Chena Sondesh/Curdle Milk Fudge – A Guest Post for Roxana @ A Little Bit Of Everything

When I offered these to Arvind, he said ‘did you get these from the sweet shop’? I was on cloud 9 and kept blabbering about it to everybody for the next two days 🙂

Sondesh or Sandesh, as you may call it, is sweet fudge made with milk and it is very popular among Bengalis. It’s usually made during special occasions and at times, just because we want to eat it. You don’t have to struggle much to look for Sondesh in West Bengal. Every restaurant, big or small, and every single sweet shop will sell one or the other variety of Sondesh. Trust me when I say this, you will never get tired of these delicious and soft sweet bites.

Roxana from ‘A Little Bit Of Everything‘ requested me to do a guest post and she was hoping if I could share some comfort food with memories from childhood. I did say ‘Yes’ and then immediately started wondering ‘what is my comfort food from childhood’?

Don’t get me wrong.. I don’t have amnesia. It’s just that as a child, I hardly use to enjoy food and eating was more like a torture to me.

Roxana, who is also popularly known as Green-girl, is a happily married, stay at home mom who lives in central Virginia with her family. Her blog is filled with delicious recipes and one thing that will catch your attention is her ability to bake breads. Some interesting posts that I enjoyed reading a lot were on yeast, blogging and comments 🙂

I really don’t remember what was my comfort food as a kid, but I clearly remember that my Mom used to make Sondesh very frequently. Mom’s Sondesh was very famous among our friends and families and she used to make that with ‘Khoya’. Making khoya at home is a very tedious task. The milk has to be thickened by slow cooking and constant stirring in an open wok. The whole process used to take at-least 2 hours but the final result was always worth the effort.

She would then make tiny balls out of it and I had to press it in a mould to give it a nice fancy shape. It was a fun task and as a kid, it always felt like a proud moment 🙂

May be someday, I will gain enough patience to make my Mom’s sondesh and share it with you.


Few weeks back, I came across Soma’s recipe on Sondesh, which is a different kind of sondesh made with curled milk ‘Chena’.

Making Chena is extremely easy, all you need is a cheese cloth or any fine clean white cloth, milk and something acidic like lemon juice or vinegar or citric acid.

It took me back to my childhood days and I decided to make these for Roxana and her family 🙂

Chena Sondesh/Curdle Milk Fudge – A Guest Post for Roxana @ A Little Bit Of Everything

Serving Size: 10 sondesh

Chena Sondesh/Curdle Milk Fudge – A Guest Post for Roxana @ A Little Bit Of Everything


  • 1/2 gallon milk (8 cups)
  • 3-1/2 tbs lemon juice
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • a pinch of saffron threads
  • finely chopped pistachio, for garnish


  • In a deep pan, bring the milk to boil. Remember to stir it occasionally or else the milk will get burnt.
  • Once it starts boiling, reduce the heat and pour the lemon juice while constantly stirring.
  • Within 3 to 4 seconds, the milk will curdle and you should see clear green water. At this time, turn off the heat completely. You can drop few ice-cubes in the pan to bring down the temperature.
  • Let it cool for a minute and then strain it through the cheesecloth.
  • Wash the collected cheese with cold tap water to remove the lemon flavor.
  • Tie the sides of the cheesecloth together tightly and hang it somewhere to drain the remaining water from the cheese. This should take about an hour.
  • Take out the cheese from the cheesecloth and knead for about 10 minutes, or until it's smooth.
  • Mix sugar and saffron threads to it and knead for another couple of minutes.
  • Next, heat a non-stick pan and cook the paneer in low heat for about 15 minutes. Keep stirring constantly and eventually, you’ll see that the color will change to a darker shade.
  • Take it out and start shaping it while its warm.
  • I flattened the cheese dough and used a 1-inch cookie cutter to shape it up, but you can use any other shape you like.
  • These will be soft and very delicate to handle but as they cool down, they will harden a little bit.
  • Garnish with chopped pistachio and serve!

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They are so beautiful to look at. I think it would be difficult for me to pick it up and eat it. I love bengali sweets and sondesh being no exception.

The photographs are fab!

Though I enjoyed quite a lot of food as a child, I couldn’t recollect any of those good memories I had. It becomes really tough when I think about it.
This post was worth the wait. <3 <3 <3 it.

Alyssa says:

Those are beautiful! Great post!

Oh the joy when your hubby says something like that
Heading over to Roxana’s blog 🙂

sayantani says:

what a beautiful Kankana. it looks fabulous and so so well clicked. very surreal feel.

oooh nice! Maybe it is about time I made Chenna for the first time! These look soo good!

Manu says:

What a fantastic looking sweet treat Kankana! Your pictures are, as always, really beautiful!!!

Alpana says:

Wow……sandesh looks so tempting……V nice clicks .

That looks amazing! The creaminess and the richness of the fudge is so tempting! Love it

Medeja says:

They look absolutely amazing! Pictures are so bright and nice!

Tes says:

Oh how beautiful is this dish! It looks so fresh and delightful 🙂

Simple, and somehow very elegant. I love the strands of saffron, and bits of pistachio in this dessert. beautiful photography, as always.

sally says:

These look great! I’m not sure if I’ve ever had anything like curdle milk fudge, but I certainly would love to try it.

Hi Kankana,
Thank you for guest posting for me. It’s been a pleasure having you on my site sharing not only sweet treats but also precious memories.

Wow Kankana, those look amazingly delicious and your photos just brightening up my day! Congrats on the guest post, will check it out!

Ameena says:

Your husband’s compliment is the ultimate! Lovely recipe…thank you for sharing this!

Charles says:

Wow, this is why I love reading different blogs – of course it’s wonderful to see different things people are doing with chicken and shrimps, but it’s the stuff which I’ve never heard of which I find most interesting! Beautiful photos and they sound so good. I’ve been meaning to get a cheese-cloth for ages. Will be trying this when I get around to it!

chitra says:

it looks fabulous. iam sure ur hubby njoyed it to the core 🙂

Priyanka says:

Awesome……..totally love it 🙂

sreelu says:

Kankana, looks amazing never tried Sondesh me want to try some right now .

Divya says:

Sondesh is so delicious, but I’ve never tried making it at home. I would love to try it out sometime myself.

Your pictures are amazing – they just keep getting better and better!

Sandra says:

These look really good. I would like to try someone else’s before I ventured out on my own. Wouldn’t want to mess them up.

Looks too delicious to take a bite. I want to try this ASAP. Never tasted sondesh before. Shocker, I know 😀

Vijitha says:

Looks so good. I love Sondesh and I used to make them. Now stopped everything with sugar in it 🙁

lovely captures kankana.. all that saffron.. i remember my maasi coming over with a box full of sondesh when she visited us from calcutta!
good ol memories!

Very interesting recipe, Kankana. They are beautiful and i am sure taste good too.

These look really interesting. I’ve never heard of them before. I’m headed to her blog now to check out the ingredients. Thanks!

I’ve never seen anything like this- looks great!

Ann says:

So beautiful and your pictures are absolutely amazing! I’ve never seen anything like it! Headed to Roxannas site now!

Radhika says:

Kankana, your Sondesh look so soft and full of saffron flavors that they are so irresistible! especially with my soft corner for milk sweets..
Can never say no to Bengali sweets..I would gorge on ras kadam a lot back in Bangalore. Is the recipe similar for that as well?

athena says:

Love being introduced to new foods, even if only in photos. Beautiful pics, Kankana.

Before I say anything send me some plzzzzzzzzzzzz.
God these sondesh looks so so good, I am drooling.
I can feel the flavor in my mouth girl..
Lovely pictures.

Rosa says:

What an amazing treat! something totally new to me, but which I’d love to try.



I always find it interesting that across most cultures you will find childhood comfort foods that are creamy and rich. I guess those are tastes that are comforting to everyone.

Tempting clicks and looks so yum! Wish I can grab those right away…

Magpie says:

These look totally delish Kankana!

Kala says:

You should submit these photos to a food magazine. They are SO good.

I love milk sweets.These look absolutely tempting and wonderful pics to go with it!

Sissi says:

Kankana, for me this is what I would call cute curd cheese cakes!!! They look lovely and go perfectly well with your blog’s name 🙂

I haven’t heard of this until now, but I am so amazed with how gorgeous those Chena Sondesh look! So perfect for your guest post!

Shumaila says:

Beautiful! They look so perfect and delicious!

sandesh looks wonderful kankana
lovely guest post

Hello there!!! I just wanted to stop by and say hello, the photography is beautiful, how I would love a nibble. I don’t think I’ve ever tried this before, I had something similar, but I know I’d love it.

myFudo says:

The photos are a beauty,the recipe fantastic!

Liz says:

Such lovely memories of your childhood…and a new sweet for me to try! Beautiful photos~

Kalyan says:

I just can’t mention you the behaviour of my tongue and my mind at this moment. Only I can say the clicks are too enticing to make me move to my refrigerator now for the Kalakand atleast to comfort my senses.

Amazing dish, presentation and photos, bravo:)

Nishi says:

I have never made sandesh before Kankana. This recipe of yours is simply fabulous. I enjoyed watching everyone of the photographs. The presentation is just out of the world. They are a feast for the eyes. I can imagine how it would have tasted 🙂

Shabs says:

Wowowo , the sandesh looks brilliant , I will def give this one a try and also the pics look amazing Kankana .
P.S : Thank you for the wonderful comments on my blog :D.

Those curdle milk fudge look so pretty! Like your presentation too.

Swathi says:

Looks delicious. My hubby is fan of milk sweet. sure I will try them.

Whoa..look at those beauties you have made!! I didnt knw that sandesh was made with khoya too..I always make it with chenna. Using a cookie cutter is such a good idea for neat it..send me a few 🙂

Joanne says:

That looks so interesting. I’ve never heard of Chena Sondesh before.

rinku says:

Thanks for posting this! I love the idea of cutting this with a cookie cutter! It looks nice and neat. It brings back childhood memories for me too!

Hi Kankana! These look delicious and it was nice to hear little bit about your childhood. I need to check out how you made these beautiful treats on Roxana’s blog!

Tiffany says:

I felt like I could smell the saffron through my computer screen! And AMAZING photos! Happy Sunday!

Sonia says:

Hi Kankana,
The chena sandesh is looking just out of the world. It ia my one of the fav sweet over here, but never tried at home . Yours is looking too perfect in color, texture and taste and wud love to make it one day. Pretty and bright pictures complements the dish really well. thanks & regards, sonia

I would love to try this, so interesting. I love any type of yogurt/cheese and this looks like it fits right in that category, yum!

Liz says:

Back to let you know there is a link to the Dorie Greenspan cinnamon crunch chicken on my blog…but it’s hard to see. It’s here if you want to check it out 🙂

Anamika says:

Hey this looks divine!!

Shilpa says:

Kankana…this is the most beautifully photographed sandesh I have ever set eyes on….I love the sweet — not too sweet, just perfect and you have made it look spectacular…amazing!

nisha says:

oooh i love those tiny lil plates…and indian desserts, i wish i knew how 2 make them..sigh

Joanne says:

My roommate’s mom makes these and I’ve always wondered how I could recreate them! Thanks so much for posting the recipe!

These *cute* elegant bites sound wonderful,Kankana! They certainly look from one of those fancy sweet shops!!! I have never tasted sondesh and now I’m curious. Breath-taking pics and Lovely words as always 🙂

I’m off to Roxana’s blog!


aipi says:

This has to be the BEST looking sondesh I have ever seen ~ What a beautiful execution Kankana!

Mallika says:

Hi Kankana, that’s an excellent guest post. Sondesh is indeed a comfort food for many like you, including me too. These look sinfully rich and delicious 🙂

wow, they look fabulous dear, lovely clicks and presentation..following u 🙂

Soma says:

looks really beautiful and sublime! thnkx for the mention. but now i am craving shondesh.. kothaye paabo?? 🙁

Candace says:

I wish I had one of those to taste right now. They look absolutely delicious! I love your photography. It shows your little treats so beautifully. Nice job!

You’ve got me very interested in these. Beautiful photos! I’ll stop by Roxana’s for the recipe.

I enjoyed reading your post and LOVE your photographs of sandesh! It brought back memories for me too. I will follow your recipe to make it now!

Kankana, it’s so good to see a recipe using chenna. I’ve always made paneer instead of chenna, but now I know what I can do with it!
And your mother’s technique for making the sandesh- it sounds a little like dulce de leche, except without the sugar- I wonder… would love to know more!

Your Sondesh is looking gorgeous!! I have a weakness for saffron and this Sondesh looks delectable 🙂

Juliana says:

Wow, I never had anything like these…look and sound delicious. Beautiful pictures as well.
Hope you have a great week and thanks for this nice post Kankana 🙂

This looks like my type of treat! Sweet cheese? Bring it on!

beautiful photos, sandesh looks very inviting… no wonder ur husband thought its from a sweet shop! even my husband loves milk sweets so i hav definitely gotta try this 🙂