Congee With Miso Sauce

Congee With Miso Sauce | Playful Cooking

Does it ever amaze you that how many similar looking dishes are prepared or served otherwise with different names across the world? When I came across Congee, it instantly reminded me of khichdi and risotto. All three dishes are rice based meal. Needs slow long cooking hours. And gives a sheer level of coziness in every spoonful. Rice, being the staple for half of the world’s population, makes numerous such hearty one-pot meals in different delicious ways.

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Chili And Lime Baked Salmon

Chili Lime Baked Salmon | Playful Cooking

The plan was to try new flavors, cook more often and share more often. Instead, I am looking for shortcut easy meals like this Chili and Lime Baked Salmon. Ever since we arrived here, we have been falling under the weather, pretty much back-to-back. Cold, cough and nasty virus, all leading to sleepless nights and a not-so-happy toddler! Avyan gave up food for almost a week and even ice cream didn’t excite him. However, he didn’t mind gulping those fruit flavored medicines. And as soon as he started to recover, I caught the bug. I just can’t stop coughing, stuffy nose and that headache. Huh!

With that entire health situation going on plus the non-stop rainy days, I see myself going for quick meals. Also, using the oven more frequently keeps the house warm too.

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Garlic Mushroom Soup

Garlic Mushroom Soup | Playful Cooking

Happy New Year friend! If you follow my Instagram stories or read my last blog post, you know that we recently moved back to California. Hence, the long break. We arrived here on 1st of December. In my last post, I had mentioned about our worries for 22 hours of long flight with a toddler. Guess what! To our biggest surprise, the little guy was a complete sport. He was not fussy, slept properly, didn’t eat a lot but was happy. He actually enjoyed the journey and made it just so easy for us.

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Rustic White Bread

Rustic White Bread | Playful Cooking

In the past 6 years, we have shifted houses 5 times. You could say that I am used to the entire process of packing, unpacking, selling and letting go of things. But, it sure doesn’t take away the hassle and especially when there are other trips that fall back to back. At the end of last month, we visited Pune to my brother and sister in-law’s new nest for house warming ceremony; Diwali celebration and family get together. I met one of my cousins after 10 years. Late night gossip, so much laughter! It was a blast. Soon after that, we went to Noida for another house warming ceremony as my in-laws bought a new house. There was another family reunion, lot of indulgence and so much fun!

And now, we are off to California for a new beginning. Yes, we are moving back to the same place and I am looking forward to it.

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Chole Taco (Indian Spiced Chickpea Taco)

Chole Taco (Chickpea Stew Taco)| Playful Cooking

We make chole (chickpea stew) quite often. It’s one of my go-to dishes on busy nights. However, it’s not one of my favorites unless it is paired with pillow-y bhature (deep fried flat breads). Then, it becomes one of my guilty pleasures. The other day, when I soaked dried chickpea yet again to prepare stew, I suddenly got this idea to turn it into a taco night. Of course, chickpea on taco is nothing new however chole taco (Indian Spiced Chickpea Taco) didn’t sound convincing. But then just the first bite was enough for a thumbs-up! I just love when such experiments work wonderfully without too much fuss.

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