Garlic Chili Oil

Garlic Chili Oil | Playful Cooking

There are a few favorite ingredients in my kitchen that I can never do without. I reach out to these without any second thoughts. Over a period of time, I have built a certain amount of confidence about these and I feel safe. While some of these ingredients come in a neatly packed jar from the store, others are made at home and that always brings an extra happiness. In a way, it creates a sense of accomplishment.


The infused oil, packed in a jar, sitting right next to the cooking oil also feels proud. It knows that it’s special and that it has the power to boost the essence of any dish. It’s not just pretty to look at but also a necessity. Flavored oil comes handy when your palate doesn’t support your idea or when you want to kick up the taste bud a notch.


Making Garlic Chili Oil | Sunshine and Smile


Garlic | Sunshine and Smile


I love the gorgeous red shade of garlic chili oil. It creates an impression and can undoubtedly be placed as a centerpiece on a dinning table. I like to keep it by the stove and watch the oil change it’s color as it simmers slowly spreading the spicy aroma all around. And while it cools to room temperature, I dig in to my jar collection and pick one that has a handle and a tight lid. Capturing the flavor is important.


Very carefully, I pour the infused oil to the bottle, watching the chili flakes dance around. It makes me smile all the time. And just like that, without any effort at all, I have another jar of infused oil in my kitchen counter showing off its beauty and ready to be drizzled.


Garlic Chili Oil | Sunshine and Smile


Garlic Chili Oil

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 20 minutes

Yield: 1 cup

Garlic Chili Oil


  • 1 cup olive oil or vegetable oil
  • 2 cloves garlic, smashed
  • 1/4 cup chili flakes


  • In a deep pan, pour oil along with chili flakes and smashed garlic. Simmer at low heat for 5 minutes. Once done, remove from heat and bring it to room temperature. Discard garlic cloves and pour the oil in an airtight jar.


Garlic Chili Oil | Sunshine and Smile

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Jean says:

Such pretty pictures! I love having chili oils at the ready in my kitchen. You’ve captured yours so beautifully!

Nisha says:

A garlic and chili infused oil used to look boring and bland … until I saw your pictures.

Rosa says:

Wonderful! Perfect for using sprinkling over pasta or pizza.



jehanne says:

Thia is my hubby’s fav..the store bought one has added dried shrimp which I dread with vengeance. such beautiful pic, I will definitely try this soon!

Kiran says:

We love garlic chili oil — especially on stir-frys! Yum!

Nandita says:

Oh I love this. I tend to drizzle this oil on Chinese fried rice or noodles πŸ™‚

Eha says:

So simple to make – I usually have got to the same effect from the separate ingredients and no infusion . . . evening here now, but tomorrow πŸ™‚ !!

Ingrid says:

I saw the first pic when it came through on my email and the colour just made me want to read your post – amazing how a photo can be so evocative. Keep up the nice pics

Completely in love with your pictures! Ah!

If you have taken only 8 pics for this post – its absolutly fantastic!!!… Love the chili oil and the pictures πŸ™‚

Beautiful! I love infused oils like this – so many uses in the kitchen!

mjskit says:

Our tastes were certainly on the same plane this week. I love a delicious chile oil and any infused oil. This looks as good as your rosemary and garlic oil. Gorgeous pictures!

Anna@CCS says:

Gorgeous! Love the amazing color of this oil!

Stunning photos, this would be perfect with a crusty loaf of bread!

Reem says:

This is my favorite too..
Beautiful pictures…. Love!

Delicious photography, I would use this almost over every thing I eat, especially with bread!

Nami | JOC says:

So easy and quick! We all need one at home! πŸ™‚

Erin says:

I agree with everyone above! I envision crusty bread being dipped into this, adding it to curries and stir fries.

Do you use red pepper flakes, or dried chiles like thai chiles?

Mallika says:

I love garlic chili oil too, but then I’ve given it a thought of storing this way. I make it instant, right when the dish demands. Such a pretty thing. Well shot as usual.

Soma says:

Beautiful. We do the same oil,but use the whole chili (a little crushed) and it’s better than the store bought ones.

Shumaila says:

I love infused oils and agree the red of the oil makes a beautiful presentation! This is the perfect dipping oil for bread!

You never failed to take gorgeous images, Kankana! I make infused oil the same way you do all the time, but for some reasons I always make them as and when I need them:) After looking at your pictures, I am tempted to get some pretty bottles and start storing the oil to keep it handy.

Beautiful and perfect for adding a little spice to any meal!

ahu says:

oh this looks amazing, and the possibilities are endless! i am definitely trying this!

Liren says:

So so beautiful, it’s no wonder the chili oil knows it’s a star! Your images are breathtaking πŸ™‚

nusrat2010 says:

Man! Look at that red hot chili oil bottle ! Loved the lovely shots πŸ™‚

carey says:

Oh my, how gorgeous is that?! I will make garlic-infused oil now and again, but I never thought to add chili flakes. It makes such sense, and it’s beautiful to boot. Yes! (=

Love garlic oil. Gorgeous pics.

Poornima says:

Love the bright red! Gorgeoes shots Kankana and the bottles are all so pretty!

Joy says:

Simply lovely — this is one of my husband’s favorite condiments. He literally drenches his food in it. Thanks for sharing!

Joy says:

btw, love the new look!

nipponnin says:

I love the new look and this recipe. I’m going to make it for sure but I must find the nice looking bottle like yours first. All these photos are fantastic!

Mondo says:

wow! so much intensity in so little time. beautiful.

We love chilli garlic oil on dosa, your first picture is art.