Green Summer Pasta

Green Summer Pasta | Playful Cooking

This time of the year is meant for vibrant seasonal produces being tossed and tumbled in a plate. It’s always appealing! Broccoli, peas, pasta chucked together in a luscious garlic caper sauce. And some juicy cherry tomatoes for that extra pop of color plus a hint of sweetness. I like to call it Green Summer Pasta!

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Chitoi Pitha (Steamed Pancakes)

Chitoi Pitha (Steamed pancakes) | Playful Cooking

My Mom is one of those very simple women who didn’t change much with time. I have never seen her wearing anything other than saree; her hair is always casually tied into a bun with a red bindi on her forehead and no make up whatsoever. Her fashion sense could be old fashioned but I adore how quickly she got herself accustomed to smart phones. For someone who never cared to have a mobile phone, she very proficiently chats with me on WhatsApp and even learnt video calling on Skype. Well, she does explain that its only because she wants to watch Avyan grow, even if virtually. I am just glad that we can get on Skype and cook together. She taught me to prepare these Chitoi Pitha exactly that way.

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Coconut and Lemon Fish Stew

Coconut Lemon Fish Stew | Playful Cooking

My parents can never even consider cooking with frozen fish. Bengali meals are all about fresh lake fish, brought from the fish market every other day. I grew up with that belief and tried to follow the ritual for quite some time. It was only during our stay in US when I started to embrace the idea of using frozen fish. And soon I realized how swiftly a wholesome meal could come together with a fillet of frozen fish. While these frozen fillets don’t live up to a typical Bengali style fish curry but it sure does make a light and fragrant fish stew.

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Masala Nimbu Soda (Spiced Lemonade Fizz)

Masala Nimbu Soda (Spiced Lemonade Fizz) | Playful Cooking

Growing up in Shillong meant no summer vacation and no brutal hot days. Hence, the classic Nimbu Pani (Indian Lemonade) was never that common. However, Mom used to make us a glass after school, more for a medicinal purpose than thirst quencher. It was only during our yearly visits to Kolkata that got me to hooked to this ever so refreshing summer drink. Gulping a couple of glasses from the roadside stall was a mandate every time we stepped out. No ice cream or fresh fruit juice could give that cool feeling.

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Four Days In Colorful Goa

Goa Trip - Photo by Kankana Saxena (Playful Cooking)

After spending the last four days in Goa, getting back to the normal routine was not easy! We love to travel and every time we visit a new location, we exhaust ourselves by exploring every single corner and all the tourist-y spots. But the Goa trip was very unusual and we cautiously made it that way. The plan was to go lazy, no market visit, no shopping, just enjoy sea, sand, eat and drink all kind of delicious yumminess we could get access to. We spent two days in North Goa and two days in South Goa. While North Goa felt mildly crowded with lots of hustle bustle, South Goa was peaceful and quiet.

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