Boneless Chicken Pulao

Did you guys notice the url? YES, it’s now πŸ™‚ Isn’t that cool ? I wanted to do that for a while now. But then, life got busy and I wanted to be sure if I was enjoying blogging. Finally, Arvind realized that I am not only enjoying blogging, but kind of getting addicted to it. So, he spent his entire evening yesterday working on my site and changed it to the new url πŸ™‚ The other url is still active and it will redirect you to this site, but eventually it will stop.
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Rajma Chawal/ Vegeterian Chilli

Weekend always bring this extra smile on my face, the cheek to cheek smile πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Sometimes, I wonder how our life would be without any weekend. Can you guys even think about it??!! Did you know that the present-day concept of the weekend first arose from Dies Solis (Day of the Sun) decreed by Constantine and the Biblical Sabbath. The first five-day work week was instituted by a New England cotton mill and it wasn’t until 1940 that the two-day weekend began nation-wide. Well, I just want to THANK the person who invented weekend!

This weekend was fun! We did SHOPPING and lots of shopping. Yeah! I am one of those girls who loves to shop anytime and every time πŸ˜€ At times, it works out as a stress buster for me.. How silly does that sound? Back in Bangalore, I and few of my girlfriends used to spend the whole day on window shopping. Try out diff outfits, do our very own fashion show and then come back home after eating a heavy meal outside. Some days, it used to be serious shopping and we used to return home with dozen of bags and way too tired.
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Sabudana Tikki/Tapioca Pearl Fritters

Sabudana is also called Sagodana in Hindi and I have no idea about what it is called in English. So, I googled and found that Sago Pearls(dana means pearls) or Sabudana are similar in appearance to Tapioca pearls, and the two may be used interchangeably in some dishes. Typically, both are small, dry and opaque balls. When they are soaked and cooked, they become much larger, translucent, soft and spongy. Sago Pearls is made from the starch extracted from the pith (center) of the Sago Palm stems

Back at my home, Sabudana was not commonly prepared. In fact, it was treated as a source of energy drink/soup to quickly boost your energy and hence, it is often served in India for breaking fasts during religious festivals.The taste of Sabudana is very bland and whatever dish you plan to prepare, you have to remember to add a lot of spices to it. My Mom used to make sabudana pudding and I never ever could eat those. Honestly, I never liked them at all.

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Bitter Sweet Chocolate Cake with Pecan Nuts

Since the time my cooking craziness started, I have been cooking, baking, cleaning, chopping, blogging, cooking (oh yeah! I said that already).. but you get the message, right? I am either cooking or thinking of what to cook. Recently, one of my friend saw my blog and she asked me that which types of food or cuisines am I presenting in my blog? Type of Cuisines.. Ehh!! what !! well, mmmm… hmmmm!! WOW .. that’s serious thinking! I never thought that i should have a theme for my blog… Is it required? What do you guys say? Do you guys have a theme? Let’s just say that I cook what I crave for and I crave for every edible thing under the sun.. How crazy does that sound? πŸ˜€ Having said that, I can never eat something that doesn’t look appealing. I mean, don’t you eat with your eyes first? continue reading »

Deep Fried Pork Wonton

Whenever I think of Wonton, I think of Shillong. A place where I spent my childhood, a place I miss the most! I was born in Shillong, a tiny little hill station in North East of India. We didn’t had any big shopping malls, disc or pubs, not many fancy restaurants or even any airport, but we had mild summers, chilly cold winters and monsoon for almost 5 months. Shillong is just 35 miles away from Cherrapunji, which is the world’s wettest place. It is said that the rolling hills around the town reminded the European settlers of Scotland and therefore, Shillong is also known as Scotland of the East!

As a kid, we used to eat a lot of momos (type of dumplings native to Himalayas of Tibet), noodles and Wonton Soup. I remember this restaurant where we friends used to visit more than often and spend a lot of time doing all the yap yap πŸ™‚ . The restaurant used to serve amazing chinese food and my favorite was the wonton soup. It was just perfect for those cold winters. The portions used to be really HUGE for one person and yet, I could finish it till the last drop. As far as I can remember, they used to serve about 10 to 12 wontons in a single bowl with lot of vegetables and some bean sprouts! Nothing too fancy about it and yet, there was something in that soup that could always make me smile in every sip and every bite. continue reading »