Chatuchak Weekend Market


I like to usually share the photos of our trip as soon as we are back home, unpacked and a little relaxed. This is probably the very first time that the photos took months to appear out here. I was sorting out some of the folders the other day and I came across these photos that we had totally forgotten about. It’s from the trip we took in December 2011 and now after nine very short months, I am sharing these with you. Please forgive me for being so lazy and forgetful! And, let’s take a break from the kitchen to enjoy a virtual tour of the largest market in Thailand – Chatuchak Weekend Market.


Even though it’s called weekend market, some of the stalls stay open even on certain weekdays from 8 in the morning to 8 in the evening. But, the majority of the stalls stay open only on the weekends from 10 to 5. It’s a huge market with 7 sections and more than 5000 stalls. You can find anything and everything from plants, antiques, clothes, books and even pets! If you like open markets, open food stalls, walking on the street and shopping, then this is the place to visit.


Amongst the crowd, heat and humidity, capturing the moments was a seriously crazy idea! Wish I had more time in hand.





Yes, they have pets too. Check out these cute puppies playing around. How Adorable!



There were various food stalls, something for everyone, ranging from fruits to seafood to grilled meat.







And this is Bangkok’s very famous coconut ice-cream . If you love ice-cream, you can’t afford to miss this. It’s there in almost every other road side stall on every other lane.



This guy was so funny. As you can see from the photo below, he was totally in a happy zone. He was singing away while ladling some of those pink fruit jelly stuff. Anyone knows what it’s called ? I can’t remember!



And then there were deep fried swirl potatoes dusted with spices on top. Crispy yum!




Those purple corns were so gorgeous. We were in a hurry and we forgot to pick these. Later, we couldn’t find it anywhere else! I have no idea how it tastes. Anyone knows?



I would have almost missed the below photographs if it wasn’t for the music that suddenly started playing and got my attention. This guy was mixing Thai Iced Tea by pouring it back and forth in a perfect rhythm with the song. I believe it’s an art and I am sure that a lot and lot of practice must be required for this.




It would have required multiple weekends to cover all the stalls and the entire market. We could cover only one section of the Chatuchak Weekend Market. There are seven sections and I wonder what we must have missed! Have you ever been there ?


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Stunning!! I just got back from Thailand and my blog right now has a similar post 🙂

Lovely. Such a whole lot of colour. Wonder if the purple corn tasted different. And I thought the pink jelly was pearl onions 😀

Beautiful pictures Kankana! Bought back memories from our trip to the Chatuchak markets. We actually had to buy two big pieces of luggage from the market to pack the stuff we bought at the market .. such hoarders!

Nisha says:

wow, you’ve made a crowded & messy market look so neat & elegant 😀

ahh, i don’t know what that pink thing is called, but it’s added in Thai dessert…

very nice pics, kankana 🙂

Beautiful photos, what an incredible shopping experience!

Rosa says:

A wonderful place! Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures with us.



Liren says:

Oh my gosh. Breathtaking! I really need to visit Thailad, sigh, one day!

Arch says:

Beautiful pictures, very nicely captured. I have visited this market I think about 15 years back ! It was amazing, so full of life…those swirly potatoes look awesome !

Reshmi says:

Absolutely stunning! Loved all the pics 🙂

Beautiful beautiful pictures. Makes one want to visit this market.
Those pink jelly like thing is the Tub tim grob jellies I guess, to be served dunked in coconut milk.. Beautiful picture in motion.

nisha says:

you are soooo right, the purple corn is so so gorgeous!! i wish i get oto visit thailand once more so i can be a total foodie. when i went all we did was swim, drink, eat and laze arnd 🙂 we did visit a few markets but i dint get to take it all in as you did

Madhuri says:

Beautiful photographs!!! Thanks for the virtual tour of Thailand’s market.. absolutely enjoyed it 🙂

Rathai says:

I’m glad you decided to post the pictures, because they are gorgeous. I keep scrolling up and down to watch all those colourful pictures and best of all, you have managed to capture the spirit and the liveliness of that bustling market in each shot.

Shri says:

Beautiful collage of pictures Kanakana!
The Corn is gorgeous; I loved the tea-shots too! 🙂

Wonderful market tour. I would absolutely love to wander all day through those market stalls. Looks fantastic. I’ve seen that “ceremonial” coffee (drink) pouring on a travel program before. I do wonder what that fruit concoction is…it definitely looks interesting. Thanks for sharing the photos!

Debjani says:

Beautiful pictures!

nipponnin says:

Great photos again! I especially like that black and white one on the top. The purple corn picture is gorgeous too. I enjoyed the tour very much.

Harini says:

Gorgeous photographs! I love the one of the guy pouring the iced tea. I have always wondered when they pour ‘kaapi’ in the South too – needs absolute rhythm!

Jeannie says:

I just got back from a trip there last weekend, a beautiful place indeed, also one have to be careful what you put into your mouth! You manage to capture such lovely scenes!

Eha says:

Yup, have been! And SO enjoyed! What a wonderful series of photos to keep – I was always probably walking around so openmouthed and desirous of wanting to take e’thing back home, to take too many pics 🙁 ! Absolutely love the purple corn! Thank you, Kankana!!

KiranTarun says:

Amazing! I would love to visit Thailand someday. Gorgeous clicks!

I’ve been to Phuket, Thailalnd for friend’s wedding once but stayed in the resort and never had a chance to walk around to see the local area. I really enjoyed each photo you shared here and I’m really amazed with the dramatic pictures you have taken. Colors are amazing, there is movement, stall pictures… just great collection! You are a wonderful story teller, Kankana.

mjskit says:

I’m so glad that you posted these pictures! Besides being just gorgeous pics, they really tell a story or should I say, many stories of the market. What a GREAT market! I’m a “hands” person so I especially love the pictures with hands in them, one in particular – the one grilling the meats on a stick. Lovely! The happy guy picture makes me smile as well. 🙂 I want one of those fans!!! A very enjoyable and interesting post. Thanks for sharing!

Divya says:

Love, love, love the pictures and the story you tell with them. I’m glad you finally got the chance to put these up!

Soma says:

Spellbound! such harmony and gorgeousness. Love those cute little dolls and the puppies. the color of the corn! love the guy in happy zone :)and the last few ones!

Love love the pix and the virtual your !! Gorgeous !!

Amazing! Breathtaking! Love it! Your photos are beyond words… thank you for sharing.

I ma sure Kan, you must be tired of me using this word again n again very cliche but then again, beauty is what your work is…
These may be few months old but they look fresh n fun… Taking a little trip with ur eyes…
B/W I love the capture of the coffee..
You took me to Happy Zone!!

what a beautiful dialogue and pictures – I don’t travel so I appreciate reading and seeing these gorgeous pictures – thanks

Rekha says:

What beautiful remembrance of your trip… loved the pictures and those purple corn look gorgeous!

Alana says:

What a gorgeous snapshot of this marketplace. And… PUPPIES!!

You have some really great and fun pictures there, Kankana! I specially love the action shots. Thanks for sharing them with us. Oh, how I miss all the actions and the endless variety of street foods in Southeast Asia. The food carts scene in the US are just not the same.

Revati says:

JUst gorgeous!
I visited Thailand a few months ago and did a couple of posts just on Chatuchak, because seriously, just a single post does not do it justice. I had so many pictures, many of which didnt make it to the blog.. Do take a look here:

Im new here, and your blog is just stunning..especially because it brings all my passions together: food, writing and travel 🙂

Kankana says:

Thank you Revati for dropping by. I just checked your blog and it’s beautiful how to capture the shots! I can never get enough of Thailand i guess 🙂

Pia says:

stunning photographs, kankana! especially the tea – wow. his motion is almost like a beautiful, fluid matial art 🙂

Love your photos. I think the pink balls/jellies are diced water chestnuts cooked with a coating of tapioca flour? Red rubies, that’s what I’ve known them as.

WOW, looks amazing 🙂 Love your blog

Actually there are something like 23 sections…I guess you missed most of them. All the more reason to come back!

roz says:

I love the weekend market whenever I visit Thailand, it is on the top of my list to visit! You captured it perfectly in your photos! I feel as if I am right there in Thailand!!! I love your blog!