Tangy Minty Dip

Today Sunshine & Smile completed 1 month:) I know that its too early to celebrate, but I couldn’t stop mentioning it! The last one month was super fun, my cooking craziness was at the heights, got addicted to blog hopping, met new bloggers, shared 30 recipes and started our Project 52. I also got the Blogger Stylish Award and my blogger friend featured one of my dish in her blog. Thank you all my friends for motivating me!

If you have read my last post, you will know that I am currently participating inΒ  The 10 with 5 Challenge and hence, for the next 10 days, I will be posting only those dishes where I have used 5 or less than 5 ingredients. I am not sure if I can really do this, but I still want to give it a try. The main problem is that I have to cut down on the spices and if you are an Indian, you will know that it’s a little tough to cook without adding all the Indian Spices. But sometime ‘less is more’ and I am sure through this challenge, I will learn that concept. continue reading »

Sauteed Okra and Onion

Okra is one of my least favorite green vegetable. I hate the slimy part the most.. bleh!!! I wonder why all the vegetables which are on my ‘Don’t Like Vegetable’ list are good source of vitamins and iron. And because of all these goodies, Ma used to make us eat Okra almost every other day, sometime even boiled… yuck!! And guess what? One of my cousin loves to eat raw vegetables, including Okra. I have no clue as to what kind of taste bud she has? πŸ˜€

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Mooli Paratha/Indian Flat Bread with Radish

It felt so nice when I came to know that two of my friends cooked meals from my blog for their guests over the weekend party, starting from appetizer to dessert! And my happiness doubled when they emailed me saying how much their guests enjoyed it, and how a 2 years old kid, who never liked cake, happened to ask for an extra serving of the Lemon Mint Cake . I would say, if a kid enjoys your food, it’s got to be good πŸ™‚


Today I am sharing with you a very simple dish, Mooli Paratha (Indian Flat Bread with Radish). I can’t believe myself I said the word ‘simple’ πŸ˜€ Well, there was a time when I used to make horrible parathas, they would either be hard like crispy tortillas or they would be soggy and not cooked and above all, they would never be round in shape. Well, I am still not an expert, just learning and getting better. Today’s Paratha recipe is with radish and I picked White Icicles Radish because of it’s pleasant, sweet and zesty flavor.

Ideally Parathas are made with ghee (clarified butter), but I made it with olive oil as I didn’t have ghee at home. continue reading »

Apple Grapefruit Cake

As a kid, I always used to wake up listening to Ma humming or singing some Bengali Song as she was cooking or dusting the house. And then came the time when my wake up alarm was no longer Ma’s sweet voice, rather it would be one of my favorite song or sometimes it would be some stupid ring tone (the tough Mondays when the favorite song was not enough to wake me up). But today we woke up with a loud noise of a car honking on it’s own!! Yeah.. it got all the attention and I can bet that the whole apartment woke up. It kind of gave me a headache, and I was in no mood to prepare lunch, thank god there was left overs from yesterday’s dinner πŸ™‚

Arvind had a team lunch, which meant that he was not coming home for lunch. I hate eating alone! The old Kankana probably would have turned on some girlie movie, took a huge packet of pop corn and spent the whole afternoon on the couch. The new (and improved) Kankana decided to change her crappy morning mood by baking a cake πŸ˜‰ Because I don’t bake too often, I usually don’t store much of baking ingredients. So decided to just make a simple apple cake with vanilla extract. Then I thought of adding a fresh grapefruit juice to make it little citric-y and I have to say, it made our day! πŸ™‚

I am sharing my yummy cake with Alicia for her event Simple Lives Thursday #28, Sandra for her event Cooking Thursday #4, Miz Helen for her event Full Plate Thursday, and Alison for her event Recipe Swap Thursday #22. How can a sweet dish miss a sweet dish event right? Thank you Lisa for the event Sweets for a Saturday #2

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Zucchini Fritters/Zucchini Pakoda

There was a time when I was least bothered of what’s cooking in the kitchen. Whatever Ma would serve me in the plate, I would just eat it cause it would be so tasty, and it was all that mattered to me. I would go in a restaurant and order something that sounded familiar and kept on wondering about the rest of the items. In fact I think that I always preferred menu with detail explanation and may be, a tiny picture of the dish πŸ˜‰Β  My friends would always ask me to stop eating with my eyes… πŸ˜€ but isn’t that important too?! continue reading »