Chicken Biryani – Guest Post for Cristina @ Pinay in Texas Cooking Corner

It was a pleasant winter morning in Kolkata. We were enjoying our vacation doing almost nothing. Mom took a break from cooking, Dad was busy with his garden and my brother took complete charge of the kitchen. Yeah! He usually does that on his day off. I wanted to help him but he wished to do it all on his own. The curious me had to peek in the kitchen and among all the chaos, I spotted the marinated chicken in one bowl and white rice soaked in another bowl.

He looked at me and said, “I am making chicken biryani and it will be nice”.

I liked his confidence except for the fact that Biryani has never been one of my favorite dishes and I have annoyed a lot of my friends with this exact statement. How could someone not like the idea of rice and chicken cooked together with lots of spices? How could someone not enjoy the rich flavor? I never had any answer for these questions.

As a kid, I remember my brother would spend more time in the kitchen than I would but this time, he totally impressed me with his cooking skills.

When he started preparing the biryani, I could smell it from upstairs. The strong aroma and the warm flavor made me crave for it more than ever! It was funny that I enjoyed Biryani so much for the first time. And then I figured, maybe I enjoy Biryani prepared at home and maybe it’s the fresh flavor that I crave more than the spicy taste.

After coming back from the vacation, I made chicken biryani several times and it only got better with practice. And even today, I enjoy homemade biryani more than the restaurant ones. I guess it’s just a weird taste bud I have built when it comes to biryani!

Today, I am sharing this chicken biryani with my lovely friendย Cristina from Pinay In Texas Cooking Coner. She stays in Texas with her husband and two adorable kids. If you want to learn about Filipino Cuisine, her blog is the place to be and the detail step by step instructions on her blog makes it all the more easy to learn.

Recently, she started a series where she is sharing her favorite dishes from Around The Worldย and it was my pleasure to prepare chicken biryani for her! Head over to her blog to see the detailed recipe.


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Lovely pictures and lovely guest post ๐Ÿ™‚ Minus the chicken and I am good to go.

Kankana says:

At times i make it with soya chunk and it tastes equally good ๐Ÿ™‚ Give it a try!

Will surely do. Thanks Kankana ๐Ÿ™‚

Rosa says:

Marvelous! This biryani must taste amazing. Wonderful clicks too.



Notyet100 says:

Platter looks delicious,,even I luv home cooked biryani,..

Spandana says:

Beautiful pictures Kankana. Loved the pic with the spices.
Biryani looks very yum.

Poornima says:

The biryani looks awesome, the rice looks perfect. Mine turns out mushy very often. I agree with you that home made is better any day, infact we never order biryani at restaurants. Love the shot of the spices!

Arch says:

Beautiful pictures, love that basket of rice…And yes, I can’t imagine someone not liking biryani !

Zee says:

Chicken biryani is my favorite too! No week passes by without having biryani atleast once.. And yes home made biryani is always better!

Eha says:

That looks mouth-watering and will surely be tried! Especially since I have just won some wonderful Persian saffron, which the purse normally would not allow ๐Ÿ™‚ !

Beautifully narrated story and stunning pictures of my all time favorite dish! Heading over to Tina’s…

anjana says:

loved the pics.

Shumaila says:

I was actually going to “unfriend” you when I read that you did not like biryani! But I am glad you got round to liking it!

Love the pics and I love your props. Even I want them!

Kankana says:

he he he .. that would have cost me lot! Good I started liking biryani huh ๐Ÿ˜‰

Nandita says:

What a lovely post!!! But this time more than the recipe, I just loved your props. From that spoon, to the cute buckets to that wicker pot, they are all wonderful!!

kale says:

I am such a fan of the way you style your photos. Beautiful!

I’m with kale, love the photos, my gosh.
Also, if your brother needs a kitchen… he’s welcome over here! I’ve never tried chicken biryani, sounds unreal!

This is something I’ve always wanted to make but haven’t attempted yet. It must smell amazing as it cooks. Can’t wait to try it soon!

Ansh says:

Delightful post. Lovely photography! I love to eat only home made biryani. There is no other for me as well.

That looks wonderful! I’ve been craving full flavored foods lately.

Debjani says:

I don’t like a spicy biriyani either. What I enjoy the most is the aromatic rice and the tender cooked meat. Ever had biriyani from Royal in Kolkata? I bet you’ll love it…very fragrant and light.
Your photos are insanely good, and I loved the little ‘dhan chubri’. Very cute. Is that what I think it is? You are giving me ideas for my visit home. I love your posts! ๐Ÿ™‚

Brook says:

Lovely pictures. I love this dish but have never tried it at home. I’ll have to give it a go.

Once again, I would like to say thank you so much for sharing your chicken biryani over at PiTCC. I’m truly grateful for the effort you put in it! It’s perfect and I love it!

could your pics be any more amazing! I feel like i am looking through food and wine magazine or something! Stunning photos and amazing recipe/dish! Love it!

Your biryani looks so tasty! So are those clicks.

Vijitha says:

Such gorgeous clicks. I loved your mutton briyani and I can say with confidence that you are one briyani-pro. Cute little buckets. I love to have them in every photo (if possible) as they are tiny and fits really well while styling.

I came back from Tina’s site and I would say. . . this is delicious dish. I love your photography. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

~ ray ~

Look at all of those glorious spices…beautiful dish! Will stop over and see your guest post ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m a ‘biryani-takeaway’ person. Never tried to make it myself – it always looks too much work! Perhaps I’ll be brave enough to try to make it one day. Love your photos. Thanks for popping over at my place.

Rekha says:

Love the gorgeous pictures as always… I too love biryani only thing being a vegetarian I make vegetable biryani and yes itโ€™s weird but once you develop the taste for this spice and vegetable/meat mumbo jumbo with rice you are hooked for life ๐Ÿ™‚

Gorgeous post, beautiful pictures and what a delicious biryani. Truly amazing !!

anna says:

i love your story, and most of all i love your photos of spices! those spilling over cardamoms and the star anise? i can just taste it. thanks for the great recipe!

One of my Favorite Indian dish! oh yumm…would love to check the recipe kan:)

Ms. Becky says:

your photos are gorgeous, I especially like the shot of the spices. and the meal sounds delicious. I’d really like the addition of the sliced red onions. happy day to you.

I, like you, was never a big fan of biryani. For me, I found that restaurant quality was too dry and something about the flavors didn’t make my taste buds happy. But I remember finally having a biryani that made me believe that there was hope for me to one day like biryani. Sadly no one can tell me where this restaurant is in Dubai anymore.

I would love to try your recipe and hope that it will be THE one!

Hi Kankana! Sorry it took me a while to get here, but read this post already and just visited Tina’s blog to check out the recipe. It’s a wonderful Indian classic meal and you took beautiful pictures to showcase it. Hope you are enjoying this warm weather!

Wonderful clicks and styling, Kankana! And gorgeous dish too- I’ve never tried biryani but I’m sure must taste absolutely delicious. Heading to Cristina’s blog.

Hugs <3

just checked out your recipe in Tina’s space….the biryani looks absolutely awesome !!!!loved your amazing clicks !!!!

Vishakha says:

So I decided to make Chicken Biryani AGAIN last night. Half-way through, we ran out of gas without a spare and it was past 8 pm! Thanks to your method of baking in the oven, I didn’t panic!:-) The chicken wasn’t cooked until then. So, I first grilled the chicken in the oven. Then layered the biryani as usual but put it in the oven instead:) Baking it was great and actually hassle free:)

Phew! Another crazy post – I love the wicker pot holding the ‘Chaal’/uncooked rice and the silver ladle. Looks auspicious as well so arty!

Please write a post sharing your tips for photography – will benefit serious bloggers like me:))