Mango Chili Chicken Lollipop

Mango Chili Chicken Lollipop | Playful Cooking

I don’t recall how and when I fell in love with chicken wings but for as long as I can remember, a plate of sticky chicken wings makes my belly dance a happy tune. That’s one thing I can possibly eat daily, keeping guilt far far away. Back in California, when we noticed this shop called Wingstop, I went bonkers and several nights throughout my pregnancy days, it was our dinner. The madness didn’t stop even after the baby arrived. The variety they offer is just incredible and quite creative. Although chicken wings are available in India, it’s not very common and the flavors are pretty basic. It’s one of those things I miss out here.


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Mushroom Arancini

Mushroom Arancini | Playful Cooking

The sight of pitter-patter raindrops on the ground, washing away the windowpanes and drenching the plants is extremely welcoming, especially after the furious summer. I can sit by the window and watch rain for hours. Always loved it! The smell of wet mud and comforting meal that comes along with the season is soul satisfying. And with rainy days, there comes a craving for deep fried finger foods along with several cups of hot masala chai. It’s a classic combination one can never get bored of.

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Bird’s Eye Chili Zesty Hot Sauce

Bird's Eye Chili Zesty Hot Sauce | Playful Cooking

If you had peeked into my kitchen a few years back, before the blog, you wouldn’t have located any single homemade condiment or spice mix. Life was different and food was not a major part. After the blog, the situation transformed and I got obsessed with making everything homemade. I obviously don’t make everything but I like to try my hands on whatever I think is fairly possible. It all started with basic everyday spices. And once I got the hang of making them on a regular basis, I just couldn’t go back to the store bought ones. Then, I moved to other spice mixes followed by dips and sauces. Over the period of time, I figured out it’s not only fun to do that but it’s also quite convenient because you can give your own little spin and tweak as per your taste buds. I find the whole practice a bit therapeutic too!

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Methi Murgh (Chicken In Fenugreek Leaves)

Chicken In Fresh fenugreek Leaves | Playful Cooking

I just stood there, gazing at the leaves, tiny and vibrant green. Took a few pictures too, both from my camera and iPhone. It might not be that big of a deal for many but in my book, it was. My friend had said that all I had to do was to scatter the seeds, sprinkle water once a day and within couple of days, it should sprout. It totally did! Green, lively micro fenugreek leaves. Growing them was the easiest of all. Those petite leaves look so adorable that I just allowed it to grow for as long as they lasted. I might have used a few sprigs on fritters and that’s about it. It was one of those few successful proud moments of gardening in my life. Eventually, the plant did die! I must have either forgotten to water the plant or overdid it. That’s always the case. I am just terrible at gardening.

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Date And Nuts Energy Bars With Cocoa Nibs

Date And Nuts Energy Bars With Cocoa Nibs | Playful Cooking

He entered the house huffing and puffing, carrying two giant bags of groceries. I took a quick peep, didn’t like what I saw but the bottle of banana peppers made me very happy. That was my only source of palate cleanser during the first three months of pregnancy. I had terrible nausea and lost my love for food. My husband is known for his loving nature and he took care of my diet the entire time. Although at times, it did felt like he was a little too alert. The nerd preferred to Google on pregnancy food more than his typical techy stuff. So when my mother in law, my mom and every other friend advised that I should eat walnuts and almonds everyday, he bought heap load of those nuts plus more.

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