Banana Nutella Cake

Banana Nutella Cake | Playful Cooking

Almost a year back, I shared with you one of my favorite soups and wrote about how I was sitting with brown boxes everywhere around me. We were moving.  Guess what? We are in a similar situation once again – brown boxes, suitcases partly packed and the whole house in complete disorder. There are two dissimilarities from last year to this year. Firstly, I was pregnant back then and I am a mom now. Secondly, we had moved just a few miles to a different locality and this time, we will be crossing oceans.

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Soba Noodle With Chimichurri and Paneer

Soba Noodle With Chimichurri And Paneer | Playful Cooking

When my mother in-law left a month back, life got a little challenging. She was here for a couple of months and I am so very grateful to her for all her time and support. She kept asking me if she should postpone her return. It would have been very easy for me to say ‘yes’ but that wouldn’t have been practical and definitely not fair. So, I convinced her and myself that I could do it. It was a little difficult initially but then slowly things started to settle down. The first time that I gave my baby a massage and a bath on my own, I gave myself pat on the back. Felt so proud! It was a confidence booster for me. These days, I can easily figure out if he is hungry, or in discomfort, sleepy or just plain bored. It’s not been a smooth ride but we are getting there, gradually.

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Chocolate Cake Butterscotch Ice Cream

Chocolate Cake Butterscotch Ice Cream | Playful Cooking

Ever since I stepped into the world of motherhood, I have absolutely lost track of date and time. Morning, noon or night, all means the same to me. Days just come and goes by in a jiffy. Few nights back, as the pages of the calendar flipped from April to May, I suddenly realized that an important date was missed. I double-checked and yes, I definitely missed it.


My Blog Anniversary!


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A New Chapter

A New Chapter | Playful Cooking

Our life keyed into a new chapter. It came with tons of joy, loads of diapers, shabby clothes, and not to forget, the sleepless nights. Our boy, Avyan (meaning: one who has no imperfection) arrived on March 19th, finally ending the long anticipation and promoting us to parenthood. I still choke up thinking about that moment. We never felt so much happiness before. Words could barely describe it. We cried and laughed at the same time; a moment I had imagined all through the nine months. It was much more precious!

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Arugula Gnocchi with Spicy Brown Butter Sauce

Arugula Gnocchi with Spicy Brown Butter Sauce | Playful Cooking

Sometimes your palate takes time to relish certain flavors or ingredients and then there are times when it wins over your heart at the very first bite. Even before you know what the dish was all about, you desire for more. I have few such dishes in my list and gnocchi is one such indulgence. I remember the first time, both the taste and the awkward moment when I completely embarrassed us. Gnocchi is not something that I ate in India and didn’t really know how to pronounce it the right way. Thankfully, Arvind was there to correct me, very skillfully, except I am sure the guy had a good laugh as he placed the ticket to the chef.

It was absolutely delicious, soft and covered with flavorful pesto sauce!

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