Fennel Roasted Strawberries Labneh Crostini

Fennel Roasted Strawberries Labneh Crostini | Playful Cooking

Can we ever have enough of appetizers in our party menu? I always lean towards making more appetizers than the main course. You nibble, sip, chat around and then come back for more snacks. It’s a good rhythm. This Fennel Roasted Strawberries with Labneh Crostini is one of those easy appetizers that you could serve at your holiday parties. The Labneh is creamy, mildly sweet from the strawberries. You spread it on tiny crusty bread slices and it’s turns into crostini.

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Fruit and Meringue Tart

Fruit and Meringue Tart | Playful Cooking

Fresh fruits with cream cheese and smoky charred meringue on a buttery crumbly puff pastry! This Fruit and Meringue Tart is a perfect holiday dessert that is easy to put together. I try to stay away from puff pastry as much possible. It is my guilty pleasure. However, with the holiday season in full swing, I guess that occasional naughty bites are allowed!

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Spiced Poached Pear Chocolate Cake

Spiced Poached Pear Chocolate Cake | Playful Cooking

Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving! We had a blast yesterday at my cousin’s place. We went there in the afternoon and left pretty late at night. Those hours just flew by so quickly. We were either munching or drinking or dancing or laughing or doing all of that at the same time. I baked this fudge Spiced Poached Pear Chocolate Cake as my tiny contribution to the enormous feast. It was a fun party and a good break from all the workload of packing that we are busy with right now. Yeah, we are moving again. Not too far, just to a different house nearby.

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Almond Butterscotch Chips Cookies

Almond Butterscotch Chips Cookies | Playful Cooking #flourless #cookies #almond

I have not baked cookies in a very long time. It’s just something that I am not very good at. Most of the times, even after following a recipe to the point, I screw it up. However, there are a few recipes that work like magic, every single time, without any effort. Those recipes are the ones that I need to record and share because I know we all love cookies every once in a while. These Almond Butterscotch Chips Cookies are my current favorite. It’s crumbly, light and not overly sweet. It’s flourless as well.

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Broken Wheat Dukkah Fritters With Labneh

Broken Wheat Dukkah Fritters With Labneh | Playful Cooking

If you are looking for quick party bites, these Broken Wheat Dukkah Fritters With Labneh should do the trick. When served with lemony Labneh, you can turn it into a perfect snack. Crunchy on the outside and soft inside. Packed with the Middle Eastern spice mix dukkah, these fritters are not only easy to prepare but also super delicious.

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