Strawberry Tiramisu

Every weekend, we like to start our day with a full plate of breakfast which has a lot of eggs, bread and may be, a little cheese πŸ™‚ Last weekend was special and it called for a special breakfast. And I wanted it to be something sweet! I don’t have a sweet tooth but Arvind really loves sweet and so, starting the day with some dessert would be the perfect 1st Anniversary gift for my hubby πŸ™‚
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Napa Wine Train

A boy and a girl met through common friends and there was no sparkle or anything even close to that. One year down the line, they became best of friends and even till date, they don’t know how and when they fell in love with each other. For a long time, he was in US and she was in India. The long distance relationship made their love even stronger and last year, on 26th Feb 2010, the wedding bell rang and we said ‘I do’ to each other πŸ™‚

We celebrated our first anniversary last weekend and it was fantastic. He made the weekend perfect, just like he makes my every day perfect. I have the best husband in the whole world, and every day he makes me feel like a teenager who has just fallen in love. I am one lucky girl whose fairytale came true πŸ™‚ continue reading »

Punjabi Wadi with Layered Paratha

My mom used to make ‘moong wadis’, which are these little β€˜drops’ or nuggets of dried lentils cooked in a think gravy. It was everyone’s favorite dish at home and it is actually pretty popular in Indian Cuisine as well. You can find these ‘moong wadis’ in any Indian store, or you can even make them at home. I never liked them, hardly ate them and guess what, they are Arvind’s favorite. I have now realized that our taste bud doesn’t match at all when it comes to vegetarian dishes. I can count at least 5 veg dishes so far, which I don’t like to eat (given a choice) but they are his absolute favorites. It does makes sense .. opposites attract! πŸ˜‰

Last weekend, when we went for our grocery shopping, he saw these Punjabi Wadis and you could almost see the twinkle in his eyes.. the way my eyes twinkle when I see a beautiful shoe that fits my super tiny feet! He explained me how he likes it and after doing some research, I came up with this simple recipe. These Vadi are spicy, so you may want to think twice before adding any extra spice in your dish. The ingredients that were used to make the wadi : white lentils, black pepper, cumin, cardamom seed, coriander, clove, mace, nutmeg, ginger and cotton seed oil.

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Mushroom Noodle

This year, I and Arvind made a resolution that we will eat/drink something new every week (either a fruit, vegetable, drink or protein) and we planned to call it Project 52 (started 2 weeks late :)). My initial idea was to upload these new dishes or drinks in my blog, but somehow I missed it. I guess I will try them again and this time, i will remember to carry my camera around with me πŸ™‚

This week, we tried Shiitake mushroom and Bok Choy. I know it’s very common in US, but in India, I never saw these mushrooms or bok choy. I moved to US recently and my husband doesn’t remember if he ate them in some dish or not πŸ˜€ Anyways, I remember that i have never eaten them before, so it still meets the criteria to fall under Project 52.

My initial plan was to stuff them or grill them, but yesterday morning, I was so confused about what to cook for lunch and therefore, I made them with noodles. It was a great combination and we were pretty happy with the results πŸ™‚

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Pudina Aalu/Minty Potatoes

When Arvind told me about this dish, I couldn’t believe my ears.. mint in potatoes!! I was almost about to say.. bleh, nay, but then he said “my mom makes this amazing dish, you should ask her for the recipe. it’s one of my favorite dish”. You can understand how my reaction instantly changed from nay to yay πŸ˜‰

It’s a very simple recipe and takes no time to cook. Still, it took me a couple of times to bring the dish to the the taste that Arvind was looking for. Honestly speaking, I suck at following recipes to the T! I can’t remember measurements and I always like to give my own twist to every dish.

So, this is one such dish where the only twist I gave was to add 1/2 cup milk and that was just to cut down on the tangy-ness of the mint. It tastes best with Poori, but I am sure it will taste good with some daal and rice too. It’s not one of my fav potato dish but it’s definitely not a ‘nay’. It taste really really good!

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