Spice coated Kundru/Ivy Gourd

I can’t believe it’s already Friday! This week just flew by. Was I that busy? Why even worry, after all it’s almost weekend. And it’s not just any weekend, it’s Arvind’s Birthday tomorrow πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Initially I was planning to throw a party, but my Man wants a quiet time just with me (blush blush!!) πŸ˜‰ Ok, quiet time, which means we are eating at home, which mean I need to cook some of his favorites. I still can’t figure out what to cook, I just know what I am baking. Have tons of dishes going through my mind, so many favorites from my blogger friends! HUH!! Well, I have stored some of his favorite packed food in the refrigerator too.. you know, just in case !! To start with, I have to at least finish baking the cake.

Ok guys, I am going straight to my today’s recipe. Again, this is one of my 5 ingredients recipe. It doesn’t take any prep time and very minimal cooking time. This dish can be enjoyed as an appetizer or even as a side. This particular vegetable is called Kundru in Hindi and Ivy Gourd in English. It is a tiny little green color vegetable which grows aggressively on vines. I think it’s also called Tindora.. so many names!!

Besides sharing the dish with The 10 with 5 Challenge, I am also sharing it with Food Palette Series Green, A-Appetizers continue reading »

Crispy Dosa with Potato Masala and Tomato Chutney

Phew!! I finally did it! Yes, I made Dosa. My Mom would be super proud today, and so will my friend Deepa. Did I mention Deepa before? She is my dearest friend and one of the main reason behind Sunshine & Smile. Arvind always used to ask me to create a website, but I never knew what to do with the website? Then one fine day, Deepa and I were doing some girlie gossip and she introduced me to the blog world. She shared a couple of links with me and I was lost in them. That weekend, Sunshine & Smile was born:)

And now, getting back to Dosa. I never made Dosa from scratch, you know the batter and all that. I would either buy the batter or the dosa flour and somehow try to make dosa which would turn out just fine.. not yummy! Last night, I was suddenly craving for Dosa and this time, I wanted to make it from scratch. So, who do I call? Deepa, Yes :). I followed her instruction, called her several times… help help, crossed my finger and toes, hoping the batter would ferment, and finally.. YAY!!

Ideally, Dosa is supposed to be enjoyed with sambar and coconut chutney. I didn’t have the energy left to make sambar, so I made separate kinda sides to go with the Crispy Dosa. Each of the sides and the Dosa includes less than 5 ingredients each, remember my challenge, The 10 with 5 Challenge. One Post and 3 recipes πŸ™‚

There are various types of Dosa you can make, but today’s would be a plain Dosa. continue reading »

Palak Daal/Red Lentils with Spinach

There are few things which will never run out in my kitchen pantry: butter, milk, eggs and lentils. Daal, as it’s called in India, is prepared with dried lentils and it is a very important part of Indian cuisine. It’s a ready source of protein for a balanced diet. We eat dried lentils very frequently. There are a zillion ways you can prepare them, make them spicy, tangy, with vegetables or plain. You can even stuff them in flat bread and make a nice deep-fried snack or an appetizer.

Initially, I was in the mood to prepare the stuff lentil dish which I just mentioned, but then it would definitely require more than 5 ingredients and I have to stick to my challenge theme πŸ™‚ I bet the spices in the rack are waiting for the challenge to get over πŸ˜› So, getting back to my Recipe no.3 for the The 10 with 5 Challenge, I prepared Spinach with Lentils and I used red lentils (Masoor daal). That’s the lentil I like the most as it boils easily, you don’t have to soak it before-hand, you can mix it with any thing you want and every time you can get a new taste out of it. I like it with plain white rice and some pickle on side, but it also goes well with bread or even as a soup.

I am also sharing this recipe with Full Plate Thursday

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Tangy Minty Dip

Today Sunshine & Smile completed 1 month:) I know that its too early to celebrate, but I couldn’t stop mentioning it! The last one month was super fun, my cooking craziness was at the heights, got addicted to blog hopping, met new bloggers, shared 30 recipes and started our Project 52. I also got the Blogger Stylish Award and my blogger friend featured one of my dish in her blog. Thank you all my friends for motivating me!

If you have read my last post, you will know that I am currently participating inΒ  The 10 with 5 Challenge and hence, for the next 10 days, I will be posting only those dishes where I have used 5 or less than 5 ingredients. I am not sure if I can really do this, but I still want to give it a try. The main problem is that I have to cut down on the spices and if you are an Indian, you will know that it’s a little tough to cook without adding all the Indian Spices. But sometime ‘less is more’ and I am sure through this challenge, I will learn that concept. continue reading »

Sauteed Okra and Onion

Okra is one of my least favorite green vegetable. I hate the slimy part the most.. bleh!!! I wonder why all the vegetables which are on my ‘Don’t Like Vegetable’ list are good source of vitamins and iron. And because of all these goodies, Ma used to make us eat Okra almost every other day, sometime even boiled… yuck!! And guess what? One of my cousin loves to eat raw vegetables, including Okra. I have no clue as to what kind of taste bud she has? πŸ˜€

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