiment and try something new. The premiere issue is a collection of fall recipes that include homemade cereals, hearty soups, dishes using seasonal produce and even globally-inspired pizzas. Besides recipes, the magazine has some tips on reading nutritional labels and eating healthy. This is the first of many more magazines to come! “

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Hehee you must have left your home pretty late in the morning. We live 30 mins away from HMB but still it could take us for a long time if we don’t leave home early enough, especially the festival weekend. Your photos are beautiful and I enjoyed them all. 🙂

Kankana, Thank you so much for this post! I’ve always wanted to head to the coast to enjoy the festival at Half Moon Bay, and your photo tour made me feel as though I was there. The black pumpkins are amazing and so are you for sharing this journey with us. Brava!

Ann says:

What a fun festival…and your pictures are amazing!

athena says:

Sounds like it was a fun time, minus the traffic to get there! Those green gourds on the table look like birds 🙂

Rosa says:

Thanks for sharing! I love pumpkins and wish we would celebrate that veggie here. Great clicks.



Kala says:

Gorgeous, festive images for the season Kankana!

Spandana says:

Beautiful pics Kankana…Looks like u had loads of fun!!

nisha says:

brings back fond memories of our visit to the pumpkin patch in chicago..about 4 yrs back 🙂

Beautiful clicks Kankana!

This looks like a lot of fun! I have never been to a pumpkin festival, but I am obviously missing out. Great pictures-thanks for sharing this adventure!

Raji says:

Beautiful pictures Kankana…it was great fun viewing the pumpkin festival thru your lens.

Charles says:

Wow, beautiful pictures! I love that massive pumpkin… I think I could fit inside that! 😀 I wonder what they do with it… it could feed a small army!

sally says:

Great photos! I love all things pumpkin too!

Priya says:

Lovely colorful pictures… It’s always fun to visit the pumpkin patch.
My wishes to Divya

Kankana, your post so captures the festive fall spirit. And you are reminding me that I need to get out there with my kiddos and pick up some pumpkins!

Awesome photos, Kankana! It’s like I’ve been to that wonderful Pumpkin Festival too! I’m pretty sure you had a great time…

I miss California so badly (I just moved almost a month ago from SD to STL) but upon coming across the terrible traffic that you’ve mentioned.. made me recall those awful days of stressful traffic jams in Cali… BUT looking at your beautiful clicks, it is well worth it. It fills the spirit and makes you smile… oh the splendor of autumn!

Pumpkin festival sounds great fun, how I miss such festivities here. Thanks for sharing your lovely moments!

Manju says:

what a fun festival!! awesome pics too! looks like you had a great time.. 🙂

Zita says:

Wow, beautiful photos! The festival sounds really fun, looks like you enjoyed it! 🙂

love all the pics ! so colorful 😀

Soma says:

my gals would have so loved this place!

What massive pumpkins! I miss this time of the year in North America – Halloween is still one of my favourite days..People can be so creative, Thanks for the great pics!

Tyler Ngo says:

Looks amazing! This will be on my to-visit list!

Joanne says:

Wow some of those are CRAZY! I love this tribute to my favorite fall veggie!

Krithi says:

Lovely post on fall… Will definitely check out the magazine…

tigerfish says:

I have gone to HMB for the same festival before. THen I stopped going cos it is almost the same every year. I believe we visited the same pumpkin farm too. :p

Lisa H. says:

OMG so many shapes, colours and sizes… I haven’t such variety of pumpkins… amazing 😀
Gorgeous photos….

Jackie says:

Seems like it was a lot of fun. Gorgeous photography!

I love pumpkins and this post is totally awesome with all the pictures! The thing I find most fascinating about pumpkins is the variety of flavor and look. So many different amazing ones out there. I think that is something very special only few veggies have in common

Padhu says:

Enjoyed the pictures. Amazing!! Thanks for sharing

Gorgeous clicks K! You’ve captured it so well!

Wow, what a fantastic post, love the photos, I feel like I was there, thank you for sharing:)

awesome clicks…those are sure pumpkin beauties, sure u had a great time…

Kankana, this post is beautiful…I love all about pumpkin post, and photos are amazing as always!!!

Divya says:

Thanks for the mention, dear!

Looks like you had a great time clicking pictures, especially love the black and white pictures.

Tanvi says:

What a cool festival! I love all of those cool carvings!

Melanie says:

Yes, we also have pumpkin festivals in our area this month, and we love going to them! Great pictures, I especially like the first one with the carved faces!

rebecca says:

oh wow this is a fun pumpkin post I am with your hubby would love to see those night lights

Jay says:

wow…fascinating pics..
love your post..
Tasty Appetite

I heard so much about the Half Moon Bay Festival but never had the chance to be there. Thank you for the virtual tour. Everything looks great and your photos are stunning as usual.
Looking at your pumpkin patch photos I wish the rain stops so we can go too. Can’t wait!

Love all these pumpkins popping up all over! Gorgeous photos honey. Now I’ve got to plan a day to go pick out a pumpkin before Halloween 😀

Sukanya says:

you seems to have a great time n enjoying pumpkin fest. delightful pics..we also visit one last week, but it was based on spooky theme and haunting music 🙂

Sandra says:

These are great pictures the crushed velvet pumpkins are really cute.

Sissi says:

Beautiful photos! They have almost made me dream about pumpkins (I am not a big fan normally). Thanks for sharing!

sarah says:

Love your pictures! Seems like it was totally worth sitting in traffic for!

Liz says:

Beautiful photos!!! You’ve captured autumn so well~

Lovely pics, Kankana, really enjoyed them, especially the first one and..oh, all of them, really 🙂

Aww Kankana it’s such a nice recap of the season. The carving is so striking. Sounds like sich a fun day to go around and snaps such great shots.

Lovely Pics Kankana….
I love pumpkin picking, we are heading to the patch this weekend…

A fun season, isn’t it!

Manu says:

Sounds like you guys had lots of fun! I love pumpkin too… I think the bright colour also makes me smile! 🙂 Great pictures, as always and I am looking forward to seeing what you’ll come up with to use all those pumpkins!

Kankana, first of all, Shubho Bijoya! Oh, this post is so amazing! The pictures are so colourful…even I felt like I am also a part of the festival at Half Moon Bay. Tose pumpkins in the shape of swans and the 1st picture are worth a praise!!

visda says:

Gorgeous pictures! Your pictures are like a complete tour of the festival.:-)

Kalyan says:

Simply beautifully captured shots…its fun to see the carving out of the poor pumpkin during this time…well captured spirit of the Halloween celebrations there.

nipponnin says:

I enjoyed this blog very much. What a fun festival you have been.

the pumpkin post is cool beautiful shapes and colours

Susan says:

The crowds are overwhelming at these fall festivals, but there’s something about this season that is very special, with its colors and harvest, the last before everything goes to sleep for winter (at least in these parts). All the photos are a kick, and, of course, your B/Ws are first rate, very crisp and 3-D like. Thanks, Kankana, for sharing your BWW shots.