Custard topped with Raspberries and Orange syrup

On Friday evening, when people were packing and hurrying to catch the flights, we were still planning how to spend the long weekend.  I was not expecting much, but as it turns out, we had non stop FUN! There was shopping, dinner with friends, movie and we also managed to see a new place.. Point Reyes.

If you stay in the bay area, you should definitely see this place. The view of the pacific ocean from the light house is breath-taking. The vast ocean, gorgeous waves, beautiful rocks and trees would leave anybody spell-bound. We expected wind but no where close to what we faced. It was super windy.. I couldn’t feel my hands after a while but it was all worth the experience.  continue reading »

Stuffed Artichokes

Our long weekend plan has gone for a toss! Our plan was to see a new place, Portland to be precise. We wanted to visit the rose garden.. hike in the forest.. hangout by the waterfront.. Yes, those were our plans and it’s now cancelled. How can you possibly do such outdoor activities when the weather prediction is rain, rain and only rain. Seriously, somebody remind me which month is this?

Anyways, enough of whining.. I will have to find something to do and make this long weekend interesting. What about you guys? How’s your plan for the long weekend coming up? continue reading »

Egg Hakka Noodle

Slam Books.. remember??? 🙂 I think we all remember the fun that we had in creating and sharing the slam book. I used all those different designs, colors and stickers on my slam book to make it look the best. Then, I would crack my head to come up with questions to put in that slam book, only to realize that most of us have the same questions for me too 😀

Questions like favorite color, favorite actor, and many more such ‘favorites’ and one of them was favorite food/cuisines. And most of us would have a common answer to that.. Chinese. Yes, we all loved Chinese food! I still feel that we Indians just adore Chinese food and in India, you can find at least one Chinese restaurant in every seven mile radius. Although, there are other cuisines as well but somehow, Chinese food has made a special place in our heart. continue reading »

Butter Chicken/Murgh Makhani

Sometimes you can almost predict that how amazing the dish is going to be, even before you finish cooking it. You can smell the aroma, hear the sizzle, see the color and you start to feel hungry. But you don’t want to taste it yet.. You want all the spices to play around and do the magic so that you get the best taste at the end. It is always worth the wait!

This is exactly what was happening with me when I was making Butter Chicken for the first time. It’s Arvind’s favorite chicken dish and I didn’t want to mess it up! My idea of butter chicken was so silly.. I thought that it’s cooked with butter and that’s why the name. Until I saw the amazing recipe in Soma’s blog eCurry. continue reading »

Garam Masala/Indian Spice Mix

When you are passionate about your job, everything you do becomes more interesting. You may get tired at the end of the day, but you still feel satisfied and you are always looking forward to it.  You like talking about it, thinking about it and sharing about it with your friends and families. However, it will not stop you from cribbing about the job once in a while, and that’s ok.. because we are only human! 🙂

I cook everyday and that kind of makes it my job. It’s needless to say that I find so much pleasure in my tiny kitchen. Usually, I don’t take too much time in cooking and I consider myself to be a fast cook! But, there are days when I like to look at the vegetables and admire their color or texture, take the herbs in my hand and smell it for a while or just enjoy the aroma when the spices sizzle in a hot pan.

continue reading »