Mixed Berry Lassi

My favorite thirst quencher on a sunny day would be a bottle of chilled water, straight from the fridge – just pure and clear water with no sparkle. On other days, I can shift from soda to fruit punch to beer to lassi. I don’t have any favorite drink but every now and then, I like to try them all.

Few weeks back, I loved the ginger ale, then I fell for Orange Crush and these days, I am hooked to lassi!

Before I move on with the recipe, I wish to Thank Kitchen Daily for featuring the Spinach Pesto and thank eHow for featuring the Tomato Chutney. It truly feels awsm!

Lassi, which looks very much like smoothie, is a yogurt based traditional Indian beverage that can be served sweet or salty. A salted (namkeen) lassi has a blend of spice mixes like roasted cumin, cayenne powder or mint. A sweet (meethi) lassi is usually flavored with cardamom, saffron, rosewater and has a very rich flavor.

And then there is fruit lassi, for which we go crazy during summer.

Inspired from Lakshmi’s blog, I decided to blend some mixed berry lassi. Even though I had no plan to photo-shoot, looking at the gorgeous berries and the color of lassi, I just couldn’t stop!

Typically, a fruit lassi is creamy and sweetened with honey or sugar. However, I made it a little salty, a little sweet, more diluted than usual and since I absolutely love the flavor of cumin in yogurt, that went in there too; pan-roasted, roughly crushed cumin.

If I were to share only the recipes which hubby loved, then this drink probably shouldn’t have appeared over here. His sweet tooth asked for more of sugar/honey minus the cumin. While he had one glass explaining me how authentic fruit lassi should be, I happily finished rest of the three glasses.

Mixed Berry Lassi

Serving Size: 4 glasses

Mixed Berry Lassi


  • 2 cups plain yogurt
  • 1 cup water
  • 1-1/2 cup fresh mixed berries
  • 1/2 tablespoon pan roasted cumin, roughly crushed
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 cup honey


  • Put everything in a blender and blend it until smooth.
  • Add more salt or honey as per your taste.

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So pretty and refreshing. It always cracks me up, the weather differences. I am sitting in my dress robe and Uggs, typing with frozen fingers as the autumn chill takes over and you are celebrating spring 🙂

Rosa says:

Marvelous! That is my favorite lassi. I love berrties so much. Great clicks, as always.



Ambika says:

Such a beautiful post Kankana! This is definitely amongst the top 5 posts (photo wise) on your page, absolutely stunning!!

Kankana says:

🙂 Thank you sweetie! I enjoyed shooting for this post a lot

Nandita says:

The lassi looks super yummy Kankana. I loved those coloured glasses 🙂

Archana says:

Cool..I had the same recipe recipe in my blog few days back. Just that i dint add cumin powder. I am sure it must have given a kick. Nice photography Kankana. Refreshing one for todays weather.

Notyet100 says:

Beautiful pics,…:)as always

Spandana says:

Pretty pictures and the lassi looks so very refreshing! Like Nandita, I loved the glasses too 🙂

Zee says:

Love Lassi and yours with berries look so tempting! Very pretty pictures 🙂

nisha says:

i love lassi, maybe when the hotter months grace us, i shall delve into it 🙂

Medeja says:

Amazing lassi recipe! For summer nothing is better than lassi 🙂

Beautiful photographs and a perfect drink. Never would have thought about cumin…

Shri says:

Teh straw snapshot is my favourite Kankana. Beautiful post.

Priyanka says:

Great lassi sis. Perfect for the hot days here. Pics are stunning as always.

Like you, I mostly drink water. However, on rare occasions I drink fruit drinks and smoothies-sometimes when it is just to hot to eat! Your lassi does look like the perfect drink to satisfy on those occasions. I love the touch of cumin in there-well done. As usual your photos are magazine worthy!

cumin in sweet lassi is new to me…adding berries too! looks so lovely and refreshing

Hmm that sounds very interesting and ur clicks are pretty awesome. Very unique addition of cumin seeds , will try

Sihi says:

Lovely clicks! Even more lovely recipe!

s says:

oh my – such lovely photos, K. just the sort of thing one should drink to welcome in the Spring/Summer. x s

Mallika says:

This is beautiful! Love every pic. Perfect for our summers!

GORGEOUS! Each and every picture is full of gorgeousness and freshness. Plus the recipe is outstanding as well!

Your mixed berry lassi looks so refreshingly good, Kankana! Gorgeous pix as usual!

sreelu says:

Lovely Kankana such gorgeous colors, I will pass this recipe to the new chef we have at our office cafeteria and ask him to put it on the menu, if he does will send you a pick and possible ask him to name it Sunshine & Smile.

Kankana says:

WOW .. seriously 🙂 Glad you liked it!

Kankana…. I dont have words to tell how pretty the pics are…
I call u with my long long speech…LOL
Gorgeous… B/W I have spent like more than 15 mins on looking at ur first pic and I dont think I have ever done that too any pic… That sheerness of pink is mesmerizing…

Naomi says:

I have yet to try a Lassi- I better get on it now that you’ve presented a this awesome recipe!

I could compare those glasses filled with gold as berry which you use in the ingredients are so expensive in Bali, its no way i could make it at home 🙁 , Btw, you have captured such beautiful photos kan

Kankana says:

yeah berries are way too expensive even in India. Most importantly, we used to hardly find any. I guess that is one the reason why I am crazy over berries now 🙂

I love how much time you take to organize the props, some of them are homemade I suppose. Wonderful clicks, kanakana.. eye candies.

Kankana says:

Thanks Sanjee 🙂 If you are referring to the label .. well these are free printable labels I found on the net. So, not really any hard work .. except to cut it neatly!

I’m so glad you took pictures–my, how beautiful they are! I can only imagine how cool and refreshing this is–don’t blame you a bit for finishing the entire batch! 🙂

Deepa says:

Stunning pictures !! lovely glasses and above all what a pretty color of this berry lassi

delicious lassi with mixed berries….loved the gorgeous clicks n wonderful presentation….love the pink n purple shade in all the pics 🙂

I have to say I am absolutely in love with your photos here!!! They are all so stunning and pretty! Such beautiful colours too. No wonder you were inspired to take photos, and I am so glad you did. Gorgeous!!!

Nothing like a glass of lassi! It’s so vibrant, love the shades.

Wow K! This sounds incredible! Congratulations on top 9 today. 🙂

Lakshmi says:

It looks great, Kankana. Jeera sounds adventurous!

Absolutely beautiful post. I love lassi and my neighbor told me how to make Mango lassi using Indian mango puree can. Now I know how to make mixed berry lassi. I can’t wait! Adding cumin was really surprise ingredient. Must be delicious!!

Daksha says:

Lassi looks refreshing and ur photography is superrrr….. congrats for top 9.

Ansh says:

A picture is worth a thousand words!! How true is that in this case. Congrats on the top 9 on Food Buzz once again. You Rock!

Congratulations on making the foodbuzz Top 9!

One word…. Gorgeous !!! My favorite colors that too in lassi! I am in love again 🙂

Manisha says:

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as lassi! Add berries to the mix and that’s an irresistible treat right there! Your pics make it even more attractive!

Georgia says:

Effortless simplicity! what a natural! I’m mesmerized! I’ve not had Lassi in years!… I’ve never missed having them as much as I do after seeing these luscious pics:D

Priya says:

Pretty lassi..Luv the first picture…Amazing post.

anjana says:

beautiful pics. pls share some tips on photography

Namitha says:

So pretty. Glad that you decided to click the pictures for us 🙂 This is one of my favorite summer drinks. Loved the addition of cumin .

Reeni says:

So pretty and refreshing! I wouldn’t hesitate to drink them all either! I could stare at your photos all day long. Stunning.

RecipeNewZ says:

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I hope you get a chance to visit and to share some of your delicious posts with our viewers. It would be a pleasure to have you on board 🙂

Looks like a delicious drink. The addition of salt is interesting.

Charles says:

Hi Kankana, I never made lassi before – I’d love to give it a try, it sounds delicious, and the cumin… hehe, that sounds really interesting! I can’t imagine what it must be like in this?!

Debra Kapellakis says:

I love Cumin, Berries and Yougurt never thought to put them together. YUM!

i don’t know what else to say other than simply breathtaking. Seriously, I can’t keep my eyes on anything else other than this gorgeous berry color

This looks so beautiful! I am going to have to try this- not sure if I want the cumin in it, like your husband, but may have to give it a try!

sally says:

I would have never thought of adding cumin to a sweet drink. I’ll have to try it.

Hi Kankana,

It’s been far too long since I visited your site. Loving the new look. Also loving your berry lassi. I make them alot in the spring and summer, and berries are always a first choice. Your recipe and photos are just delicious! Congrats on the two features:)

Nisha says:

Such bright, beautiful, and berry (wink) brilliant photos!
And like your hubby, I too would prefer the sweet lassi minus cumin 😀

Asmita says:

Hi kankana,
What a refreshing and healthy drink! Gorgeous clicks.

I have not made a lassi in awhile, this looks so refreshing and lovely 🙂

Simone says:

That looks so totally gorgeous Kankana! I love the fresh colors and your styling is just beautiful. I love lassi and I think I definitely am gonna make this very soon.