Palak Paneer (Spinach Cheese) Party Sliders

Palak Paneer Party Slider | Playful Cooking

Crusty golden top with creamy paneer, goodness of baby spinach, the sharpness from marinara sauce and those crunchy red onions! With cheese loaded in the center, these palak paneer (spinach cheese) party sliders are a hit. The left over sliders stays good in an airtight container, and after a quick warming in the microwave it gets cheesy and saucy once again.

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Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji | Playful Cooking

When there are tidbits of veggies lying in the veggie basket, I often go for one of my favorite street foods, Pav Bhaji. It is one of those easy to put together meals. Pav, the butter rolls, and Bhaji, the mishmash of vegetables and potato that gets cooked in spices and finished with a dollop of butter. I read in several articles that this dish was once the staple meal for mill workers. I can understand the reason behind it because when it is served with soft buns on the side, it turns into a carb loaded meal. It is absolutely required for these mill workers to get going. Topped with crunchy raw red onions and wedges of lime, Pav Bhaji is one of those favorite street foods that we all crave.

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Bengali Aloo Dum (Spiced Baby Potatoes)

Bengali Aloo Dum | Playful Cooking

Bengalis don’t have a wide range of breakfast options. It’s often bread or ruti with leftover curry. Of course that was never my choice of breakfast and I used to settle with cereal or toast. But on weekends and festive season, a few varieties start showing up for breakfast table. One of them is this spiced baby potato stew (Bengali Aloo Dum), often paired with luchi (fried mini flat bread).

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Malai Pista Kulfi (Pistachio Creamsicle)

Malai Pista Kulfi (Pistachio Creamsicle) | Playful Cooking

Summer was so good this year that I really didn’t want it to end. Today, it was a bit windy in the evening and I could feel that mild chill, making me crave for a bowl of soup. In about a week, autumn will start and slowly, frozen treat days will come to a halt. So, before it gets cold and I put away these kulfi molds, one more creamsicle is a must. Malai Pista Kulfi (Pistachio Creamsicle) is every Indian’s favorite summer dessert.

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Cauliflower White Beans and Coconut Stew

Cauliflower White Beans and Coconut Stew | Playful Cooking

This is one of those utterly simple hearty stews with tidbits from fridge cleaning day. Even though I like to keep my refrigerator as ordered as possible, I still land up in situations where it calls for immediate action. Things like finding half a head of cauliflower at the back of the shelf or few completely forgotten about half-filled cans of beans. Fridge cleaning day can be scary at times and at other times, it can be rewarding. It was the latter for me this time as I wasn’t too late. So, I used the leftovers to make this spiced Cauliflower White Beans and Coconut Stew.

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