Deep Fried Pork Wonton

Whenever I think of Wonton, I think of Shillong. A place where I spent my childhood, a place I miss the most! I was born in Shillong, a tiny little hill station in North East of India. We didn’t had any big shopping malls, disc or pubs, not many fancy restaurants or even any airport, but we had mild summers, chilly cold winters and monsoon for almost 5 months. Shillong is just 35 miles away from Cherrapunji, which is the world’s wettest place. It is said that the rolling hills around the town reminded the European settlers of Scotland and therefore, Shillong is also known as Scotland of the East!

As a kid, we used to eat a lot of momos (type of dumplings native to Himalayas of Tibet), noodles and Wonton Soup. I remember this restaurant where we friends used to visit more than often and spend a lot of time doing all the yap yap πŸ™‚ . The restaurant used to serve amazing chinese food and my favorite was the wonton soup. It was just perfect for those cold winters. The portions used to be really HUGE for one person and yet, I could finish it till the last drop. As far as I can remember, they used to serve about 10 to 12 wontons in a single bowl with lot of vegetables and some bean sprouts! Nothing too fancy about it and yet, there was something in that soup that could always make me smile in every sip and every bite. continue reading »

Mini Rotelle Pasta Muffins

Did you guys read my Pasta story? Since that day, I just couldn’t stop eating Pasta. I tried it in Soup, Salad and even in Sandwich! What can I say!! I am an Indian, madly in love with Italian food, and sometimes, I secretly wish that I was an Italian … hush hush!!! πŸ˜› I find the Italian language super sexy and the way they move their hands when they talk, and specially the fact that cheese and wine are the major part of their every day meal. Well, not like we Indians can’t do that and I am sure there are Italians who are secretly wishing that they were Indians and they could have such variety of culture and cuisines with different spices in their everyday meal.

OK, enough of admiring the grass on the other side, which always looks a lot greener than on your side. Let’s get down to business, I mean food πŸ™‚ The other day, as usual, I was watching Giada’s show on Food Network after lunch and she was cooking for kids. In-fact, she was basically cooking with them like a training class. She prepared a lot of kid’s food, shakes and cookies. One dish that caught my attention was Mac and Cheese muffins. Can you believe this? How creative was that? I immediately knew that I had to make them sometime soon. continue reading »

Paneer/Indian Cottage Cheese Wrap

One thing that we can’t get enough of is Paneer or Indian Cottage Cheese. It’s one of those ingredients which is very common in almost every North Indian Kitchen. In Eastern part of India, it’s also called Chenna and my Mom always used to make them at home. I have always watched her making it, even helped her at times, but never made them all by myself. I think it’s high time that I give it a try.

The best part about Indian Cottage Cheese/ Paneer is that you can either make a spicy dish or add it in a cold salad or even make a sweet dish. Arvind likes them so much that he can eat them without even seasoning. At times, I like to grate them, add little sugar and go mmmmm… mmm… mmm !!! When I was a kid, my Mom used to make me eat chenna everyday. It is a high protein food and is often substituted for meat in many vegetarian dishes.

When I woke up in the morning and I was prepping for lunch, it was clear that I was going to make a paneer dish. I knew that I was craving for it, but then, I wanted to make something different, something I never made before. So, I asked Arvind and he suggested the wrap/roll. Perfect! I had never made a wrap before. I always enjoy eating Paneer Wrap and it’s been a while since I had them. Initially, I thought of using Tortilla Bread, but I was not sure how it will taste and so, I made Indian bread with all purpose flour for the wrap.

Sharing this dish with Full Plate Thursday by Miz Helen

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Strawberry Tiramisu

Every weekend, we like to start our day with a full plate of breakfast which has a lot of eggs, bread and may be, a little cheese πŸ™‚ Last weekend was special and it called for a special breakfast. And I wanted it to be something sweet! I don’t have a sweet tooth but Arvind really loves sweet and so, starting the day with some dessert would be the perfect 1st Anniversary gift for my hubby πŸ™‚
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Napa Wine Train

A boy and a girl met through common friends and there was no sparkle or anything even close to that. One year down the line, they became best of friends and even till date, they don’t know how and when they fell in love with each other. For a long time, he was in US and she was in India. The long distance relationship made their love even stronger and last year, on 26th Feb 2010, the wedding bell rang and we said ‘I do’ to each other πŸ™‚

We celebrated our first anniversary last weekend and it was fantastic. He made the weekend perfect, just like he makes my every day perfect. I have the best husband in the whole world, and every day he makes me feel like a teenager who has just fallen in love. I am one lucky girl whose fairytale came true πŸ™‚ continue reading »