Spaghetti Tortilla Soup

Most of you will definitely fall off from your chair when I say this: I never had Tortilla Soup! And it gets even worse.. I only heard of this soup about a week back… In my defense, the only thing I can say is that, in India, it’s not a common dish. Yeah.. yeah, there are many more such dishes which are not common in India, but I still tried them. How could I miss this ? I had Tortilla chips, Tortilla Wrap, Tortilla Pizza, but never thought you could dip it in soup too! continue reading »

Mac & Cheese Sandwich

Does it happen with you that you wake up hungry ?? It’s like you were dreaming of food and then you wake up with a voice which comes straight from your tummy asking for something yummy! Guess what .. it happens with me a lot and most of the time I know what I want to eat , but today was different.. I was craving for something yummy but I didn’t know what .. and I was really hungry which means I didn’t want to spend too much time preparing the dish. continue reading »

Lauki Kofta/Bottle Gourd Dumplings in Thick Gravy

It’s called Long melon.. or Chinese melon.. or Calabash.. or Opo squash .. etc etc but it’s commonly known as Lauki in Hindi and Bottle Gourd in English. This vegetable is not very familiar to the western world (yet!), but it’s a highly used ingredient in Indian Cuisines. They vary in size from 6 inches to over 3 feet in length, and 2 to 12 inches in diameter, and can survive in salt water for more than 6 months!! Ok that was enough ‘gyan’ for today 😉 continue reading »

Potato Bread Tikki

Did you guys know that The Potato has been Grown in Space In 1995, potato plants were taken into space with the space shuttle Columbia. This marked the first time any food was ever grown in space. Got this interesting fact from here ! Wonder if they tried making some french fries with that .. lol !!! continue reading »

Fish Curry in Bengali Style

I very rarely cook Bengali Cuisines, not because I don’t like it ( I actually miss it 🙁 ) .. but because I suck at it .. most of the time!  When I was a kid and had every opportunity to learn Bengali cuisines from Mom, I was hanging out with my friends and shopping !! :D. I didn’t even know how to boil an egg .. can you believe this !! Somehow my Mom was never worried about all these things, she used to always tell my Dad that when the right time comes I will learn on my own. And then finally the time did come and I started cooking ( lot of disaster dishes happened in the process .. will share some other time 😉 ) …sounds like a big achievement huh !! continue reading »