Mushroom And Sausage In Garlic Wine Sauce

Mushroom And Sausage In Garlic Wine Sauce | Playful Cooking

I am not crazy about mushrooms but somehow, I find myself reaching to it every time I need a quick meal. And these days, I need speedy meals quite often throughout the week. Last month, when I did the lunch spread, there was a mushroom and sausage side dish prepared with red wine. The dish was a big hit. Everyone loved it and there were no leftovers. It was quite luscious and rich.

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Ciabatta |Playful Cooking

It’s been a long time since I donned my baking hat. So, I took out the yeast and baked bread. And you could say that I got a little ambitious too. Ciabatta! Crusty outside and chewy inside, it’s a type of bread that one cannot dislike. It tastes amazing with just butter or jam but it’s also perfect for a saucy dish. The spongy crumbs soak up every bit from the plate, wiping it clean and making you wish there was more sauce.

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Summer Brunch Spread With Big Banyan Wine

Summer Brunch Spread With Big Banyan Wine | Playful Cooking

Living with a toddler doesn’t give me the liberty to party and catch up with friends! It comes with a never ending to-do list and a busier weekend. But for a very long time, I’ve been planning to throw a feast, laugh over a glass of wine, share stories and feed our souls. So, one fine Sunday, we decided to keep aside our daily chores and gather together to cook up a storm and enjoy our favorite wine.

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Baingan Ka Salan (Baby Eggplant In Coconut Cashew Gravy)

Baingan Ka Salan (Baby Eggplant In Coconut Cashew Gravy) | Playful Cooking

The first time I tasted Baingan Ka Salan was several years back at my work place. One of my colleague’s Mom was in town for a few weeks and during that time, his lunch box was the best in the group. After sharing with the gluttonous team, he used to barely get a few bites. Soon, his Mom started packing a little extra for us and we shamelessly didn’t even bother to stop her. We were just so very thankful to eat such delicious home cooked food.

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Aam Daal (Green Mango Lentil Stew)

Aam Daal (Green Mango Lentil Stew) | Playful Cooking

I come from a food enthusiast family and whenever we meet, there is always a lot to eat. Mom being Mom would forever be busy in the kitchen cooking up a marathon and taking extra effort to prepare everyone’s favorite dish. I never saw her getting tired of cooking or entertaining. Some energy she always has!

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