Creamy Cheese Stuffed Portobello


When I wake up on a Sunday morning and see the sun rays peeping through my window blinds, it makes my Sunday complete! I am an absolute lazy bum on this day of the week; wake up late, take long hours to finish my first cup of ginger tea, watch TV ( a nice romantic/drama movie would be my choice and Arvind would like to pick some Sci-fi/action… finally watching something that we both like ! ) a plain simple lunch in the couch. Back at home we had this ritual that Dad would cook our Sunday lunch and he used to do a good job most of time .. although he used to cook only chicken. May be I should start the same ritual .. Arvind will cook Sunday lunch .. have to hold on to that good great thought ! 😉 continue reading »

Coconut Filling Patishapta


Is this how it happens ? You do it every day and then you suddenly realize you are addicted to it. Oh!! I am not addicted to anything bad .. it’s just Facebook… can’t be that bad .. right ? Wrong! It’s like my morning news paper with a hot cup of tea .. crazy .. huh! So like every day I logged in to Facebook with a cup of hot ginger tea and I notice that all my friends are wishing Happy Sankranti , Happy Pongal, Bihu etc etc and that’s when it struck me’s 14th January, a day celebrated in almost all part of India with different names but similar rituals, a major Harvest Festival. continue reading »

Tangy Spicy Paneer


Remember the nursery rhyme that goes, “Little Miss Muffet, Sat on a tuffet, Eating her curds and whey…”? Guess what she was eating cottage cheese ! 🙂 In fact, a little known fact about cottage cheese is that’s how it got it’s name. It was named “Cottage Cheese” because it was made in cottages, which are small country houses. That was my lesson for the day ! continue reading »

Jeera Aalu (Potato Fried in Cumin Seed)


I have always considered Potatoes as the most comforting food. It goes with anything and everything and it can shine all by itself too . Pretty amazing huh !! This is one such dish where you need no other vegetables very little spice and it stand all by itself coated with roasted cumin seed. It was one of the days when my fridge was  out of vegetables and the only vegetables I saw in my pantry are onions and potatoes.  I was breaking my head to come up with some idea and that’s when Arvind asked me to make this dish. It was easy .. took me just 15 minutes and taste amazing. The funny part was he never told me before that this was his all time favorite dish and he doesn’t mind eating it anytime. So now, whenever I am in no mood to spend too much time in kitchen .. you know what I will be cooking 😉 continue reading »

Almond Crusted Tilapia in Coconut Milk Gravy


Born in a Bengali Family you are bound to eat fish at least 3 times a week! It’s the dominant kind of meat and most Bengali cannot survive without fish for more than 2 or 3 days. During my school days I used to hate fish, I was totally tired of the smell, taste .. everything about it. I never realized the value of it until I started missing it. Staying in Bangalore alone , away from parents , missing mom’s cooking including her fish dishes! continue reading »