Creamy Spinach Mushroom

Wanna hear some interesting facts about Mushroom? ‘The Egyptian pharaohs reserved mushrooms for their own plates. It was forbidden for anyone else to eat them. They believed that the mushrooms had magical powers. The ancient Romans fed mushrooms only to their warriors because they believed mushrooms gave them god like strength’.

I don’t know about the strength but it sure does add a lot of satisfaction to my taste bud πŸ˜› Since I moved to US, I have tried different varieties of mushroom. Some of them became my favorites, like the portobello mushroom. And some of them not so favorite, like the abalone mushroom. In India, I didn’t have access to so many varieties of mushroom. We only had white button mushroom that were available throughout the year. continue reading »

Lemon Mint Cupcakes

How many of you wish that you were a wizard living in Harry Potter’s world, navigating your way around Hogwarts Castle on your magic broom? I wish it sometimes.. OK.. most of the times.. especially during the times when I feel super lazy! I wish that I had a magic wand and I could finish laundry or folding clothes or dusting or cleaning at the blink of an eye πŸ˜‰ Ahh dreams!!

It was one such day when I was feeling very lazy since morning! From the corner of my eye, I could see the laundry basket screaming at me to clear it off. I could see the beautiful sunny day from my window asking me to come out for a walk. Huh! I decided to ignore it all. Everybody deserves to be lazy some days.. right?? So, I switched on the TV, made myself a nice lemonade and started watching Food Network channel. Cupcake War was on… perfect! continue reading »

Bowtie Pasta with Baked Potato Wedges

How are you guys enjoying your Spring? Doesn’t it feel nice to wake up on a bright, beautiful sunny morning. It’s so nice to see all the colorful flowers blooming everywhere, making the world look colorful and fresh. I was getting very tired of the cold weather, rainy gloomy days and those jackets! It’s time for summer outfits, shorts and flip flops.. aah! It makes me SO happy πŸ™‚

I am really blessed that I did not have to stay in places with extreme weather. In India, I was staying in Bangalore, where the weather is pretty much steady through out the year. It’s neither too humid nor too warm. Then in US, it’s California! Although these days, due to global warming, it’s no longer pleasant throughout the year. Yet, it’s much better as compared to the extreme climate of other cities. continue reading »

Asparagus and Shrimp Quiche

At times, you try a dish for the first time and you absolutely love it.. it just hits your taste bud! Well, that is exactly what happened with me when I tried Quiche for the first time. Few years back, when I was in Bangalore, one of my friends took me out for lunch and she decided to introduce me to quiche. At first, my reaction was.. what?? what is that now? the name doesn’t sound fancy!!

The restaurant was beautiful and the ambiance was very homely…score 1! So, after a couple of martinis and some spicy appetizers, we ordered for spinach corn quiche and some salad. When the quiche was served, it looked super yummy and the smell was making me happy…score 2. I was still not sure if I would like it, but as soon as I took one bite, I was in paradise. It made me absolutely happy and it immediately went into my list of most favorite dishes. The creamy cheesy filling with the crunchy crust was like a party in the mouth.
continue reading »

Tomato Rice

Back at home, a typical lunch or dinner meal would consist of two sides, lentil soup(daal), one non-veg curry(mostly fish), one veg curry and plain white rice. I know, it sounds like a feast.. Isn’t it!! I seriously don’t know how Mom could manage to cook so many dishes in one day!! She would cook different varieties of fish, seasonal vegetables, different varieties of lentil, but one thing that always remained a must, was plain white rice. My dad loves rice and he can never replace rice with anything else.

Even today, I the story hasn’t changed much. Dad still needs rice. However, Mom prefers chapati.. And I still don’t understand that how she still manages to cook a feast every day πŸ™‚ I enjoy it when I am home, but personally, I can never ever cook that many dishes on a daily basis. I am not a big fan of rice but there are few rice dishes which are on my yummy list and this is one such dish. continue reading »