Mango Strawberry Honey Yogurt Granola Parfait – Guest Post by Radhika @ Just Home Made

When I started blogging, I had no idea that along the way I would make so many lovely friends. Now, I only wish that at some point of time, we get to meet.

Radhika from Just Home Made is one such friend who is very close to my heart. We started by casual chatting in twitter and then one fine weekend, we attended a virtual web photography session by Penny De Los Santos. Radhika was at her home in Texas and I was at my home in California but it felt like we were learning and enjoying it together. It kick-started our friendship and now, it feels like I have known her for ever 🙂 Besides making delicious dishes, she clicks gorgeous photos! 

She has this amazing way of comforting you and make you feel close to her. She is one of the sweetest person I met.. yes virtually, but someday I might just fly down to Texas to meet her in person 🙂 She cooks only vegetarian food, not even eggs or egg whites, and shares all the flavors of South Indian food in her beautiful blog.

I am so glad that she could find some time to share this delicious Parfait with me and you. When you visit her blog, do remember to checkout the page on Tiny Tiptionary.. loads to learn from there!

Please welcome my friend Radhika 🙂


Just Home Made : 

When Kankana asked me to guest post, I was in the middle of a photo shoot for this parfait and right then I decided this might just be the perfect thing for the occasion. It has everything that she stands for through her blog – golden sunshine color from the mangoes, is sweet in many different ways just like she is and definitely brings a smile as you relish the first scoop. Besides, I knew she likes mangoes nearly as much I do, if not obsessed with. It almost feels like I couldn’t have thought of a better dish for my first guest post here..

Even though we have known each other only virtually while mostly bonding over tweets, it doesn’t feel a tad bit weird to say that she’s one among my good friends. Thank you Kankana for inviting me to your blog home and letting me guest post. You know I would’ve never said ‘No’ to you..

My love for mango is like an open book and it would be unfair if I don’t correct myself to call it my summer obsession. My knees go weak when I am faced with a box of golden yellow mangoes, their sweet scent silently wafting in a store. If there was one drug I’d be happily addicted to, its name would be Mango. Guess, Love sounded better, anyways you get the point right?

And that mango and strawberry make such a perfect pair was a new discovery for me this summer and since then, I have been on a mango strawberry roll.. Mango season is almost at its end now and if you haven’t tried it before, do yourself that favor. And if you are a mango hater (I just can’t get it why!) pardon me for the free advice..

 Simplest recipe to put together and my favorite healthy evening snack, I must have prepared this parfait almost every other day over the past three months before I finally realized it had to make an appearance on the blog. It is less of a recipe and more of a combination of choice of ingredients.

If you are keen to know the kind of mangoes that suit best for recipes such as this, they are detailed out in my earlier post Blueberry Aamrakhand


Fresh blueberries or raspberries complement the mango-strawberry combination very well. However, feel free to personalize with your choice of fresh or dried fruits and nuts or even seeds.

If you are a regular at my blog, you might find me lobbying for Greek yogurt, I won’t blame you that. There’s no better substitute for freshly made home made plain yogurt. It has its place no offence and I am such a fanatic myself but, Greek yogurt is so much creamier, richer tasting and packed with double the protein per cup that I prefer to use it wherever a richer texture is called for or whenever possible whichever is more often, ever since I got hooked on to it.


Protein and fruit loaded, this parfait keeps you fuller and pleasing your palate 100%. Sweetness of the mangoes, mild tartness of strawberries, creamy feel of greek yogurt and a nutty crunch from the granola integrate to bring in a burst of flavors and a fun mish-mash of tastes, textures and mouth feel all in one go, much like the scene in the movie Ratatouille where Remy the rat gets his brother to sample food (remember the flavor fireworks in the background?). That’s what I am talking about!

All in all, filling, satisfying, beautiful, colorful and wholesome – what more would one want from a healthy dessert/snack to be comforting? So perfect for warm summer evenings to just lay with your feet up on an easy chair either by the pool side or in your patio and scoop away one chilled spoon at a time..

Don’t you agree?

The only lacuna in this recipe is the need for a home made granola which is next on my to-do recipe list. Hopefully that’ll appear here soon too.

What’s your favorite version of yogurt parfait that you don’t tire out making again and again?

Mango Strawberry Honey Yogurt Granola Parfait Recipe

Things you’ll need:

  • 3 Mangoes, hash cut and cubed
  • 6-7 medium sized Strawberries, chopped
  • 1-2 tsp cane sugar ~ optional
  • 1 cup plain greek yogurt (8 0z) or regular yogurt
  • 1/2 cup of your favorite granola (I used Nature’s path Organic Pumpkin Flaxplus Granola)
  • few drops of pure vanilla extract ~ optional
  • honey to taste

For garnish:

  • pistachios, slivered or coarsely chopped
  • dried blueberries

How it’s done:

  • Wash and hash cut the mangoes for mango cubes. (Blueberry Aamrakhand has a video link)
  • Wipe strawberries with a damp cloth or tissue, hull and quarter; washing the strawberries makes them too mushy.
  • Optionally, if you think the strawberries aren’t sweet enough, sprinkle cane sugar on chopped strawberries, toss to mix well and let sit in the refrigerator for at least 15 mins to macerate.
  • Stir in honey and vanilla extract into the greek yogurt and mix well. Taste once before assembling to adjust if required.
  • Assemble the parfait either in champagne glasses or any sleek glass of your choice.
  • Carefully layer macerated strawberries at the bottom (as they are juicy) followed by mango cubes, honey-vanilla yogurt and finally sprinkle granola on top.
  • Garnish with chopped pistachios and dried blueberries on top and serve chilled.


  • Because strawberries tend to spoil fast, best used as soon as possible.
  • You could also use store bought vanilla or honey greek yogurt



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Wow, such beautiful pictures, radhika! Kankana, this guest post is so colourful and looks so tempting. Thanks for sharing this with us!!

Grishma says:

Aahmazinggg photography Radhika 🙂 Love it.

Shilpa says:

What a beautiful post! Absolutely stunning photography! I could do with a few lessons on this and to top it all a gorgeous post….brilliant!Thank you Mr. Three Cookies for introducing us to Radhika.

Manu says:

Wow! Th dish sounds great but the pictures are the prettiest thing I have ever seen! Amazing food photography Radhika! Great guest post Kankana! 🙂

aarthi says:

wow i love it…thank you so much for the recipe..nice clicks

super – awesome- the pics have me drooling and kanakan thanks for sharing a wonderful blogger’s yum recipe with us !

Ann says:

What a beautiful parfait! Your pictures are stunning and it’s friendship in a glass! GREAT guest blog!

Radhika says:

You put it so well Kankana.. beautiful! So glad to be guest posting here today..

Kalpana says:

Wow awesome clicks .. this is a sure treat for the craving tooth..

Dawnie says:

These pictures are stunning! Plus the parfait sounds delicious.

Sissi says:

Lovely Summer refreshing dessert! I have never tasted the combination of strawberries and mango, but it seems I have been missing something extraordinary. Thank you, Kankana, for introducing Radhika!

nisha says:

i love parfaits…so easy 2 put together, yet absolutely versatile and fancy 🙂

sayantani says:

riot of colours in a glass. wish could taste this. looks fantastic.

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Gorgeous! What lovely colours! Fantastic guest post!

Such lovely photos showing a very delicious treat! Great guest post!

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Beautiful!! And yumm!!

Lovely post Kankana and Radhika, so vibrant and so much of freshness! yes indeed this virtual world is beautiful that we get to connect with so many people!

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Thanks for the guest…and lovely pictures!
Hope you have a wonderful week ahead Kankana 🙂

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this is super awesome! Two of my favorite bloggers – one guest blogging in the other’s blog 🙂

many thanks for introducing us to Radhika and her exquisite work. Through our blogs, I think we all have made special connections with people we may never meet, but feel strong friendship nonetheless. It is indeed one of the blessings of the internet.

Wonderful guest post, Kankana! This parfait looks simply delectable. Thanks for introducing us Radhika’s beautiful work.

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I just love the bright and cheerful style of Radhika’s photography! I’ve been looking for a good parfait recipe to use as a go to dessert for the kids. This on hits the spot with the greek yogurt and honey – my favorite! Thanks Kankana for introducing us.

By the way, I love your lychee shot on fb – lychee is my favorite fruit and we didn’t get any good ones this season 🙁 I love the basket composition you did and the peel of the lychee.

Kankana says:

Thanks everybody for dropping by 🙂 Congrats goes to Radhika for such amazing pictures!

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Mango is my favorite too,everything just WoW,,,great parfait,great pictures,congrats on top 9 you deserve it 🙂

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Today’s guest post is amazing, awesome picture and a delicious parfait!

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Lovely to meet you Radhika, any friend of Kankana’s is a friend of mine! 🙂

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