A Weekend In Portland

The beautiful city of Portland has many nicknames. It’s called the City of Roses, Bridgetown, Stumptown, Rip City and Soccer City USA. I think the perfect nickname for this beautiful place should be ‘Green Land’.

The first thing we noticed on reaching Portland was the abundance of green — beautiful green fields and huge green trees covering the entire city. One would love to get lost in them and we did that for next 2 days! There was a beautiful casual environment, fresh air, much less pollution and not very commercial. Coming from sunny California, it felt a little chilly in the morning but by the afternoon, it became pleasantly warm.Β With just two days in hand, we didn’t get enough time to see a lot but we were happy with whatever we covered.

This post is overloaded with photos and I blame this beautiful place where anybody who loves to takes pictures can find a zillion things to capture.

Sauvie Island in Portland – This is where we spent out first day. The plan was to hike, bike and go kayaking. However, we spent the whole day just enjoying the scenic beauty and walking on the beach.

On our way back, we stopped at the beautiful Kruger’s farmer’s market. I absolutely loved the place. It was huge and had beautifully arranged, lovely picnic tables below the trees for you to relax after you get tired of walking and buying.


We settled down with some apricot flavored beer, sausages and steamed corn.

Voodoo Doughnuts – You cannot leave Portland without eating these doughnuts. Check out the queue! We had to wait for about 30 minutes, got drenched in rain but at the end, it was totally worth the effort. These are the best doughnuts we ever tasted. Damn! I am missing it now.

I hope they open up a shop out here too!

Powell Bookstore – Another must visit place if you love reading. It’s a huge bookstore but very nicely organized and color-coded as per sections. I don’t have any photo of the store. But here are some other photos of the town that I clicked on the way.

Multnomah Falls is a Must – We have seen a lot of waterfalls but this one is magnificent. Out of the ordinary and mind blowing gorgeous! We waked up to the bridge on top and it feels so fresh when the cold water hits your face. Well, after a while my hands were almost frozen.

Gardens:Β As we all know, Portland is famous for its gardens, mostly rose garden. We visited a rose garden that unfortunately was kind of a disappointment. There were a lot of buds but hardly any roses. Maybe, it was not the right time of the year.

The Japanese garden, which was just opposite to the Rose Garden, was beautiful, quiet and peaceful. That was our last stop in Portland.


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Soma says:

ah! makes me wanna go back there again!! Such beautiful photographs! We were there years ago, when P was only 5 months old,snoozing in a little baby carrier pouched by A or me:) The falls is indeed beautiful!! We were in Mt. Hood and the Canon Beach too and there was snow in the mountains in August! freezing cold. No donuts for us πŸ™

Ansh says:

Incredible Pics. I haven’t been to Portland, but its on my to go list. May be soon!

Manasi says:

What breathtaking pictures. I saqw the ne with the pink blossoms on FB and thought, that, is my favorite, but when I look at the whole post, i am saying that for all the pictures in turn! I love, love love the pictures. Thanks for the virtual tour!

Sayantani says:

breathtaking clicks Kankana. waterfall er chobita dekhe mone hcohhe I can sit there for a long long time. so calming.

oh my gosh so gorgeous! that waterfall with the bridge over it is just breathtaking.

Rosa says:

Gorgeous clicks and place! I dream of visiting Portland and Oregon.



Wow… gorgeous pictures! I’ve been to Portland once and I really enjoyed the trip. However I didn’t know about Voodoo Doughnuts! Thank you for sharing the photos!

Spandana says:

Beautiful Pictures Kankana. I have never visited any other places expect NY, DC and Philly.
May be I can visit more of US in my trip this month πŸ™‚

Arch says:

Such beautiful pictures Kankana and such lovely colours…And those doughnuts look super ! Why voodoo, though ?

Ruthie says:

I moved to Beaverton (Portland) two years ago and I love the scenery here. You have offered such beautiful captures. My friend Larra shared these with me. I don’t have a car to get around to distant places, but I’m slowly working my way around Portland. It took me over a year to get used to the weather and begin moving about – now I am very happy here, rain and all. Thank you!

Kankana says:

Thanks Ruthie for dropping πŸ™‚ I seriously wish to visit Portland once again!

shruti says:

i know about voodoo doughnuts since it came on tlc – interesting eatout. the 1st image took my breath away….i love green !

Eha says:

You brought back some beautiful memories of long ago, Kankana! Had some dear friends living there: remember the awesome Falls on our travels. The photo series could have gone on and on for me . . . thank you!

Charles says:

Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful photos Kankana – that waterfall especially is *incredible*, especially with that beautiful bridge arching across the gap there. Love the look of the gardens at the end too – wonderfully colourful!

Shri says:

Gorgeous Kankana! It just soaks in to you!:-)

Debjani says:

How absolutely beautiful is this post! The white rose is magical.

Notyet100 says:

Pictures say it all ,..beautiful. Clicks

What wonderful clicks, Kankana..glad that you had fun throughout your trip with your camera and nature!

I want to go there NOW!! Breathtaking pictures K. You are a Canon Diva

OK, This is a post I have been waiting from you… Travel And Photography!!
You are the finest one Kankana, I have told you million of times and will keep saying….
Beautiful I love the bee on the flower and the hot links n everything…
You just made me enjoy a beautiful trip through the yes of ur lens!!

Ever single picture evokes so mch emotion. They are stunning and bring the country farm girl I am (my parents are farmers-third generation) my favorite pics of those on the farm! Hope you had a great 4th my friend!

trishie says:

So much greenery! Very pretty, i love your pics

Deepa says:

Multnomah fall er chobi ta oshadhoron hoyeche. Wish to go there sometime. no doubt jayega ta bhari shundor but credit goes to the photographer for capturing beautiful photos Kankana

mjskit says:

I love Portland! So many wonderful places to go and see. I’ve been to a lot of these places and you captured them beautifully!

rebecca says:

lovely pictures i want to go he he

Liren says:

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! One of my dearest friends lived in Portland for several years, and for various reasons here and there, my planned visits to her always got foiled. I always meant to visit while she was there to show me to these beautiful spots. Your trip has reminded me that I still need to go!

Ritu says:

Beautiful pictures Kankana!

I don’t know why but “weekend in Portland” sounds better than “weekend in Kazimierz” – the polish small town that looks similar to Poland. maybe it’s because I’ve read so much about Portland and always wanted to go there. I love your pictures. I can see myself over there through them πŸ™‚

Gorgeous! The waterfall is just beautiful and must have been quite a sight to see in person.

Such beautiful photographs Kankana! Camera and Nature is a deadly combo and can see it right here too :).

Joanne says:

I’ve always wanted to go to portland and you’ve proven that I really do need to go!

Beautiful scenery and you photos are simply gorgeous. Have a good weekend, Kankana.

~ ray ~

What a beautiful place, and photos…lovely!
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend πŸ™‚

dassana says:

beautiful pics kankana. you have captured the beauty of the places so well…

Maureen says:

Gorgeous! I want to go. (I also want Voodoo doughnuts!)

Vishakha says:

Stunning pictures! Each and every one of them. Tough to pick favorites when each pic is beautiful in its own way. The sepia / b&w pics are particularly super!

Indeed, such a beautiful city and really lovely shots! I love the melange of the modern city with the calm and beauty of the nature.

Oh hiw I wish I could visit Portland! Those falls look like an experience. Cant wait to go to this city. Gorgeous pictures K πŸ˜‰

How beautiful! Makes me want to go back once again. Thanks for sharing these.

Kiran says:

Gorgeous gorgeous photos — I want to visit Portland. Like, right now πŸ˜€

Jacqueline says:

Kankana, thanks for taking me on a trip to Portland. Absolutely beautiful photos – I’m not surprised that you spent so much time walking and snapping with such marvellous scenery.
That waterfall is stunning!

Asmita says:

Absolutely stunning pictures. I cannot wait to see Portland now.

sally says:

Beautiful photos! It sounds like a great trip.

nipponnin says:

Why didn’t you call me when you were in Portland? My daughter(little foodies- visiting from Hawaii at that time) and I would have liked to meet you then. I’m so happy to hear that you liked Portland. Thank you so much for lovely words and photos.
PS- My daughter and her husband were at Multnomah Fall on July 1st. I think they are in the picture!? Can you see them on the bridge? Just kidding!

Kankana says:

oh gosh! I wanted to .. seriously, but then we had such limited time in hand. Just 2 days in Portland and 1 day in Seattle. Plus we had another couple with us and I was not sure we would any extra time in hand. The good news is.. i might visit Portland again .. and at that time, I will for sure let you know in advance. πŸ™‚

Tes says:

Gorgeous pics πŸ™‚ What a great trip πŸ™‚

My brother is living in Portland and when we went visiting him last year he took us to Multnomah Falls. It was very nice and I also loved the road to get there. Nice memories indeed.