Avocado Cucumber Cold Soup

Avocado Cucumber Cold Soup | Playful Cooking

Last year was a crazy year for us, and a very special one. A tiny person arrived in our life and turned it upside down. We became a family. Avyan took his first flight when he was just 4 months old when we moved back to India. We sold all our stuff and started from scratch with 6 suitcases packed with clothes and baby stuff, well, mostly baby stuff.


It was not an easy year for us. There were a lot of frustrating days, but others were filled with bliss and fun. A mixed bag it was. I have no clue what’s in store for this year and I stopped making resolutions long back. Planning to just go with the flow and try to make the best out of it. I do know that with my boys next to me, any day is a happy day for me. I can deal with any thing that comes my way. So, bring it on 2015!

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Instant Naan

Instant Naan | Playful Cooking

It took a long time for my brother to get convinced that I could cook or even enjoy food for that matter. Unlike most food bloggers, I didn’t learn cooking standing next to mom or granny. I didn’t even bother to enter the kitchen. Boiling eggs used to be a huge task for me. And I was a picky eater, always looking for excuse to run away from the dinning table. I used to tell my aunts that if ever I marry, it would be with a chef. Well, no disappointments there, even if he is not a chef, I still got the best guy in the world. And he is one of the biggest reasons I still cook. But, how the heck I began to ponder, dream and talk food non-stop is still a mystery to me. Though, I am just truly thankful that it happened. And so is my family.


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Sunday Mutton Curry

Sunday Mutton Curry | Playful Cooking

The cool morning breeze touched the warmth of my cheeks and I faintly opened my eyes. With a frowned face, I turned my head and realized that Dad was in my room. The window curtain was partially open and fluttering allowing the sunlight to beam through. That was his standard approach to wake us up. I looked at the wall clock, yawned and snoozed myself back to sleep. Just for a little while. It’s Sunday after all!

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Spicy Egg Curry

Spicy Egg Curry | Playful Cooking

I was singing to our baby ‘humpty dumpty sat on a wall…’ and Arvind goes “papa grabbed it fast enough, so it doesn’t fall …” Eh!! I looked at him with an exclamation mark hovering up my head. He as usual smiled, gave few eye gestures and ultimately gave up. ‘Egg curry for lunch?” he said, “Ohhh now I get it…” What can I say guys; I can be really dumb at times. We laughed out loud and our baby stared at us in utter shock! His big eyes turned bigger, mouth wide open; two tiny baby teeth in lower jaw are clearly visible now. He threw a big smile. Super cute, I tell ya! Who wants to spend time in the kitchen now? But hungry we were and egg curry is my any day go-to dish. And since papa saved the egg, I better get it in boiling water before it sits on the wall again.

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Rava Idli (Steamed Semolina Cake)

Rava Idli - Steamed Semolina Cake | Playful Cooking

One of the most common complaints my mom had about me was that I don’t take breakfast seriously. Truth is, I love breakfast food and it’s my favorite. I am just extremely lazy in the morning to get my creative juices flowing. And I was definitely not a morning person. My morning ritual involved tea and sometimes, a slice of bread would tag along. Reaching to office on time was more vital than stuffing my belly. The routine didn’t change even after marriage. Arvind was no better. My mom was not happy with this pattern of ours and she was determined to bring a change. After listening to her numerous long talks week after week, I finally pushed my lazy bones. We started with a bowl of cereal or oats. After few weeks, we added bread toast along with boiled eggs. It was surely an additional effort, but it soon got built into our system. It felt nice and Mom was proud too!

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