Rustic White Bread

Rustic White Bread | Playful Cooking

In the past 6 years, we have shifted houses 5 times. You could say that I am used to the entire process of packing, unpacking, selling and letting go of things. But, it sure doesn’t take away the hassle and especially when there are other trips that fall back to back. At the end of last month, we visited Pune to my brother and sister in-law’s new nest for house warming ceremony; Diwali celebration and family get together. I met one of my cousins after 10 years. Late night gossip, so much laughter! It was a blast. Soon after that, we went to Noida for another house warming ceremony as my in-laws bought a new house. There was another family reunion, lot of indulgence and so much fun!

And now, we are off to California for a new beginning. Yes, we are moving back to the same place and I am looking forward to it.

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Chole Taco (Indian Spiced Chickpea Taco)

Chole Taco (Chickpea Stew Taco)| Playful Cooking

We make chole (chickpea stew) quite often. It’s one of my go-to dishes on busy nights. However, it’s not one of my favorites unless it is paired with pillow-y bhature (deep fried flat breads). Then, it becomes one of my guilty pleasures. The other day, when I soaked dried chickpea yet again to prepare stew, I suddenly got this idea to turn it into a taco night. Of course, chickpea on taco is nothing new however chole taco (Indian Spiced Chickpea Taco) didn’t sound convincing. But then just the first bite was enough for a thumbs-up! I just love when such experiments work wonderfully without too much fuss.

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Badami Paneer (Paneer In Almond Gravy)

Badami Paneer (Paneer in creamy almond gravy) | Playful Cooking

Last ten days was amazing. We had been to Pune to attend my brother’s and sister in law’s house ceremony, which was on Diwali night. What I didn’t expect was to also see my uncle aunty and cousins. It was a houseful situation. Don’t even let me get to the detail of sleeping arrangements. It was just fun. And in between all these, I completely stayed away from my blog and social media. So here it is, a luscious rich curry with paneer chunks in creamy almond gravy, Badami Paneer.

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Dry Fruit Samosa

Dry Fruit Samosa | Playful Cooking

Samosa is my absolutely favorite teatime snack. That flaky crust and filled with spiced boiled potatoes, always so tempting. I don’t even need a dipping sauce, just a cup of piping hot masala chai. With the festive season in full swing, we look for treats that can be made in advance and served right away when the guests arrive. Dry fruit samosa fits right in for such a situation. And I love it as much as the traditional samosa while pairing it with a cup of tea.

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Nolen Gur Rasgulla (Cheese Balls cooked in Jaggery Syrup)

Nolen Gur Rasgulla | Playful Cooking

The sweet scent in the air, that joyful feeling and happier faces. Also lots of deliciousness to indulge on. Finally festive season is here! Being a Bengali, Durga Puja is extremely close to my heart. Rhythmic beats of dhaks paired with sounds of the conch shells. Everybody dressed gorgeously in bright colors, the feeling is priceless. My absolute favorite time of the year!

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