Tiramisu – A delightful treat for any occasion

Have u ever met anyone who doesn’t like Tiramisu? Well, I haven’t.

Long back, I had shared a recipe of Strawberry Tiramisu. There was no coffee in it, just filled with lots of juicy strawberries. Along with the recipe, I also shared how and where I had my first bite of Tiramisu. Ever since the first bite, I fell in love with this dessert and till date, I can never get enough of it.

It’s now my favorite dessert.

Before I took the first attempt at making this classic delight, I used to think that it’s one of those treats that are too complicated to create at home.

I was wrong! It’s one of the easiest.. all you need is a little time in hand and of-course, the ingredients.

 It’s one of my go to dessert for parties.. friends.. or any special occasion.

I had shared this recipe with some of my friends and it became there go to dessert. Every single time they made it, I would receive a call or email about how much they loved it and then, there would be a suggestion – ‘share it in your blog’!

Aren’t they sweet! I am so blessed to have such lovely friends in my life 🙂 And the funny part is that there is no special recipe for this tiramisu, its actually pretty basic!

I never feel lazy to make Tiramisu and sometimes, I make it just for two of us to enjoy over a lazy weekend. All of those times, we would get so excited to eat it that doing some photo shoot sounded way too tiring.

After several pushes, I finally decided to make Tiramisu for the blog, which meant I needed double the patience. At first, wait for the Tiramisu to rest over night and then, some extra patience to finish the photo shoot before we could dig in.

So, here you go my friends.. a simple, classic and basic Tiramisu for you to try 🙂

Tiramisu – A delightful treat for any occasion

Serving Size: 4

Tiramisu – A delightful treat for any occasion


  •  3 egg yolks
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 4 tbs mascarpone cheese
  • 24 lady fingers
  • 2 tbs coco powder plus extra for dusting
  • 1 cup strong espresso, cooled down to room temperature
  • 1/2 cup bitter-sweet chocolate shavings, for garnish


  • Beat the egg yolks and sugar in an electric mixer or whisker until they are thick and pale. This should take about 5 minutes.
  • Add mascarpone cheese and continue beating until smooth.
  • Add 1 tbs of coco powder and mix until its thoroughly combined.
  • Dip each ladyfinger into espresso for about a second and place on the bottom of the serving bowl (I placed 3 in each).
  • Next, pour the mascarpone mixture over the ladyfingers.
  • Now, arrange another layer of soaked ladyfingers and top with remaining mascarpone mixture.
  • Cover the bowls with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 4 hours (I keep it overnight).
  • While serving, sprinkle some more coco powder with chocolate shavings.

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Looks absolutely delicious!! great shots!

daksha says:

Wow! great Kankana, looks super delicious!

Nams says:

ohhh I’m so glad I introduced you to this dishy dessert! looks lovely, next time you make this for me 🙂 and I absolutely love the last pic!

Priti says:

Looks absolute delicious with fab pics ..

Looks absolutely gorgeous! So rich and creamy!

Tanvi says:

Beautiful! I love tiramisu!

Looks perfect! Love the photos 🙂

Ann says:

I LOVE tiramisu! What GREAT photos….a feast for the eyes! Buzzed this one, Kankana – it’s awesome!

Splendid dessert with even more splendid photography – a real treat!

Manju says:

my favorite dessert too! actually “one of my favorites”..desserts are my weakness! 😉

Great clicks as always Kankana
and I have to agree..I have never met anyone who hates tiramisu..I mean how could they?!

Rosa says:

Lovely! That is on eof my favorite desserts.



Beautiful Tiramisu! This is my husband’s most favorite dessert and he’ll never skip if this is in the dessert menu. You are right – I also don’t know anyone who say no to Tiramisu. Great recipe!

Vijitha says:

My husband’s most fav dessert. I am not a big fan to coffee, so I can eat them once a while. Lovely photos.Esp the one with the spoon. Brilliant sweety!

i like your pictures and would like to invite you to share them on tastingspot.com

Raji says:

Beautiful presentation Kankana…and the tiramisu looks superb.

Kala says:

Splendid photos. I love Tiramisu!

This is one stunning dessert!Desserts we fantasize about after a party meal or a romantic dinner.Beautiful pictures,I particularly love the one with the egg yolk falling into glass bowl.
Thank you for sharing!:-)

Tiramisuuuuuuuuu – who could ignore it ????? splendid presentation…love ur post as always !

Medeja says:

It’s one of my favorite desserts! It looks so amazing in your pictures! Ymmy!

nisha says:

one of the easiest desserts 2 make and i love it… 🙂

oh tiramisu…who could ever resist it!

Alyssa says:

I love how you served your tiramisu in the glasses. What a classy way to serve it for a party! I love tiramisu, but I’ve never made it, but with your recipe, I’m going to give it a try!

Anna says:

Lovely dessert! I agree! This treat is really what I look for during weddings, parties and other special occasions. Now, i have come to realize that I don’t need to wait for the next special event. I’ll make one today, why not? 😉

This desserts rates pretty high with me, it is about the most delicious and elegant dessert ever. Your picture not only is enticing but very stunning. Great post.

Notyet100 says:

It’s my sons fav ,will try this sometime,..:) thnks for detailed recip,…:)

DawnB says:

Very yummy. One of my favorite desserts.

Stunning hands you have, Kankana.

And the tiramisu looks splendid as well 🙂

Photographs are gorgeous

kanchan says:

awesome pics ! looks totally delicious.

Malli says:

A truly delightful dessert… one of my own Italian favorites.
Love the special twist with strawberries!!

gloria says:

I love Tiramisu and these look heavenly!! gloria

Shabs says:

Oh My God Kankana , you have to teach me to take gorgeous pics like this and also Tiramisu is my fav dessert , I could just lick the screen *slurp*

Pia says:

Oh my word, this will have to be made for the next set over friends we have over! Super photographs, especially that egg yolk in mid-slide. Darun, kankana 🙂

one of my favorite desserts of all time! I love the look of the dessert in those cute individual glasses.

Juliana says:

Kankana, beautiful your tiramisu! I love how you serve in a cup…so elegant. The pictures are awesome as well.
Hope you have a great week and thanks for this fabulous recipe 🙂

Sissi says:

Your tiramisù is so gorgeous! I want to make one tonight (anyway, I don’t have mascarpone). I also make tiramisù very often and it is one of my favourite desserts. It’s funny, but all those who have never prepared it think it’s very difficult 😉
I am so glad I don’t see any cream in your recipe (I hate tiramisù with whipped cream: it loses its sophistication and lightness!).

Priya says:

Finally the recipe is here! Its hard to comment on food blog and recipe by just looking at it… I’ve always wondered how would I describe it as yummy without actually tasting it…..
For once I can say that its YUMMILICIOUS!!! I have tasted your tiramisu and its absolutely delicious!!!

Oh wow this looks unbelievably delicious! I love tiramisu and your presentation is just wonderful. Great photos!

Soma says:

Kankana you are a devilish temptress and you are killing me softly. This is one dessert which I can never say no to, even if I am stuffed till the throat:) just lovely!

Amazing pics Kankana! I’m so in love with your photography. And of course all the delicious recipes too.

Srsly Kankana, how did you know Tiramisu was one of my favorite desserts?! Seems like this post was written just for me lol

Karen says:

Gorgeous dessert! I only recently really started to like Tiramisu…crazy, huh!?! 🙂 It definitely has that “specialness” that makes it perfect for a celebration. Great post!

Cristina says:

Also! If you can you should try making the recipe with a different cookie…called pavesini. It’s what I used when I was taught in Florence. I can actually find the brand in a specialty shop near me (I live in NY). It’s significantly lighter than the dense lady fingers which I find really lets the other ingredients shine.

the tiramisu looks gorgeous… beautiful pictures kankana!.. i need to make me some soon!

Candace says:

Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! I can only imagine how wonderful this tastes. Yum!

Jay says:

OMG…..looks scrumtiously tasty…love your perfection dear…excellent cliks…:)
Tasty Appetite

Luks superdelicious and appetizingly scrumptious.Perfect and well-presnted as well.Luv it.

Liz says:

Fabulous photos!!! I love the way you served this in wine glasses…just beautiful. This is one of my oldest son’s favorite desserts, and I bet your version tastes as wonderful as it looks 🙂

PS..you do have gorgeous hands~

Kelly says:

Kankana, I am a big tiramisu fan and this version looks positively heavenly! You (or your model :)) have beautiful hands!

Kankana says:

Thanks a lot for all the lovely words guys.. and for all the compliment on my hand (blush blush) !! 🙂

hey this looks beautiful, i tried a not so good Tiramisu at a restaurant in Hyderabad and have ever since been on the lookout for good Tiramisu. I have two questions. 1. Do we eat raw egg yolks, no problem? 2. What are lady fingers, i feel stupid as everyone else seems to know 🙁

Kankana says:

your question is not stupid at all. I have emailed you with all the detail and information.

One of my ultimate favorite desserts, and you nailed it with this method and presentation. Beautiful and I can imagine sooo tasty too!!! Congrats on top 9!!!

Swapna says:

Gorgeous Tiramisu Kankana! It’s one of my fav desserts too…. will try your easy recipe soon …

Hey Kankana, got to know about your space through Radhika’s blog and your wonderful guest post of Daal Poori in her space….you have a lovely space and really liked surfing few of your recipes..I loved the Tiramisu post and the mouthwatering clicks, m sure my daughter if she sees will force me to make the same for her…thanks for sharing, will keep coming back to learn from your space…

Elies_Lie says:

nope! I never meet ones who doesn’t like tiramizu… It’s a global dessert!!
Tq for sharing the recipe and story kankana , love the photos & ingredients
expresso in tiramizu! YaY! Buzzed! 😉

Tes says:

I love Tiramisu, too 🙂 Your looks divine 🙂 Gorgeous pics 🙂

peachkins says:

I love love love Tiramisu!

Ridwan says:

WoW,,,great recipe, I’m a big fan of tiramisu, awesome pictures too,and i will mark this recipe,thanks for sharing!!

Gorgeous shots and styling for a lip-smacking dessert. Tiramisu is my weakness and especially when served in a glass with a spoon to dig in — so comforting! Still can’t get enough of the beautiful images you have shared with us, ah.

Sandra says:

Beautiful dessert and photos. Congratulations on Top 9!

Najla says:

Hey , just saw this on foodbuzz Top 9!!! Congrats!!! Lovely dessert and awesome snaps !!!

sally says:

Yum! I want to eat one of these tiramisu right now and it’s not even 9am yet.

Tiramisu is one of those things I think I like, and have always wanted to try making, but I just never do. But your photos and description of how easy this is to make have inspired me to actually try it, not keep putting it off and making excuses. It looks absolutely delicious! Question, do you buy your lady fingers or do you make them yourself?

Kim Bee says:

Congrats on top 9 my dear. This is fantastic. Your photos are absolutely stunning. I love the one with the egg, such a great shot. Tiramisu is so good. I’ve never made it myself though. Think I might have to try.

Love this kankana. One of my favorites too

Tempting clicks and looks fabulous! Congrats on Top 9 too…

rinku says:

We love tiramisu! Your version looks and sounds amazing!

Divya says:

Who doesn’t love tiramisu – it’s the perfect dessert especially for coffee lovers like me! Congrats on top 9! You deserve it :).

balvinder says:

Even I haven’t met anyone who does not love tiramisu. I am gluten free so I make my lady fingers with sponge cake.Great Post Kankana. I am following you and looking forward for the friendship.

balvinder says:

Sorry I don’t have a twitter account.

Amazing post, lovely photos of Tiramisu, what a great dessert:)

San says:

This a truely a hogger’s delight kankana, iam drooling seeing on the gorgeous pics. I never get out of an italian restaurant without ordering tiramisu. It’s a heavenly dessert.

These pictures are amazing. Making my mouth water!

My daughter and I love this dish! Wonderful recipe & Beautiful pics!

Radhika says:

May be you had to hear this – That one person who’d say no is me!! hee hee 🙂 Don’t fall down if i say I’ve never eaten Tiramisu!
But, your pictures of this dessert are totally gorgeous! Last pic is my favorite!

Radhika says:

And.. Congratulations! on Foodbuzz Top 9 – Well deserved dear 🙂

Your photos are always so beautiful. I love that one with the spoons in the cocoa and the stencil. Just lovely!
And yes, I love Tiramisu, but I have never actually made it myself. Your post has inspired me… I think I need to try. Though I’m afraid if I find out how easy it is I just may make it a little too often…!

Call me weird but I havent tasted tiramisu as yet. Can you believe?? Actually dread raw eggs 🙁
You have presented it so well…love the pictures and the red fabric you used..Congrats on Top 9

Wonderful! I do the same most of the time, making just for 2.Its easy and quick.

Christine says:

Congrats on Foodbuzz top 9!

This recipe is beautiful! I must come up with a recipe for gluten free lady fingers so that I can make this for my daughter! I buzzed you!

rebecca says:

lovely tiramisu and wow look at your pictures so pretty

delicious looking tiramisu looks wonderful

Oh baby, you just made me very VERY happy! 🙂

I am drooling just looking at your tiramisu. Very nicely photographed too, I love it!

Tiffany says:

AMAZING! And congrats on making Top 9!

Ryan says:

Gorgeous tiramisu and congrats on making the top 9 today! Your pictures are beautiful!!

Gorgeous Tiramisu and your photos are fantastic. I especially love that shot with the egg!

Kankana, I admit that your posts always leave my mouth watering! What a great Tiramisu recipe (thank God you didn’t add Marsala, we don’t prefer that). The pictures are really stunning!! Shubho Bijoya!

Your pictures are always so pretty and this tiramisu is not exception: an irresistible, delicious temptation 🙂

I LOVE tiramisu. But who doesn’t?
You’re photos are stunning as usual Kankana!

Joanne says:

Tiramisu has always been my favorite dessert and I’m quite picky about it…but after seeing these pictures I know I would adore this!

athena says:

I always order tiramisu when we go out to a restaurant and have always wanted to make it at home… it’s one of my fave desserts as well. Your photos are gorgeous — the strawberry tiramisu sounds interesting, must go check out that post too!

wow, amazing tiramisu and superb clicks dear…so tempting that i feel like having it now..

Your tiramisu is spectacular, Kankana! Just like you, I fell in love with tiramisu the first time I got to try it! It’s just so delicious!

tigerfish says:

I may still like the classic tiramisu but who knows…I never tried a strawberry version 😛

Firstly, congrats on the Top 9!! Especially for my favorite dessert in the world. Looks drool-worthy, Kankana 🙂

HOw can anyone anyone say NO to tiramisu…..
I now need patience to see this here and wait till morning to whip one or rather rush to store and buy one 😉

Charles says:

Eeek, I can’t take any more tiramisu! Over-eaten this stuff way too much in recent years, though I LOVE strawberry tiramisu. Well, there’s no point lying – I’ll still eat it if it’s offered to me 😀 Beautiful pictures and recipe!

This look so delicious! I love tiramisu, and I’ve never made it. I need to!

oh, my! you have outdone yourself with this tiramisu—which becomes more elegant in the individual wine glass servings.

BEAUTIFUL!!! This is pure genius. Thank you for sharing!

nipponnin says:

Great photos and nice presentation! So perfect!

Jessica says:

I think I am floating in a tiramisu dreamland after seeing your photos! I definitely can’t imagine why anyone would not like tiramisu! Though there are so many versions of the dessert out there. I really love your recipe and of course mascarpone is the way to go =) I also saw your strawberry one just now and love it!!!

Tiramisu has to be one of my favorite desserts ever

Wow Tiramisu is def one of my fav desserts and I HATE sweets too. You made this look so fabulous. I want to eat all of it up.

gorgeous photos and you made it sound soooo simple!

C&T says:

Tiramisu is my favourite dessert. And yours looks perfect :)!

Vandya says:

This looks so light and full of flavor. I have eaten this so many times but have never made it at home. you should get brownie points for making this at home.

I am making this today for some guests. They are resting in the refrigerator right now. Fingers crossed. Will let you know how they turned out.

Tamara says:

I just saw this at Honest Cooking. I love tiramisu, such a beautiful dessert. Your photos are gorgeous!