Khandvi (A healthy finger food from India) – Guest Post for Tamara @ Bite My Cake

It’s amazing how I like to challenge myself in the kitchen these days. It’s like a fun workout for me. Sometime the exercises ends in a fabulous result which makes my day a whole lot brighter and sometime, there are those bad times when I cry…almost like a kid!

The unsuccessful experiment creates a disaster and mess in the kitchen that makes me really mad! But thankfully it makes me more curious and stubborn. Call it attitude if you may, but it helps me to finally nail the dish!

Making Khandvi was not easy and it took multiple attempts to get it right. It’s definitely not one of the easiest snacks to prepare. It needs a lot of time and attention but at the end, you will certainly not regret the effort.

This finger food snack bite comes from the state of Gujarat in India and it’s made with plain sour yogurt and chickpea flour.

Getting the batter ready was the quick and easy part. In fact, the whole process should not take more than 15 mins. The first tricky part was to cook it to the right consistency, so that it was easy to spread evenly into a thin layer.

Then comes the second tricky part – making the rolls. The thin layers are very delicate and if you hurry, it will break apart. You need to be really careful and patient while rolling the layers.

Patience is not always my strong point!

Once the rolls are ready, the job is almost done! Now, all you need is some tampering and it’s ready to be served.

There is hardly any spice in this dish, which gives it a very mild taste, and it is buttery at every bite! Tamper it with mustard seeds, some green chilies and curry leaves to add that robust flavor and finish it off with chopped fresh cilantro as garnish.

There is always a certain sense of pleasure that I get out of such challenges and it’s always worth the effort after I see a smile on Arvind’s face as he enjoys the dish.

Today, I am sharing this savory delicious finger food with my friend Tamara Novakovic who lives in Croatia. She is a freelance food writer and an amazing photographer. Visit her blog Bite My cake and you will know what I mean. We met though Honest Cooking where she has her own column called “Cooking Croatia“.

I felt so honored when she asked me to be a part of her food event ‘Eat Global Series’ where she is gathering recipes from all across the globe. She loves spices, wild strawberries and colorful candy. Her favorite hobby is baking cakes and in her blog, you can see all the gorgeous food that she makes.

Let’s get to know her more and head over to Bite My Cake to learn how to make Khandvi the easy way!

Note: After doing some study on how to make Khandvi, I realized that you could either cook the batter on the stovetop or in the microwave. I tried both and clearly the microwave version is much easier method – it takes less effort and it’s much simpler.

Khandvi (A healthy finger food from India) – Guest Post for Tamara @ Bite My Cake

Serving Size: makes about 28 khandvis

Khandvi (A healthy finger food from India) – Guest Post for Tamara @ Bite My Cake


  • 1 cup chickpea flour/besan
  • 1 cup sour yogurt
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 teaspoon asafoetida/hing
  • 1/2 teaspoon chili powder
  • 1 teaspoon turmeric powder
  • 1 inch ginger, grated
  • salt
  • for tampering
  • 1 teaspoon mustard seeds
  • 2 green chilies, finely chopped
  • 1-1/2 tablespoon oil
  • freshly chopped cilantro for garnish


  • Arrange some steel plates/glass chopping boards or cookie sheets to spread the batter. You can also spread the batter on the counter top. I used back side of a cookie sheet and two wooden chopping boards.
  • Brush the back of the cookie sheet and the wooden boards very lightly with some oil. Then, rub it using a kitchen paper towel to make sure it's not too oily.
  • Keeping the spreading utensils ready is very important as you have to spread the batter immediately while it's hot. Once the utensils are ready, start with the batter.
  • Add water and sour yogurt in a microwave proof bowl and mix it properly.
  • Then, add asafoetida, chili powder, turmeric powder, grated ginger and give it a mix.
  • Sift the chickpea flour to the bowl and whisk until it's mixed properly.
  • Add salt and mix it one last time to make sure that there are no lumps.
  • Put it in the microwave without the lid and let it cook for 4 minutes in high heat.
  • Take it out and whisk it properly. Put it back in the microwave for 3 more minutes.
  • Take it out and whisk it once again. At this point, the consistency should be thick enough.
  • Spread the thick batter quickly on the back of the cookie sheets or chopping boards. Spread it as thinly as you can.
  • Let it rest for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Using a knife, cut 1 inch long strips and very gently roll the strips. Place each roll in the serving plate.
  • For tampering, heat oil in a small skillet and add mustard seeds, curry leaves and chopped green chilies.
  • In about few seconds, it will start to splatter and release the flavor.
  • Stop the heat and spread it evenly on the rolled Khandvi.
  • Garnish it with chopped cilantro and serve immediately.

My very good friend Prerna along with two other amazing bloggers Barbara and Kathy started the event Indian Food Palooza, celebrating Indian food.  I love the concept of the event and guess what!! There are prizes to win too 🙂 What are you waiting for?Head up here and read more about it and start linking Indian food.

I am sharing this snack bite for this month’s entry.


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Rosa says:

Oh, delicious! I am so fond of that tasty flour. A fabulous treat. I am tempted.



Shri says:

Yes, this works well as an appetizer! Looks delicious.

Beautiful! Love it Kankana…you really nailed it girl. This is one of my all time favorite snack!

Ambika says:

Absolutely stunning photos Kankana! They look they appetizers at some gourmet restaurant! We also love khandvi, but haven’t made such beautiful khandvis before, these are gorgeous!

pavithra says:

Absolutely gorgeous Khandvi’s , beautifully captured and its our favorite appetizer too. Love all the shots.

sreelu says:

oh wow thats sure looks amazing , never tried Khandvi before you post makes me want to eat some right now

Sukanya says: make khandvi !! and did it so beautifully, It takes me two three attempts to get it right, thats really incredible and looks so amazing. Very well done Kankana.

Tiffany says:

SUCH a beautiful picture of the mustard seeds! And thank you for introducing me to a new dish! Hugs and Happy Sunday!!! 😀

deliciously done beautiful pictures Kankana

Notyet100 says:

Omg this looks so yum,..:)

Yay! I love khandvi! My grandma used to make these for me all the time. These look wonderful.

Kanchan says:

Totally agree with you, this is one of the most difficult snack. I tried it once, but failed terribly. Will make an effort again through your recipe 🙂

wow! they look perfect… been searching for a fail-proof recipe so thanks a TON 🙂

I love Khandvi! I have never tried making it at home. I actually have a lot of Besan which needed to be used up so will make it asap 🙂

Priyanka says:

Awesome….they look so cute and yummy. Lovely photos

Eha says:

A lesson in the unusual – what a fun offering for one’s friends!

Medeja says:

I haven’t heard about it before! It seems it really requires some effort
🙂 Your pictures are so beautiful.

Lakshmi says:

Oh, haven’t made khandvi for a long time! I used to have a large stainless kitchen counter and rolling khandvi was really easy on it. It is an excellent dish to make in bulk. The only downside is that it tends to get sluggish if it has to stand a longer period. Your pictures are great! Khandvi looks as good as it tastes.

beautiful pictures and nice recipe. Long time i am planning to attempt kandvi

Tamara says:

Kankana, thank you once again for your kind words, I am really flattered and really appreciate it. This is definitely one of my favorite recipes from Eat global series. It really does look like it’s from a fancy restaurant, you really nailed it! 🙂

This looks absolutely delicious, I can imagine the rolls melting in my mouth into some buttery goodness! It’s wonderful that you do not give up after unsuccessful attempts, I find myself sticking with recipes that I know will come out well without a lot of efforts…

Absolutely delish — I’ve never had khandvi before, and now I have this recipe. I am not sure how much longer would it take me to perfect it, though 😀

So very beautiful, especially the last pic.

First of all, absolutely love styling and photography. Such a beautiful airy feel to your pics.

My husband is Gujju so he would definitely want me to try this out at home!

Now since you said it need lots of patience i better book my ticket and fly to California to eat, such lovely finger food which i would certainly love to eat 😀

Kiri W. says:

This looks absolutely wonderful. It looks like a very elegant dish, but I am sure my own rendition would look a lot lumpier 😉 Lovely to see a healthy and delectable snack!

Vijitha says:

Gorgeous clicks honey. I have never attempted kandvi at home but have tasted it at a friend’s place. Please reserve a little for me 🙂

love khandvi! an gorgeous pictures kankana! i’ve never made it in the microwave, makes it sound simpler than the usual cooking way.

Wow, these images are beautiful and I love how delicate these khandvi look. Congrats on your success–they’re gorgeous!

When I lived in NJ, I had these wonderful Gujrati neighbors and they would treat us with this wonderful Khandvi with cilantro chutney along with masala chai! Yum!

Anu says:

Looks very yum

Asmita says:

I haven’t made khandvi in ages and so haven’t eaten it in a long time. This is making me drool. You have done an exceptional job . Looks fantastic, something I would get at great food store in India.

What a beautiful recipe and such a good lookin blog ! First time here and love your space

aarthi says:

this looks so perfect

That khandavi has been rolled perfectly. Just perfectly. kudos.

Kankana you did such a great job on these..they look like a piece of art!
Love Tamara’s blog..she is very talented and I am so happy that you two teamed up to do a post together! Will check it out!

Oh I forgot…congrats on top 9!:)

Perfect looking Khandvi. Congrats on Top 9!

Alyssa says:

Congrats on top 9! I get mad too when things don’t turn out right in the kitchen. Very pretty pictures too!

Oh looks like you are on Top 9 today! Yay congrats Kankana! I saw this via email but didn’t see it on my computer school yet till now. WOW girl, you did such a beautiful job here. Every single picture is breathtaking. I love your photography work, and I know you put so much effort for each styling and taking pictures. Very, very nice job!!

Flavouring and texture looks a bit like dhokla with the tempered curry leaves, chilli etc- I’ve never come across these, though! Looks like a fun dish for a get-together to wow everyone with 🙂

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These are gorgeous…as are all your photos!!! Congrats on the well deserved Top 9!

Congratulations for being Top 9 today on Foodbuzz 😉 These look amazing!!!! I’ve never seen anything like this before ~ would love to try one!

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These look like they took lots of time and patience. However, they look worth all of the effort. Congrats on Today’s Top 9!

rebecca says:

these look great and I can relate to your kitchen adventures i have had a few failures 🙂

Harini says:

My favourite Gujju recipe, Kankana. You have presented them so delightfully. Off to read your post now.

Kala says:

Kankana, these photographs are terrific. And the rolls look so tasty.

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Hey kankana, the khandvi is rocking around and the pictures are super gorgeous………wonderful post !

Omygosh! simply fantastic girl!

Elif says:

looks nice, will try it asap. i think this is original recipe, may be it could be changed by adding some tahini it could taste like hummus but in different form… like it!

Wow! Your photos have become works of art! We haven’t visited with you for a while because we’ve been completely swamped with work, it’s ll we could do to get our posts up, let alone spend the time to follow our favorite blogs, but here we are back again and it’s such a delight to see your beautiful images. Needless to say the recipe looks delicious, although it does seem to try the patience, but you prepared it beautifully. Congrats oncthe Top 9, most well deserved!

Oh I have eaten these before, and they are delicious! Love this post… Thanks for the recipe! And Kankana – your photographs are breathtakingly gorgeous! SO much I can learn from you… Awesome post!

I love khandvi more than dhokla! You are such a perfectionist Kankana! 🙂

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Wonderful and artistic photography! these pictures do say a thousand words and more! And great texture on the khandvi.

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i have heard so much about this dish, but never made it. I love how cute they look and the pics as usual are beautiful 🙂

hemalata says:

Awesome recipe,looks so inviting n nice photography.

Tes says:

I’ve seen these things everwhere but have never tried them. It sounds so yummy and easy to make 🙂

Joanne says:

Oh wow these definitely look like a labor of love, but in a good way. Delicious and oh so tasty!

Soni says:

One word,Gorgeous!!I’ve gotten these from the Indian Stores, but, never knew it was made this way.Microwave version looks much easier though!Might try it sometime 🙂

Haven’t heard of Khandvi, but it sure looks delicious. Gorgeous photos as always!

your Khandvi look so good. I kept thinking that it looks like homemade pasta. I can see why you could end up in tears trying to perfect these beauties. I know the feeling when you work so hard on a recipe and it doesn’t cooperate with you. But then you have results like yours today and all is good in the world:)

Shumaila says:

I adore khandvi! This looks absolutely wonderful, Kankana! I wish I could be there in your kitchen eating these!

This looks simply exquisite, was certainly worth all the effort! I have to also add that your photos are just stunning 😉

Hi Kankana!

One can only learn out of mistakes and perfection can only be reached with a dash of stuborness. 😉

I dont know if it slipped my attention in the past bu I have never seen this finger food before in my life. So excited of my discovery! By the way your pictures are gorgeous and so inspiring! thanks a lots for the great share!

sayantani says:

awesome post Kankana. looks delicious and perfect. happy holi to you and your family.

OMG Kankana .. such delicate little things. I love Khandvi and the one time I tried making it, it was a soddy mess! Thanks for the inspiration, I am going to try your recipe 🙂

As soon as I saw your photo, I thought ‘I’ve got to try these’ but now you’ve scared me mentioning how difficult it can be!!!!! May have to go on the list for another day LOL.

You are welcome to join in my food blogger event THE SOUP KITCHEN, here all bloggers are welcome, hope to see you participate soon.

San says:

Khandvi is absolutely mouth watering kankana. I like the microwave version better too. Have a nice weekend dear !

maha says:

This looks really very healthy and delicious too….thanx dear 4 sharing this…nice space nice recipes n nice clicks too.happy to visit here…

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i recently did a post on khandi on my blog… but i must say urs hve come out truly divine! i simply lovethe pics…awesome!

This is the most beautiful khandvi I have seen!! Look perfect. I love this healthy snack. I guess I have to try your recipe to make it at home now.

Nisha says:

Gorgeous pictures, Kankana!
Thanks for dropping by & for your comment about comments 😉

Cheryl says:

Hi Kankana,
Congratulations on winning the Indianfoodpalooza. I love visiting your space for the appeasing recipes and wonderful photos. Happy Blogging!
Cheryl@ Kitchen kemistry

shruti says:

i love khandvi ! yet to try making it…looks so pretty

Alo says:

What is asafoetida ? Looks good.

Kankana says:

Asafoetida is a kind of spice powder. It has a very strong flavor and is used very commonly in Indian cuisine. If you don’t find it in any nearly store, you can omit it from the recipe. It’s added only for flavor. Let me know if this helps!

Alo says:

I want to make it. I never tried it before.