Roasted Garlic Mushroom

There are days when I like to spend hours in the kitchen chopping.. blanching.. sauteing.. cleaning and back to some more chopping. Then, there are days when I like to make a quick meal and give my feet some rest.

It was one such day – a sunny afternoon and my feet called for rest. There were lot of options for lunch, like one pot meal or sandwich or may be just dial-in for some pizza. Somehow, none of those options looked exciting and my feet were still stubborn.

Well, you just can’t sit there eating nothing!

So, after a lot of thought, I decided to make a one pot rice meal. Since that doesn’t take time to cook, I decided to make it just before lunch time. Arvind comes home for lunch .. so yeah, we have a lunch time 🙂 continue reading »

Chilly Bhajji / Deep Fried Peppers

This is how I like to categorize spicy food.. ‘Spice Spicy’, ‘Gingery Spicy’ and ‘Chilly Spicy’ 🙂

All I need on my daily diet is a dish with lots of flavor and a hint of spice. However, there are days when I crave for nothing more than a super-spicy delicious homemade meal. Like chilly chicken or tom-yum soup or spicy chicken wings or roasted pepper dipping sauce. These kind of cravings mostly happen during cold winter.. Or when I have cold/fever and the medicines have killed my taste bud.

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Olive Oil Cake with Blackberries

This is my 100th post, yes 100.. wow! Can you believe it ??! 🙂 I knew this day would come, but with all the blog-hopping, cooking, writing and clicking,  just didn’t realize I had written 99 posts and it’s time for the 100th!

The journey so far has been amazing. Understanding about blogging, different social media, making friends and sharing recipes with them, it’s an experience that I am enjoying every single day. A girl who used to order take-out now prefers to spend time in the kitchen and enjoy cooking. A girl who never used to touch the camera now can’t spend a day without it.  continue reading »

Vegetable Tartlets with Pesto Sauce

I love puff pastry! Be it sweet or savory, it manages to win my heart each time. The buttery crunchy bite is so amazing that it always makes me ask for more. Swirl them or fold them, make a knot or stuff them, these light flaky warm bites have always been one of my favorites. The smell of a freshly baked pastry is so comforting that it can instantly switch my mood from sad to happy 🙂

Making puff pastry at home was out of the question until I saw the pastry sheets in the frozen section of the grocery store.. where they were rolled and packed neatly. This is what the blogging world is doing to me. I learn something new every day.. a new recipe, a new technique or a new cuisine. How ignorant was I to think that these puff pastries could only be baked in professional bakery shop!

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Salmon with Creamy Dill Sauce

It’s already June and I still don’t feel the heat in this part of the world. It gets sunny for few days and then, it starts raining. The water in the ocean still feels very cold and walking on the beach is not that much fun. Another three months and then, it will be Fall again!! Is it only me or the year is really flying by too fast..

It was one of those bright warm mornings and I knew exactly what to make for lunch. Well, I actually woke up with the idea of this meal.. sign of being a foodie, I guess 🙂 continue reading »