Besan Ki Sabzi (Chickpea Cake Stir Fry)

Besan Ki Sabzi (Chickpea Cake Stir Fry) | Playful Cooking

We Indians are extremely fond of chickpea flour. We use it to make pancakes, steamed cake, fritters, batter for fritters and curry too. Whenever one talks of Indian chickpea curry, instantly your mind drifts to the famous Gatte ki Sabzi. It’s a Rajasthani specialty where the chickpea flour dumplings are boiled and then cooked in creamy yogurt gravy. What I have for you today is my mother in law’s specialty, Besan ki Sabzi (Chickpea Cake Stir Fry). You will definitely get the earthy chickpea flavor but it’s cooked in a whole different way.

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Yogurt Granola Fruit Popsicles

Yogurt Granola Fruit Popsicles | Playful Cooking

What could be more exciting on hot summer days than some popsicles! Especially when it’s healthy and you could enjoy it through out the day. It could be your kid’s afterschool snack or your busy morning breakfast. It is as simple as yogurt with granola and fruits, just not in a bowl but frozen on a stick.

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Jaggery, Nuts and Melon Seeds Granola

Jaggery Melon Seeds Nuts Granola | Playful Cooking

As much as I love breakfast food, I am quite terrible at putting it together in between the rush and chaos in the morning. So, the usual weekday breakfast consists of oat porridge, toast and fried eggs. However, when I get bored of oats, I make some crunchy granola at home. This time, I made the granola with jaggery, nuts and melon seeds.

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Chili Chocolate Pudding with Grilled Peaches

Chili Chocolate Pudding with Grilled Peaches | Playful Cooking

What is more tempting than a chocolate pudding? Chili chocolate pudding with grilled peaches! Yes, because it will make your taste buds jolt and then ask for more. Don’t get worried if spice is not your best friend because this is not a spicy treat. At first, you get that luscious chocolate taste and then, the kick from chili hits the back of your tongue. Paired with grilled peaches, whipped cream and chili chocolate sauce, this dessert gets uplifted to a whole new level.

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Mango Mini Pies

Mango Mini Pies | Playful Cooking

The idea of baking a pie is daunting, at least to me! I did bake tart a few times in the past but I never tried to make a pie. That golden crust, flaky texture and making sure it won’t go all droopy at the end, it’s a little intimidating! Few weeks back, I finally gave it a go. I was panicking the entire time and kept a low expectation. All I could hear in my head is ‘cold cold, everything should be cold!’. With some effort and Arvind’s help, I managed to bring it all together and crossed my fingers as it baked in the oven.

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