Gobi Manchurian/Cauliflower with Manchurian Sauce

A few years back, if you had asked me to plan a menu for a dinner party, I would have given a blank look and said ‘Lets order’! My brother still finds it difficult to believe that I enjoy cooking and my dad is having difficulty understanding the term ‘blogging’ 😀 Still, they are proud of me and they feel very happy that I have found something that I like and that keeps me engaged.

Last weekend, we had some friends over for dinner and as you might have guessed.. I didn’t give a blank look while planning the menu. I knew what I wanted to make! They wanted to eat Indian food and that made my life much easier 🙂 Some of them were vegetarians and so, I wanted to make a vegetarian appetizer that could be enjoyed by vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. continue reading »

Pineapple Ginger Cake

“A mother understands what a child does not say”. How true is that! You can hide your emotions in front of the whole world but not your mom. She looks at you and bingo!!! In my case, she figures it out just by listening to the way I say ‘Hello’ over the phone. I actually like that.. You don’t have to say anything and yet, there is someone who gets the message and even knows what to say to make you feel so much better.

Although, I didn’t like it that much in my teenage days! She could easily make out if I had a fight with my best friend or even if I had a crush on someone. And then, it was followed by a lot of explanation on being careful with all those feelings. You know what I am talking about.. The age when we didn’t care much about anybody or anything except for friends. continue reading »

Colorful Spicy Soya Chunks

Is it just me or is the time really flying by? It’s already May, almost halfway through the year. It feels like just yesterday when I was wishing ‘Happy New Year’ to everybody, making resolutions and planning for the year ahead. Since I am on a break from work, I really thought that this year was going to be a slow year for me. No work, no deliverables, no time constraints and yet, the time just flew by..

I used to tell my Mom that being a house wife is going to be pretty simple and it may be boring at times. But, I was so so wrong! It’s like a full time job.. How many of you are with me on this ? But, I am loving every second of this job.. It’s one job where I am my own Boss 😉 Wonder what hubby will say once he reads this 😛 continue reading »

Dry Figs and Pecan Puff Rolls

As a kid, I don’t remember eating figs! It was only a few years back when I got introduced to these beautiful looking fruits. In-fact, dry figs became my daily diet. It was more like my medicine! I was anemic for a while and my hemoglobin count had dropped down. During that time, the doctor suggested me to eat figs daily as they’re supposed to have high content of iron. Since I hate taking medicines and figs were so much more tasty, I decided to make it my delicious alternative to medicine.

To my surprise, what medicine couldn’t do in 6 months, regular intake of few dried figs did in 1 month. I started feeling better. Since then, I never stopped eating this gorgeous dry fruit. I never found fresh figs in Bangalore or may be I didn’t know where to look for it. So, I am yet to try the fresh figs and I know I will like them too.. Maybe more than the dried ones 🙂 continue reading »

Creamy Spinach Mushroom

Wanna hear some interesting facts about Mushroom? ‘The Egyptian pharaohs reserved mushrooms for their own plates. It was forbidden for anyone else to eat them. They believed that the mushrooms had magical powers. The ancient Romans fed mushrooms only to their warriors because they believed mushrooms gave them god like strength’.

I don’t know about the strength but it sure does add a lot of satisfaction to my taste bud 😛 Since I moved to US, I have tried different varieties of mushroom. Some of them became my favorites, like the portobello mushroom. And some of them not so favorite, like the abalone mushroom. In India, I didn’t have access to so many varieties of mushroom. We only had white button mushroom that were available throughout the year. continue reading »