Chicken Momo

I would like to start this post by thanking all my lovely friends and my blogger buddies who have been constantly supporting me with their beautiful words and helping me out whenever I need them. Manu from Manu’s Menu and Tina from Pinay In Texas Cooking Corner showered me with awards and awards and awards! 😀 THANK YOU SO SO MUCH !! They are such fabulous bloggers with an amazing collection of recipes. You guys should definitely drop by and check out their space.

If you have read my Deep Fried Wonton post, you would know that how much I love Momos. Momos are similar to dumplings, which are native to Himalayas of Tibet. If you have read about the history of Momos, you would know that these are a traditional delicacy in Tibet, Bhutan, Sikkim, Nepal and Ladakh. They are one of the most popular fast food in those regions. Momos are also common in places with noticeable Nepalese and Tibetan diaspora such as Assam, Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Himachal Pradesh and West Bengal(particularly in Darjeeling).

Did you see Meghalaya in the list? Yes, that’s where I was born and spent my childhood.. a small tiny town and for me, it’s the most beautiful clean little place in the world. Well, Meghalaya is the state and Shillong is the capital city of the state and that’s what I am referring to as my tiny little paradise. 🙂

The momo wrappers are made out of white flour and water and that is the reason they are super soft and they completely melt in your mouth. I usually make these wrappers at home, but since these wrappers are available in the Chinese market, I decided to use those. If you want to make the wrapper at home, email me and I will help you with the recipe. But, to be honest, if you don’t have a helping hand, making those wrappers in old school fashion can make you really tired 🙂

Ingredients :

  • 1 packet thin wonton wrapper
  • 1 lb ground meat, I used chicken
  • 1/2 of green cabbage, very finely chopped
  • 1 small onion, very finely chopped
  • 1 egg white
  • 2 tbs ginger paste
  • 2 tbs garlic paste
  • 2 tbs vegetable oil
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 1 tbs chilly powder

Directions :

In a big bowl, mix the meat, cabbage, onion, ginger paste, garlic paste, egg white, salt, pepper and chilly powder.

Heat the oil and add it to the mixture.

Take the wonton sheets and pour little quantity of the mixture in the center and close the wrapper in any shape that you prefer. The key point is to make sure that there is no air inside the wrapper.

Rub some oil in a plate and keep the momos there until you are ready to steam them.

There are two ways(that I have tried) of preparing the momos.You could either steam them using a bamboo steamer, which are easily available in any Chinese market. Or you could use a huge wok, boil water, dip the momos and let it boil for a minute or two.

If you are using the banbo steamer, place it on top of a sauce pan with boiling water in it and bring the heat to medium. Let it steam for 6 minutes.

After the momos are done, keep them in a bowl and cover the bowl with a damp kitchen towel to prevent them from getting dry.

Serve it with some spicy tangy sauce of your choice.

If you have any doubts about this recipe, feel free to contact me 🙂

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Anzelle says:

These look delicious, as always! I think it’s high time that I get myself a bamboo steamer, I’m seeing far too many things that I can make in one.

Manu says:

These look so pretty! And what can I say about your pictures??? They are AMAZING… you managed to even capture the steam coming out of the bamboo steamer! Fantastic job! I have never eaten momo, but I have heard they are delicious! 🙂

Karishma says:

Your pics are so lovely…the one with the wrappers laid out side by side was fantastic! I love love love momos and can’t get them here in Kerala…so wonton wrappers are also out of the question…I had made them once at home, with maida but it came out a bit too thick and white in color (just mixed the flour, water, salt and rolled it out thin)…any idea what could have gone wrong?

Kankana says:

Thanks Karishma 🙂 If you want them thin, you have to roll them very very thin dear, and for the yellow color, mix one egg in the dough. I will email you with the details !

Suku says:

amazing pics 🙂
m craving for momos now….

Reema says:


Ooh yum! I love dumplings. These look light and delicious.

Vimitha says:

Oh dear they are so perfect little cuties… Yummy filling…

Nandini says:

Wow, nice momos! They came out perfect…

As always, your recipe and pictures are so wonderful! That’s why I really find your blog so INSPIRING! Keep it up, Kankana! :-*

Wow! These look great! I love steamed wontons. So yummy!

My all time favorite evening snack back in Delhi.I have been wanting to post these for a long time but everytime I make them, we gobble them up fast.And you know they dun taste best when cold.Look yum!

Look at your beautiful photos…wow…I am drooling!! Bravo, my friend!

Gosh do these look good. Thanks so much for the lovely post and recipe!!

Soma says:

I am coming over. really! Momo is my fav thing and almost every year during my childhood we vacationed in Darjeeling and gorged on these for almost every meal 🙂 There there was Tibetian Delights in Rabindra Sadan. When i go home this summer, this is on my top list along with the badshah rolls.

did u use the wonton wrappers? and is that an original momo steamer or just a bamboo steamer that u get here?

Kankana says:

Thanks Soma :)yes i bought the wanton wrappers from the Chinese market. The steamer i used is a bamboo steamer which I bought from the same Chinese market. Ideal Momo steamer is made of steal and there is no way i can get that here. But the bamboo steamer works perfectly fine!

pavithra says:

I love momos and this looks scrumptions.. looks so yumm

Padma says:

Looks too good and nice step by step pics.

I wanted to try this for long made it so beautiful and delicious!!!
I absolutely love your photos!

sonia says:

The momos are looking too gud Kankana. Can you suggest me a good vegetarian filling for the momos, thnks !

Kankana says:

Thanks Sonia 🙂 For vegetarian version, you can add carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, onion and garlic, all finely grated. Keep the quantity of cabbage little more than the other ingredients. It will taste equally awsm 🙂

Sandeep says:

I am a living proof these are awesome…i was fortunate enough to eat these 🙂

Kankana says:

Thanks Sandy, this was made specially for you and Deepa and you both liked it, that makes me super happy 🙂

Wow, I can’t take my eyes off these beautiful and delicious momos…looks heavenly, Kankana..Love it!

tigerfish says:

The name Chicken Momo is new to me and the filling in there with onions is new to me too!

Genie says:

Chicken Momo! What an adorable name. If you don’t already know what a momonga is, you should look up momonga on Google image search. You won’t be disappointed. Also adorable little units of delight. Not an edible kind though.

Kankana says:

I checked those cute momonga .. SUPER CUTE 🙂

Looks delicious. Great photo’s btw. 🙂

nisha says:

ooooh i love momos, but the last time i made them, it turned out a bit too chewy, im wondering if i over did the steaming or under did it…loved it nonetheless 🙂
next time i should try boiling it…lovely pics

Medeja says:

My husband keeps telling me stories about amazingly delicious momos.. 🙂 They look so light and tempting

Tiffany says:

I love dumplings! These momos look amazing 😀

Looks appetizing and lovely photos!

Asha@FSK says:

I love momos!!! I really must get myself a steamer!

Love the first photo 🙂

Joanne says:

Oh my goodness! It doesn’t get much better than that! Love the recipe and the photos just make it mouth watering good.

Dana says:

I had never heard of momos, but i do love steamed dumplings, so I’m certain i would like these. Thanks for introducing me to a new food!

looks fabulous wontons are a favourite I like the steamer cool

They look so perfect! Can you make me some too please? 😉

First of all – wow! Your photos are stellar on this one! And second – what a beautiful and tasty recipe! Great post today!!! ♥- Katrina

Miriam says:

They look absolutely beautiful. Well done!! Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

Cakewhiz says:

Your photos are simply breath-taking!
I have never had momos nor heard about them so it was very nice of you to share that little history.

sukanya says:

love momos…love the tibetan version than the chinese one.
beautifully captured and lovely recipe

Tes says:

Your momo looks amazing! Your photos are always so beautiful 🙂

Lovely pictures! My mouth is watering. This looks like a fun recipe to try. I’ve not heard of momos. This is what I love about food blogging. I’m always learning something new.


Wow…..simple…. indulging and yum….

Rosa says:

I love dumplings! Those look so good. A lovely flavor combo.



Sonali says:

thanks for stopping by my space n your lovely comments…wow…chicken momo…I hav been searching for this recipe for quite a while….thanx for sharing the recipe dear !

Ameena says:

I never had a clue what to do with the bamboo steamer until now…what a delicious looking recipe! And healthy too. I love it!

Loved your “about” page too…super cute photo!

Dewi says:

I must really try to make beautiful dumpling like yours. So pretty!

Liz says:

These look delectable! Both beautiful and tasty!!! Mmmmmmm.

chaya says:

Momos are new to me but they sound absolutely delicious. We are featuring it, Wednesday on Let’s Do Brunch. Come on by and peek and if you have another outstanding recipe, link it up.

Vanessa says:

Hi Kankana,

Pls pls pls pls email me the instructions to make super soft momo wraps at home. I don’t think I’ve seen them available anywhere in Bangalore.

As for readymade momos from Chinese joints, they are a huge rip-off. You get just 6 for like a 100 bucks and how the momos are in by stomach in less than 6 secs!!!

Pls help me out here. My husband will thank you for helping him keep a tight grip on his wallet.

Seriously bankrupt!!!

Kankana says:

Hi Vanessa, I emailed you the recipe 🙂 I used to stay in Bangalore and so, i know! They are freaking expensive in the restaurants!

Congratulations on being a featured recipe at Let’s Do Brunch this week Kankana! I love the sound of your Chicken Momo – and it looks delicious too! I hope you will come along and link up again this week – the linky is up now 🙂

Hello Kankana,
Of all the words used around the world to name a dumpling “momo” is definetly the cutest!!
I would really like to learn how to make the wrappers myself, if you could send me the recipe and any advice I’d be thrilled. I can get them at the local asian store but, at least once I’d like to try my hand at making them.
Your pictures are beautifull but what I liked the most about your post is how you spoke about where you came frome with love.
Now I will imagine what life in Meghalaya could be like.
I wish you the best of days!

Candace says:

Mmmmm….these look fabulous!

Deepa says:

I tried this yest….n it turned out Superhit!!!! 🙂
Loved the ginger garlic flavour in it.

Neetha says:

Hi Kankana.
Just stumbled upon your food blog…
All your recipies looks yummy…
and photos are super cool! 🙂
enjoyed reading your blog…

sudeepa says:

hi …i lovd the way ur momos turned out…can u tell me if we need to boil the chicked mince or not??

cud u email me plz….

Preeti Robert says:

Just came across ur site,very beautiful,nice recipes.One thing that caught my attention was momo wraps,can u pls help by sending instructions.I love momos,infact I’m big foodie.

These little morsels are making me very hungry. Your momos turned out beautiful!

Ipshita says:

plz help me with the wanton wrapper recipe… I leave in suburbs of Kolkata & its impossible to get readymade wrappers here…

Aruna Dutta says:

Looks very tasty gona try today. Tasty. Yummy. Delicious.