Soba Noodles With Salmon

Soba Noodles With Salmon | Playful Cooking

Soba Noodles with Salmon in Ginger Sauce, one of those super quick meals that get ready in less than 15 minutes of cooking time. I have quite a few soba noodles recipes up on the blog. But, it’s never enough for me. The nutty buckwheat flavor, the gorgeous hew of brown and that firm texture makes soba noodles my absolute favorite of all. I prepare soba noodles quite often and always keep it simple. Tossed together with some greens or proteins in a zingy sauce.

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Haldi Doodh (Turmeric Milk)

Haldi Doodh (Turmeric Milk) | Playful Cooking

Indian kitchen is unfinished without the touch of turmeric powder. Holud/Haldi is just not spice for us; it’s auspicious, holy and medicinal. There is an entire ceremony of the big Indian wedding on its name – Holud Chaan/Haldi. This powerful spice is used in several ways to relieve ailments in a much better way than any prescribed medicine. Also, on a regular basis, Haldi Doodh (Turmeric Milk) is used to cure that nasty common cold.

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Kumro Palak (Acorn Squash And Spinach Stir Fry)

Kumro Palak (Acorn Squash And Spinach Stir Fry) | Playful Cooking #bengali #squash #spinach #indian #foodphotography

As a kid, I was not much of an eater. Ma still tells me tales of how she struggled to put any food in my mouth. In addition to that, I was an extremely slow eater. In the hopes of making me eat faster, Ma eventually made this rule that the last one to finish the meal would clean the table. But, nothing changed! There were, however, a few such dishes that I used to eat without any fuss and on those days, I was the first to finish the meal.

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Spinach Kale Salami Pizza

Spinach Kale Salami Pizza | Playful Cooking

Three years ago, we had a Friday ritual of pizza, movie and wine. After Avyan arrived in our life, we shifted to another Friday ritual of takeout and movie. Then, it was followed by no dinner ritual because the last two years was a little too crazy. Recently, about a couple of months back, we started another dinner ritual, Sunday Pizza! Of course, the wine and movie happens but only after Avyan snoozes off. This was our last weekend dinner, Spinach Kale Salami Pizza. Avyan is obsessed with pizza. Whenever he sees pizza, he screams pizaaaa with a big smile. He enjoys pizza so much that our Sunday dinner has become like walking on the beach. Casual, easy and we don’t have to constantly remind him to take a bite.

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Banana, Granola Toasted Walnut Breakfast Muffins

Banana Granola Toasted Walnut Breakfast Muffins | Playful Cooking

A new week, a new meal plan, more to-do(s) to check but it all starts with breakfast muffins and tea. After a fun filled weekend, Monday mornings comes as a struggle to me. Especially, ever since Avyan started school. Although I get the entire day to myself to finish all my work in peace, the mornings are crazy. Preparing and packing lunch boxes for my boys, fixing a quick breakfast for us, waking Avyan from his snoring zone and getting him ready for school. The two hours feel really short. In between all this, my stomach growls continuously! Arvind makes masala chai for us and we sit down for a few minutes to discuss the day while enjoying on these light Banana, Granola and Toasted Walnut Breakfast Muffins. A good way to fill the belly!

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